NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
October 15, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Don West..
    • Mike Tenay & Don West showed clippings of Hulk Hogan returning to Japan and wrestling at the Tokyo Dome..
    • Then they showed a photo of Jeff Jarrett attacking Hulk Hogan in the newspaper..
    • Mike Tenay said later they'd show exclusive actual footage of the attack..

  2. BACKSTAGE: Raven & James Mitchell..
    • Raven dragged James Mitchell into the arena by a chain as Mitchell frothed at the mouth..
    • Raven began to hang James Mitchell until Vampiro & Slash showed up to make the save..
    • Slash dove off the balcony with a chain-wrapped elbow drop onto Raven through a table!
    • Julio Deniro & C.M. Punk made the save but it was too late..

  3. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Vince Russo / AJ Styles / Sonny Siaki / Legend / Ekmo..
    • Vince Russo said Legend would take his place in the six-man tag match tonight (false advertising?)..
    • AJ Styles told him he better not do anything stupid because the NWA Title match against Jarrett is next week,.
    • Vince Russo said he wouldn't, but AJ Styles looked as though he didn't trust him..

  4. SIX MAN TAG: America's Most Wanted & Dusty Rhodes vs Legend/Ekmo/Sonny Siaki..
    • Mike Tenay & Don West wondered what "other business" Vince Russo was doing..
    • AMW gave Legend the Death Sentance finisher for the win..

  5. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Michael Shane..
    • Michael Shane said if he beats Chris Daniels, he will have proven there is no competition for him..

  6. X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Michael Shane defeated Chris Daniels to retain..
    • Shane Douglas watched the match with a clipboard in hand from the rafters..
    • Michael Shane went to use the X belt, but one of Chris Daniels' fallowers grabbed it..
    • As they had a tug-o-war, Chris Daniels charged at them, but bumped into the Fallower and the belt..
    • Michael Shane then hit a superkick for the win..
    • After the match, Chris Daniels and the Fallowers attacked Michael Shane..
    • Chris Sabin ran in and cleared the ring and argued with Chris Daniels..

  7. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Don West..
    • Mike Tenay said that the Hogan/Jarrett incident was the biggest story not just TNA this year, but all of pro wrestling..
    • DOn West said Jeff Jarrett must've really wanted to send a message to Hogan by flying to Japan just to attack him!
    • They showed Hulk Hogan pinning Masa Chono after the Lariat (his finisher in Japan)..
    • They showed the footage of Jeff Jarrett attacking Hulk Hogan in Japan as he talked to Japanese Media..
    • ~~~Hulk Hogans said he wanted to win the IWGP title once more, and also win the NWA World title..
    • ~~~Jeff Jarrett stormed in and smashed a guitar over his head and laid punches in on him!
    • ~~~Masa Chono stepped in and made the save and then checked on a bloodied Hulk Hogan..

  8. IN THE RING: Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett said the only person who beat him for the NWA World title was Vince Russo, not A.J. Styles..
    • Jeff Jarrett said his first goal was to remove Vince Russo from the equation and then he'd get his rematch..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he has overcome every obstacle Vince Russo has thrown at him..
    • Jeff Jarrett said to become an Icon in Wrestling, you have to be a self-serving son of a bitch!
    • Jeff Jarrett said he went to Tokyo to try to spoil Hulk Hogan's big homecoming..
    • ~~~because he is "the biggest self-serving son of a bitch in the whole world"!
    • Jeff Jarrett said he had heard rumors that NWA:TNA was in negotiations with Hulk Hogan..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he wanted to be sure Hulk Hogan didn't interrupt HIS plans to win the title..
    • Jeff Jarrett said instead of Hulk Hogan coming to TNA, he took TNA to Hulk Hogan..
    • Vince Russo then charged to the ring and attacked Jeff Jarrett and they started to brawl all over the Asylum..
    • Jeff Jarrett eventually came back and took Vince Russo down..
    • Jeff Jarrett wrapped a belt around his neck and hung him from a chainlink wall..
    • ~~~then bashed him with a trash can and a chair over and over yelling "It's over!"
    • Ekmo and Legend made the save as A.J. Styles entered the ring but didn't get to say anythig..

  9. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Kevin Northcutt/Ryan Wilson (Red Shirt Security)..
    • Kevin Northcutt said he had a tape of a Roddy Piper interview, but said nobody would get to see it..
    • Kevin Northcutt smashed the tape and walked away!

  10. MATCH: Kevin Northcutt w/Ryan Wilson defeated Erik Watts..
    • Erik Watts went to finish off Kevin Northcutt, but was distracted by Ryan Wilson..
    • Kevin Northcutt got out a chain and nailed Erik Watts with it and scored the pin!
    • After the match, Kevin Northcutt & Ryan Wilson issued a beat-down on Erik Watts until Ron Harris made the save!
    • Goldy Locks ran to the ring (wow she's back zzzz) to check on Erik Watts..

  11. TAG MATCH: Sonjay Dutt & Eric Young defeated Jarrell Clark & El Fuego..
    • Great x-division match, Sonjay Dutt hit his Hindu Press (a twisting flip 450 splash) for the win!

  12. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Kid Kash..
    • Kevin Northcutt interrupted and told Kid Kash that Don Callis is on the phone and wants to talk to him..
    • Kid Kash told Kevin Northcutt that nobody tells him what to do, people ask..

  13. (NON TITLE) TAG MATCH: Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger!!
    • Glen Gilbertti joined the announce table and said Danny Doring & Roadkill were "nobodies"..
    • Roadkill hit hit his famous dive off the top rope to clothesline both Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger..
    • America's Most Wanted, who watched the match from the ramp, applauded..
    • Glen Gilbertti and David Young interfered until AMW ran to ringside to stop them!
    • Danny Doring escaped the full-nelson and rolled Johnny Swinger up for an upset three count!!!

  14. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Raven..
    • Raven thanked CM Punk & Julio Deniro for their help, but said he needs to do this by himself..

  15. MATCH: Abyss defeated Kid Kash..
    • Abyss finished off Kid Kash with his Black Hole Slam for the win..
    • After the match, Kid Kash threw powder in Abyss' face and whacked him repeatedly with a chair!
    • Kevin Northcutt & Ryan Wilson (red shirts) watched from the stage as Kid Kash beat on Abyss..
    • Abyss came back and gave Kid Kash a sitout dropdown backbreaker..

  16. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Glen Gilbertti / Johnny Swinger / Simon Diamond..
    • Simon Diamond screamed that they were robbed!
    • Glen Gilbertti told AMW if they want to play games with them, to just bring it on..
    • Glen Gilbertti said next week they've got a new tag team for AMW to wrestle..

  17. TAG MATCH: Slash & Vampiro w/James Mitchell defeated CM Punk & Julio Dinero..
    • James Mitchell distracted the referee as Vampiro sprayed something in Julio Deniro's face!
    • Vampiro hit Julio Dinero with the Nail in the Coffin for the win!
    • After the match, Raven ran out and attacked Vampiro & Slash as James Mitchell watched with fear!
    • Raven then went after James Mitchell but Vampiro & Slash stopped anything from happening..

  18. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Don West + Jimmy Hart (on the phone)..
    • Jimmy Hart came on the phone and said Jeff Jarrett won't get away with what he did to the Hulkster..
    • Jimmy Hart recommended Jeff Jarrett hire two bodyguards to watch his back..
    • Jimmy Hart said "Sooner or later, you will be face-to-face with Hulk Hogan, baby"..
    • Mike Tenay asked if that meant Hulk Hogan would be in the TNA Asylum?
    • Jimmy Hart said "Hulk Hogan is coming, baby, and when he's armed, he's very, very dangerous"..
    • Jeff Jarrett grabbed the mic from Mike Tenay and entered the ring.

  19. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + AJ Styles + Dusty Rhodes..
    • Jeff Jarrett said his focus is on winning the NWA Title next week..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he already tossed Vince Russo out of the building..
    • Jeff Jarrett said that Hulk Hogan damn sure aren't going to stand in his way in getting the title back..
    • AJ Styles charged into the ring and attacked Jeff Jarrett for a pullapart brawl..
    • Dusty Rhodes walked out and looked on as the brawl continued..

  20. END OF SHOW....
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