NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
August 6, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. Xplosion Tapings:
    • Three Live Crew defeated Nate Webb/Chris Hero/Scotty Matthews..
    • Mad Mikey beat Damian Adams..
    • Norman Smiley beat Rob Eckos..

  2. (NON TITLE) RAWHIDE STRAP MATCH: America's Most Wanted beat Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger w/Glen Gilberti..
    • Ring set up with straps tied to the center of each of the four top ropes..
    • A wrestler had to be near the ropes in order to get whipped..
    • After the match, Glen Gilbertti stole the title belts while Swinger/Diamond beat on AMW..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Red-shirt security & Jerry Lynn + Don Callis..
    • Jerry Lynn talked with the red shirt security, who have been instructed to keep him out of the Asylum..
    • Don Callis walked up, and told Jerry Lynn that he was banned from the building for Excessive Violence!
    • Don Callis then gave Jerry Lynn a list of rules he needed to follow..
    • Jerry Lynn tossed the list in his face and walked off, as Don Callis grinned..

  4. #1 CONTENDER 4-WAY ELIMINATION X MATCH: Michael Shane beat Shark Boy, Joey Matthews and Danny Doring..
    • This match went under tag team rules, with two men in the ring and two on the apron..
    • Michael Shane was laid out on the floor, while Doring, Shark Boy and Matthews were going at it in the ring.,
    • Elix Skipper came in and took out all three men!
    • Elix Skipper grabed the microphone and stood on the announce table..
    • Elix Skipper said he was gonna take out punk after punk until NWA:TNA gives him Jerry Lynn..
    • Michael Shane got back into the ring, and superkicked Joey Matthews and pinned him!
    • Michael Shane then eliminated Danny Doring with another superkick!
    • Shark Boy blocked a superkick and hit a neckbreaker for a two count!
    • Michael Shane ended up winning after reversing a whip and hit a cradle DDT for the pin!

  5. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Erik Watts..
    • Erik Watts talked about using his authority to make the Cage match with DLo Brown & AJ Styles..
    • Erik Watts said Trinity, Legend & Sonny Siaki are banned from ringside, or AJ Styles will lose..

  6. IN THE RING: Shane Douglas + Raven..
    • Shane Douglas talked about how he pinned Raven last week in the 6-man clockwork orange match..
    • Raven entered through the crowd, carrying a body bag, and attacked Shane Douglas!
    • The brawl led to Raven laying out Shane Douglas and pulling out the body bag..
    • James Mitchell's voice came across the PA system..
    • On the big screen, Raven saw Julio Dinero & Alexis Laree tied up..
    • Brian Lee had a flaming stick and was threating to use it!
    • James Mitchell said Raven could stay and finish off Douglas, or he could come and save his friends..
    • Raven ran to the back, and Shane Douglas got up in the ring, he started laughing..

  7. MATCH: Kid Kash defeated Larry Zbyszko..
    • Nice wrestling match happening until Abyss ran in and charged Larry Zbyszko but missed and hit Kid Kash!
    • The referee then checked on Kid Kash, while Abyss gave a sideslam to Zbyszko..
    • Kid Kash then covered Zbyszko, and the referee counted the pin..

  8. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Raven..
    • Scott Hudson found Raven in the room where the New Church had been..
    • Raven smashed a chair against the wall, and said he was coming for James Mitchell!

  9. IN THE RING: James Mitchell & The New Church..
    • James Mitchell and the New Church were in the ring with Alexis & Julio still tied up..
    • James Mitchell said Raven was going soft in his old age, for trying to help his friends..
    • Raven hit the ring and took on Brian Lee and Slash by himself, using a trashcan lid..
    • Raven got a hold of James Mitchell, but Shane Douglas hit the ring and gave him a belly to belly suplex!
    • The New Church annialated Raven..
    • Julio Dinero broke loose and tried to help but he was tossed from the ring..
    • Shane Douglas then put Raven in the body bag and zipped him up in it!

  10. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Glen Gilbertti & Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger..
    • The trio showed off their "stolen" NWA Tag Team title belts..
    • America's Most Wanted showed up and started brawling with them..
    • They all brawled back out to the ring..
    • Glen Gilbertti made it into the ring and hit Chris Harris & James Storm with one of the title belts!
    • Glen Gilbertti, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger then got the rawhide straps and whipped AMW with them!

  11. X-TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin vs Frankie Kazarian went to a NO CONTEST..
    • Ref bump.
    • Chris Sabin hit Frankie Kazarian with the belt and got the pin!
    • A second referee came out, explained the belt shot and demanded that the match be restarted..
    • The referees argued about the restart, while Kazarian hit the Wave Of The Future on Sabin!
    • The second referee counted the pin and declared him with winner!
    • The referees argued again, and head referee Rudy Charles came out..
    • Rudy Charles took the belt, and said he would be going to Erik Watts for an official decision..

  12. PROMO: Christopher Daniels + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Christopher Daniels did a promo from the crowd..
    • Chris Daniels talked about how following tradition for nine years got him nowhere..
    • Chris Daniels praised Sports Entertainment..
    • Chris Daniels talked about the metamorphosis of TNA into Sports Entertainment..
    • A fan throw a soda at Chris Daniels, so he started beating on him..
    • Jeff Jarrett came out for the save and chase of Chris Daniels..

  13. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + Security + Chris Daniels..
    • As the ring was being set up for the cage match, Jeff Jarrett got a chair and sat in the ring..
    • Jeff Jarrett called out Chris Daniels..
    • The red-shirt security came out instead..
    • Jeff Jarrett used a chair to make them stay at a distance..
    • The black shirt security came out and got in the faces of the red-shirts..
    • Chris Daniels snuck back into the ring and attacked Jeff Jarrett!
    • Jeff Jarrett fought back, but the red-shirts pulled him off of Chris Daniels..
    • Chris Daniels managed to hit a low blow and the Last Rites on Jeff Jarrett..
    • Chris Daniels stood over Jeff Jarrett..

  14. RINGSIDE: America's Most Wanted..
    • AMW said they would face Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger & Glen Gilbertti in a 6man match next week..
    • AMW then said their tag team partner was on the phone, which turned out to be Dusty Rhodes!
    • Dusty Rhodes said he was going to bring his bullrope next week!

  15. NWA WORLD TITLE CAGE MATCH: AJ Styles defeated DLo Brown..
    • Vince Russo was handcuffed to Erik Watts at ringside..
    • Late in the match, DLo Brown climbed to the top of the cage..
    • Vince Russo threw powder in the eyes of Erik Watts, and tried to shake the cage so DLo would fall..
    • Erik Watts pulled Vince Russo towards him by the chain, picked him up, and rammed him into the cage!!
    • The vibrations caused DLo Brown to fall to the mat from the top of the cage!
    • AJ Styles drapped his arm over DLo Brown for the pin!
    • Sonny Siaki, Vince Russo, Legend and Trinity got in the ring to celebrate with AJ Styles..
    • Vince Russo said that there were no challengers left for AJ Styles!
    • Editor's Note: Which means someone new will emerge to challenge AJ Styles..

  16. END OF SHOW....
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