NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV (Taped)
Wednesday Bloody Wednesday
Super X Tournament AND War Games

September 3, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. OPENING MATCH: Mad Mikey defeated Lazz..
    • Lazz (playing a homosexual heel) kissed Mad Mikey on the lips and Mikey took a fit and pinned Lazz..

  2. INTERVIEW: Terry Taylor & Dusty Rhodes..
    • Dusty Rhodes said there have been a lot of cage matches over the years, but none as violent and crazy as tonights..
    • Dusty Rhodes said it will remind him of how many times he's kicked Arn Anderson's ass..

  3. SUPER X TOURNAMENT MATCH #1: Juventud Guerrera beat Nosawa with a 450 splash..

  4. INTERVIEW: Terry Taylor & James Mitchell + Glen Gilbertti..
    • James Mitchell talked about taking Raven's self-image away from him by cutting his hair..
    • Glen Gilbertti interrupted and asked James Mitchell if he understands that they need to work together?
    • Glen Gilbertti said he doesn't want his guys getting hurt in the match. "Do I make myself clear?"
    • James Mitchell replied "Crystaaaal"..

  5. SUPER X TOURNAMENT MATCH #2: Teddy Hardy beat Jonny Storm..
    • Jonny Storm dove off the top rope, but Teddy Hart caught him with a Stunner in mid-air!
    • Teddy Hart hit a nice top rope Asai Moonsault onto Jonny Storm and pounded his chest for the crowd..
    • Teddy Hart came off the top rope with a DDT onto Jonny Storm, igniting a second "Holy shit!" chant..
    • Teddy Hart finished off Jonny Storm with a Shooting Star Press for the victory!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Sonny Siaki & Johnny Swinger/Simon Diamond + Shane Douglas..
    • Sonny Siaki and teammates Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond argued backstage..
    • Shane Douglas entered the scene and ordered them to get their gamefaces on..

  7. SUPER X TOURNAMENT MATCH #3: Chris Sabin beat Jerry Lynn..
    • Chris Sabin hit a sunset flip from the outside onto Jerry Lynn inside the ring..
    • Jerry grabbed the top rope, but the referee kicked his hand off the rope!
    • Jerry Lynn then gave Chris Sabin a TKO then got mad at the referee and started choking him!
    • Don Dallis walked out and told Jerry Lynn that if he hurts the referee, he'll lose his job!
    • Chris Sabin kicked Jerry Lynn from behind and scored a three count to advance..

  8. INTERVIEW: Terry Taylor & Raven w/The Gathering..
    • Raven said if James Mitchell & Shane Douglas thought he was dangerous before, he's even more dangerous now!

  9. SUPER X TOURNAMENT MATCH #4: Frankie Kazarian beat Michael Shane in an usually short match..

  10. INTERVIEW: Terry Taylor & AJ Styles/Vince Russo..
    • AJ Styles complained about being singled out by Erik Watts putting him in the cage match later..
    • Vince Russo said as long as he's breathing, he'd never let anything bad happen to AJ Styles..
    • Vince Russo then wrapped his arm around AJ Styles and they walked off together..

  11. SUPER X ROUND #2: Juventud Guerrera beat Teddy Hart..
    • Teddy Hart began favoring his knee after pulling off his second springboard moonsault of the night..
    • Teddy Hart went for a sunset flip on Juvi, who stopped it midstream and slammed him to the mat!
    • Juventud Guerrera went for a People's Elbow, but Teddy Hart moved out of the way..
    • Juventud Guerrera then gave Teddy Hart a Rock Bottom for a near fall..
    • Juventud later nailed Teddy Hart with the Juvidriver, but when he went for a top rope move..
    • Teddy Hart nipped up and knocked Juvi off balance..
    • Teddy Hart then went to the top rope, but Juvi reversed it into a Juvidriver off the top rope for the win!

  12. INTERROGATION: Mike Tenay & Don West w/Kevin Northcutt & Ryan Wilson (Red Shirt Security)..

  13. SUPER X ROUND #2: Chris Sabin beat Frankie Kazarian..

  14. INTERVIEW: Terry Taylor & America's Most Wanted + Kid Kash/Abyss..
    • Chris Harris said they are honored to stand next to their partners in the match..
    • Kid Kash & Abyss arrived and apologized to Terry Taylor for letting his emotions getting the best of him..
    • Kid Kash promised to not let it happen again, saying he is a man of his word..
    • Kid Kash then called the team of Chris Harris & James Storm "America's Most Wannabes"..
    • Kid Kash then gave Terry Taylor an uppercut slap to the chin and ran off!
    • Terry Taylor lunged at him, but Abyss and Red-Shirt Security intervened..

  15. ANNOUNCEMENT: Mike Tenay..
    • Mike Tenay said that TNA officials are considering making the Super X tournament an annual event!

  16. SUPER X FINALS: Chris Sabin beat Juventud Guerrera to win the Super X trophy!
    • Quote of the night: "If you're not a fan of the X division now, you don't have a pulse!" -Don West..
    • Chris Sabin took Juvi out with a Fisherman's Suplex followed by a tight wrap-up for the pin..
    • Chris Sabin was awarded with the Super X trophy..
    • Editor's Note: How refreshing that a guy wins clean, and isn't attacked by a jealous outsider for his efforts..

  17. PROMO: Roddy Piper is returning to NWA TNA..

    • Special referee Erik Watts and Dusty Rhodes was at ringside as the guest enforcer..
    • TEAM ONE: Jeff Jarrett, Chris Harris, James Storm, DLo Brown, Raven..
    • TEAM TWO: Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, Simon Diamond, Shane Douglas, Johnny Swinger..
    • The "Extra Tall" TNA Cage was set up, as well as Clockwork Orange weapons hanging from the sides..
    • Erik Watts ordered everyone at ringside to go to the back, including the time keeper and Jeremy Borash..
    • They were replaced with Three Live Krew (Konnan, Ron Killings & BG James)..
    • Jeff Jarrett & Christopher Daniels started the match..
    • Don Callis joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary and accused Erik Watts of abusing his authority..
    • The heels won the coin toss and AJ Styles was the third person entered into the cage..
    • Chris Harris (90 seconds later) joined the match to even the sides..
    • Vince Russo was running around ringside wearing AJ Style's World Heavyweight title belt..
    • AJ Styles lifted Jeff Jarrett in powerbomb position..
    • ~~~Then Chris Daniels leaped off the top rope driving Jeff Jarrett through a table in center ring!
    • Simon Diamond came out fifth..
    • DLo Brown came out sixth..
    • Shane Douglas was next to give the heels the advantage again..
    • James Storm entered and evened the sides..
    • Vince Russo threw a baseball bat into the cage..
    • Johnny Swinger was the last heel to enter the match..
    • Raven limped to the ring as the final entrant and bashed the heels with a cookie sheets..
    • Jeff Jarrett ran around giving everyone shots with the garbage can and then gave AJ Styles a Stroke off the top rope..
    • DLo Brown hit a frog splash on AJ Styles at the same time Chris Harris hit a top rope leg drop for the win!

  19. CONCLUSION: Everybody + Russo's Heels + Three Live Krew + The New Church..
    • Legend, Sonny Siaki, Trinity & Glen Gilbertti came out and attacked Dusty Rhodes at ringside..
    • The Gathering (CM Punk & Julio Dinero) came out to counter..
    • Three Live Krew and Erik Watts got involved in the brawl as well..
    • Vince Russo was safely escorted away by Red-Shirted Security..
    • The New Church (Mitchell/Slash/Sinn) ran into the cage to help Shane Douglas beat on Raven..
    • All the wrestlers spilled out onto the floor, leaving Raven alone with the New Church..
    • Abyss came out late, and joined in all the outside brawling..
    • Shane Douglas managed to cut a piece of Raven's hair off as the show was coming to a close!

  20. END OF SHOW....
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