NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
October 8, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • Sonny Siaki & Ekmo defeated Void Effect (Zero & A.M. Vishion)..
    • Shane Douglas defeated Willie "Da Bomb" Richardson..

  2. SITDOWN INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Roddy Piper..
    • Roddy Piper said he has never quit at anything and he doesn't plan to quit wrestling, despite being forced out by TNA..

  3. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + Dusty Rhodes..
    • Jeff Jarrett asked Dusty Rhodes to come out to the ring to talk about what happened last week..
    • Dusty Rhodes came out to the stage to confront Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett called Dusty a typical icon, who would cut their mothers throat to get what you wanted..
    • Jeff Jarrett said it was in his (Jeff's) best interest to get in his car and leave the building..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he gets his title shot in two weeks no matter if it's Dusty or AJ Styles..

  4. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & AJ Styles/Trinity + Sonny Siaki/Ekmo..
    • AJ Styles was worried about Vince Russo not showing up yet..
    • Sonny Siaki & Ekmo showed up and said they planned to take care of business..

  5. TAG MATCH: Chris Vaughn & DLo Brown vs Kevin Northcutt & Ryan Wilson w/Don Callis..
    • Kevin Northcut tossed Chris Vaughn over his head into the corner and Vaughn landed head first on the mat!
    • Kevin Northcutt followed up with a brutal-looking double underhook powerbomb combo on Vaughn's neck!
    • The Red Shirts beat down DLo Brown after the match until Erik Watts made the save!

  6. SITDOWN INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Dusty Rhodes..
    • Mike Tenay asked Dusty about what it was like winning the NWA World Heavyweight title in 1979..
    • Dusty Rhodes said you had to be in the industry in that era to know what it meant to win the title..
    • Dusty Rhodes said the fans drive him to do crazy things..
    • Dusty Rhodes said he thinks he just might have one more big win inside of him..

  7. TAPED FOOTAGE: Jerry Lynn..
    • Jerry Lynn threw his bags into his car and expressing his frustration with Don Callis suspending him..

  8. X-TITLE VS SUPER-X TROPHY MATCH: Michael Shane defeated Chris Sabin..

  9. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Glen Gilbertti/Simon Diamond/Johnny Swinger + David Young..
    • David Young interrupted and complained about them hitting him with a chair last week..
    • The heel trio said that's what they do to people they like, and he's almost earned his keep to enter their group..
    • David Young seemed to be buying it a little, but was still skeptical..

  10. ELIMINATION MATCH: Glen Gilbertti/Simon Diamond/Johnny Swinger defeated Konnan/BG James/Ron Killings..
    • Konnan got pinned after Swinger & Diamond gave him a double team move..
    • Johnny Swinger was eliminated next after a sidewalk slam by BG James..
    • BG James not pinned after Simon Diamond nailed him with a superkick..
    • Simon Diamond was eliminated when Ron Killings hit a sitout gourd buster on him..
    • David Young came out to ringside and took a seat to watch the match..
    • Ron Killings yanked the chair out from under David Young and went to hit Glen Gilbertti with it!
    • David Young pulled the chair away and threw it at Ron Killings' face..
    • Glen Gilbertti tossed Ron Killings into the ring and scored the pin and become the SOLE SURVIVOR..

  11. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Jim Mitchell, Vampiro, Sinn, and Slash..
    • Jim Mitchell said his New Church will insulate him from Raven's vendetta..
    • Slash threw darts at Sinn's back and they stuck in, showing off Sinn's extraordinary tolorance for pain..

  12. MATCH: Christopher Daniels defeated Frankie Kazarian..
    • Frankie Kazarian dove over the top rope onto Daniels and some of his minions at ringside..
    • Late in the match, Frankie Kazarian bounced off the ropes, one of the minions tripped him up and he fell!
    • Christopher Daniels nailed a DDT for the victory..

  13. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Raven..
    • Raven said, refering to Sinn, that pain tolerance doesn't matter if you're unconscious..

  14. TAG MATCH: America's Most Wanted defeated Kid Kash & Abyss (Terry Taylor as guest referee)
    • Kid Kash leaped off of Abyss's shoulders with a moonsault, but missed when Chris Harris moved!
    • Chris Harris & James Storm gave Abyss a double-team Flapjack..
    • Kid Kash got in referee Terry Taylor's face, and Taylor pushed Kash off the ring apron!
    • Kid Kash brought a steel chair into the ring, but Terry Taylor pulled it away!
    • Kid Kash threw a chair into Terry Taylor's face, bringing out a second referee..
    • Kid Kash then threw the second referee out of the ring..
    • James Storm kicked a chair into Kid Kash's face and Terry Taylor recovered to make the 3-count!

  15. POST MATCH: Kid Kash & Abyss..
    • Kid Kash got in Abyss's face, blaming him for their loss, and started shoving him!
    • Abyss took deep breaths and seemed to be trying to control himself..
    • Kid Kash slapped him again! -- Abyss lifted his hand, but decided not to strike Kid Kash..
    • The fans chanted for Abyss to stand up to Kid Kash, but he wouldn't bring himself to do it..
    • Abyss re-entered the ring and approached Kid Kash from behind..
    • Kid Kash poked his finger in Abyss's chest - prompting Abyss to slap Kid Kash accross the face!
    • Kid Kash gave him a low blow and beat him down with forearms..
    • Abyss came back and knocked Kid Kash all over the ring..

  16. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Don Callis w/Red-Shirt Security..
    • Scott Hudson said DLo Brown has left the building..
    • Don Callis made fun of DLo Brown's mannerisms, and then threatened to fire Scott Hudson..

  17. TAPED SEGMENT: Shane Douglas..
    • Shane Douglas said he has done it all including inventing and perfecting the "shoot promo"..
    • Shane Douglas said he is going to bring somebody in from outside of the business and turn them into "another Franchise"..

  18. MATCH: Raven defeated Sinn w/James Mitchell..
    • Raven used a chain-wrapped fist on Sinn during the match..
    • Sinn got some brief offense but Raven soon won with an Evenflow DDT..

  19. IN THE RING: Raven & Slash + James Mitchell + Vampiro + CM Punk/Julio Dinero..
    • After the match, Slash went after Raven, but Raven took him down too..
    • Raven backed James Mitchell into the corner, and Vampiro appeared and attacked Raven!
    • Slash and Vampiro put the dog collar around Raven's neck and dragged him to the back..
    • The ended up hanging Raven until CM Punk & Julio Dinero showed up for the save..

  20. BACKSTAGE: Scott Hudson & AJ Styles/Trinity/Sonny Siaki/Ekmo..
    • AJ Styles told Trinity, Siaki, and Ekmo that he isn't going to get tea bagged again..
    • Vince Russo then showed up and seemed to be acting drunk, saying he was 'out with a friend'..
    • Vince Russo gave AJ Styles a frantic pep talk about his title match against Dusty Rhodes..

  21. WORLD TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Dusty Rhodes to retain!
    • AJ Styles looked perturbed by Vince Russo and Trinity at ringside..
    • Mike Tenay and Don West said Vince Russo was drunk and embarrassing everybody, especially AJ Styles..
    • Dusty Rhodes had his forehead busted open by AJ Styles..
    • This entire match was spent with AJ Styles selling Dusty's moves so that Dusty would catch his breath!
    • Dusty Rhodes worked over AJ Styles' knee and put on the figure-four leg lock!
    • AJ Styles tapped out, but the referee didn't see it because AJ Styles had knocked him out of the ring!
    • Dusty Rhodes then broke the hold, and AJ Styles used a baseball bat to whack Dusty!
    • The referee got back into the ring as AJ Styles applied a figure-four of his own..
    • Dusty Rhodes passed out and the referee counted his shoulders down, 1-2-3!

  22. CONCLUSION: Vince Russo & AJ Styles & Dusty Rhodes + America's Most Wanted + Siaki/Ekmo + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Vince Russo got on the mic and ordered AJ Styles to continue to beat on Dusty Rhodes..
    • AJ Styles hesitated, but then punched away at Dusty until black-shirt security ran down..
    • Vince Russo whipped them with his belt..
    • Sonny Siaki and Ekmo then attacked Dusty Rhodes as Vince Russo continued to cheer them on..
    • America's Most Wanted ran out to make the save, but AJ Styles took them down with baseball bat shots!
    • Vince Russo ordered his men to take off Dusty's pants..
    • AJ Styles began yanking down Dusty Rhodes' tights, but didn't get far..
    • Jeff Jarrett came out with a chair and cleaned house to make the save!
    • Vince Russo then told Jeff Jarrett he was trying for a year to try to get him back on his side..
    • Vince Russo said Jeff Jarrett just doesn't listen, so it's over..
    • Vince Russo said he would make sure there is no NWA World Title shot for Jeff Jarrett on Oct. 22..
    • Dusty Rhodes then stood up with the mic in hand and asked for a six-man tag next week..
    • ----- Dusty Rhodes & America's Most Wanted vs. Vince Russo & Ekmo & Sonny Siaki..

  23. END OF SHOW....
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