NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
July 16, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Erik Watts beat Slyk Wagner Brown..
    • Konnan & B.G. James & Ron Killings beat Mad Man Pondo & Nate Webb & Dirk Ciglar..
    • Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond beat ? & ?..
    • Kid Kash & Abyss beat Matt Sydal & Delirious..

  2. RINGSIDE: Jeff Jarrett & Joe E. Legend..
    • Jeff Jarrett and Joe E. Legend engaged in a brawl at ringside to start the show..

  3. IN THE RING: DLo Brown..
    • DLo Brown said he had a plan to get rid of those who might interfere on AJ Styles's behalf..
    • DLo Brown said that if he beats Sonny Siaki tonight, he gets five minutes in the ring with Vince Russo!

  4. MATCH: DLo Brown defeated Sonny Siaki w/Trinity..
    • Trinity tried to interfere a couple of times but was not successful..
    • After scoring the pin, D-Lo yelled for Vince Russo's men to get him ready for a beating later!

  5. LAST MAN STANDING: Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible..
    • The match started with some pretty intense brawling and Jerry Lynn bleeding quickly..
    • Eventually, Justin Credible did the blade job as well and was a bloody mess..
    • Jerry Lynn gave Justin Credible a huracanrana off the rope through a table at ringside!
    • Justin Credible hit a superkick followed by a twisting tombstone piledriver and scored a three count!
    • Jerry Lynn had a ten count to rise, and he did stand at the eight count..
    • The two went back and forth with pinfalls but they kept getting up to continue..
    • Justin Credible was counted down when Jerry Lynn stood up before he did during a simultaneous ten count!

  6. COMEDY: Ron Killings, B.G. James, and Konnan..
    • The trio interviewed random people at a county fair and even they showed cattle pooping..
    • Moderatly funny skit but where the frick are they going with this storyline?!?!

  7. RINGSIDE: Jeff Jarrett & Joe E. Legend..
    • Jeff Jarrett and Joe E. Legend were back brawling at ringside again..
    • Security broke them up..

  8. X-TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin defeated Frankie Kazarian by DQ..
    • Chris Sabin went for a top rope dropkick, but he hit the refere when Frankie Kazarian moved..
    • Chris Sabin powerbombed Frankie Kazarian but had no referee to count the pinfall..
    • Chris Sabin grabbed the X belt and swung at Frankie Kazarian..
    • Frankie Kazarian ducked and then nailed Chris Sabin with his Wave of the Future on the belt for the win!
    • A second referee ran out and said that Frankie Kazarian hit the Wave of the Future on the title belt!
    • The referee then reversed the decision and disqualified Frankie Kazarian..

  9. BACKSTAGE: New Jack & Shark Boy..
    • Shark Boy presented New Jack with a Shark Boy mask..
    • New Jack agreed to wear it if that's what it took to get The Harris Brothers in the ring..

  10. TAG MATCH: The Harris Brothers defeated New Jack & Shark Boy..
    • The Harris Brothers H-Bombed New Jack for the win..
    • After the match, the Harris Brothers unmasked Shark Boy, but then turned their backs..
    • New Jack then took off his mask and put it on Shark Boy's head before anyone could see his face!
    • Shark Boy attacked the Harris Brothers with the puffy Incredible Hulk hands..

  11. SIT-DOWN INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Kid Kash / Abyss..
    • The Abyss walked around making trouble like a curious cat in a new room..
    • Kid Kash said he has defeated: Ivan Koloff, Ricky Morton, Junkyard Dog, Amazing Red, A.J. Styles, and Jerry Lynn..
    • Kid Kash told Mike Tenay when he's been in the business as long as he has, then he might give him some respect..
    • Mike Tenay asked Kid Kash why he has Abyss around to hide behind..
    • The Abyss then got in Mike Tenay's face and Tenay freaked out..

  12. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Erik Watts & Goldylocks..
    • Erik Watts said next week he'd reveal who this "Eric" is that he has talked about coming in to restore order..
    • Goldylocks said she hopes this "Eric" would get her job back..
    • Erik Watts told her to not to get her panties in a wad, and Goldylocks said she doesn't wear panties!

  13. ON STAGE: Lollipop & April Pennington + Nurse Veronica & ?????..
    • Nurse Veronica and a new unnamed "cheerleader" attacked the TNA Dancers (Lollipop & April Pennington)..
    • Security ran down and broke it up as the crowd chanted "Let them fight!" for the third week in a row..

  14. X MATCH: Elix Skipper defeated The Amazing Red..
    • Elix Skipper came to the ring carrying a scale and gave his "pound for pound" speech..
    • Elix Skipper DDT'd Amazing Red off the ring apron onto the floor...
    • Elix Skipper KO'd Amazing Red with the scale he brought to the ring with him for the win!

  15. SIT-DOWN INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Sting Part 3..
    • Sting talked about winning his first NWA World Heavyweight title against Ric Flair..
    • Sting talked about the WCW "roller coaster ride" saying it always felt like second fiddle to WWF..
    • Sting said Nitro closed the gap and it was clear the creative juices were flowing..

  16. IN THE RING: Don Callis & Edward Chastaine..
    • Don Callis said he is uniquely qualified to make the necessary changes in TNA to help the promotion..
    • Don Callis said his market research says Sandman attracts a drunk degenerate demographic..
    • Don Callis said that the masses of fans don't want hardcore wrestling anymore..

  17. MATCH: Edward Chastaine w/Don Callis defeated Norman Smiley..
    • Edward Chastaine knocked Norman Smiley out with a big splash (Ground Zero Splash)..

  18. INTERROGATORS: Mike Tenay/Don West w/America's Most Wanted..

  19. IN THE RING: Glen Gilberti, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger + Jeremy Borash + America's Most Wanted + Raven..
    • Glen Gilbertti, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger complained about not getting a fair chance at the Tag Team Titles last week..
    • America's Most Wanted ran in after the trio threatened to assault Jeremy Borash and cleaned house..
    • Simon Diamond KO'd James Storm and Johnny Swinger then KO'd Chris Harris, both with steel chairs ..
    • Glen Gilbertti re-entered the ring and grabbed the mic and sat down on the chair..
    • Glen Gilbertti said they weren't leaving the ring until someone from the NWA promises them a tag team title match!
    • Raven came out to a big pop, making his return after a couple weeks away, and attacked the heels!
    • Chris Harris & James Storm helped clear the ring, then Raven grabbed the mic and addressed the crowd..

  20. IN THE RING: Raven + James Mitchell & Shane Douglas + Brian Lee & Slash..
    • Raven said he didn't come to the ring to whine, bitch, or complain..
    • James Mitchell & Shane Douglas walked out onto the stage to teach Raven a lesson tonight in real pain..
    • Raven ran up to the stage and attacked James Mitchell & Shane Douglas..
    • Raven then threw Shane Douglas into the ring and the brawl was on..
    • Brian Lee and Slash ran to the ring to help Shane Douglas outnumber Raven..
    • Shane Douglas low-blowed Raven and set up a chair..
    • James Mitchell told Raven his first lesson in pain was about to begin..
    • Shane Douglas gave Raven a drop toe hold sending Raven face-first into the chair!
    • James Mitchell shoved a mic in Raven's face and asked him if he had enough..
    • Raven said, "Go to hell!"
    • James Mitchell ordered his men to give him another visit to the chair..
    • Shane Douglas again hit the drop toe hold into the chair!
    • James Mitchell said, "I won't go to hell, Raven, I brought hell to you!"

  21. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Joe E. Legend..
    • Joe E. Legend said he didn't come to TNA to mess around, he came to TNA from Canada to destroy Jeff Jarrett!
    • Joe E. Legend calls Jeff Jarrett a "typical low-life American folk hero"..
    • Joe E. Legend finished with his catchphrase "legends live forever"..

  22. MATCH: Joe E. Legend defeated Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett attacked Legend on the stage and quickly brawled to the ring..
    • Jeff Jarrett went nuts with chairshots on security..
    • Vince Russo entered the ring with a chair and got Jeff Jarrett's attention..
    • Legend hit Jeff Jarrett over the back of the head with the bat then scored a quick three count!

  23. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Vince Russo..
    • Vince Russo had a hockey helmet on in preperation for his 5-minutes with DLo Brown..
    • Vince Russo said Jeff Jarrett is officially out of the title picture and has to start at the bottom again..

  24. 5-MINUTE MATCH: DLo Brown vs Vince Russo..
    • DLo Brown had the human-sized wooden "Equalizer" cage in the ring next to him..
    • Vince Russo walked out onto the stage, then turned around to leave but referee ordered him back to the ring..
    • Vince Russo put a mouth guard in his mouth and walked towards the ring shouting "I'm not a wrestler!"..
    • AJ Styles entered the ring and went after DLo Brown, who threw AJ Styles into the cage!
    • Sonny Siaki then ran out and tried to handcuff DLo to the top rope, but DLo instead handcuffed Siaki!
    • Trinity then ran out, so DLo Brown gave her a powerbomb..
    • Legend then ran out and attacked DLo Brown..
    • DLo Brown threw Legend at the cage that AJ Styles was locked inside..
    • AJ Styles then broke out of the flimsy cage..
    • Legend & AJ Styles stomped away at DLo Brown..
    • AJ Styles gave DLo a Styles Clash in center-ring..
    • Trinity counted DLo's shoulders down..
    • Vince Russo yapped on the house mic, encouraging the beating to continue..
    • Mike Tenay said that they needed to get an authority figure to restore order..
    • Vince Russo's crew celebrated in the ring..

  25. END OF SHOW....
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