NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
November 12, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • The Masked X (Carl Oulette) defeated Jonny Storm..
    • Joe E. Legend defeated Chris Hero (from IWA Mid South)..

  2. TRIBUTE: Michael "Mad Mikey" Lockwood (aka Crash Holly)..

  3. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Jimmy Hart + AJ Styles + Sting!

  4. 10 MAN GAUNTLET MATCH: Ron Killings wins
    • The winner of the match would win a tag title shot along with his tag team partner..
    • BG James, Chris Harris, Sonny Siaki, David Young, CM Punk, James Storm, Glen Gilbertti, Ekmo, Julio Dinero, Ron Killings..
    • The final three were Ron Killings, Ekmo Fatu and James Storm..
    • Ekmo Fatu was eliminated when James Storm & Ron Killings teamed up to put him out!
    • David Young came back to ringside and distracted James Storm as well as the referee..
    • Glen Gilbertti knocked James Storm out with a chair shot!
    • Ron Killings then scored the pin to win a title shot for 3 Live Krew next week!

  5. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Don Callis w/Red Shirt Security + Abyss..
    • Abyss joined Don Callis, revealing his allegance to him..
    • Don Callis promised that a lot of people have a lot coming their way..

  6. IN THE RING: Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett + Don West + Raven + Red Shirt Security..
    • Jeff Jarrett kicked Mike Tenay out of the ring and ordered Don West to enter the ring..
    • Jeff Jarrett questioned where Hulk Hogan is and when will he show his face again..
    • Don West told Jeff Jarrett he was confused because he went to Japan to keep Hulk Hogan out of TNA..
    • Jeff Jarrett said Hulk Hogan has been saying he's won every title he wanted except the NWA World title..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he called Hulk Hogan's bluff and attacked him in Japan..
    • Jeff Jarrett said since Hulk Hogan has been bad-mouthing him on various radio shows..
    • Jeff Jarrett said "One way or another we're going to settle this"..
    • ~~~adding "Either you can come to TNA or I will take TNA to Hulk Hogan once and for all"..
    • Raven then made his way to the ring with the name "CRASH" on his chest and "VICTORIA" on his arm..
    • Raven talked about his destiny of becoming the NWA World Heavyweight champion..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he doesn't think Raven can compete on his level..
    • Jeff Jarrett also told Raven he'll need to find a tag partner for a match later..
    • Raven said he doesn't need a partner to take the NWA title from Jeff Jarrett..
    • The Red Shirt Security then attacked Raven from behind and Jeff Jarrett joined in..
    • Jeff Jarrett gave Raven a Stroke on a chair!

  7. INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT: Christopher Daniles defeated Low Ki to advance..
    • After Chris Daniels scored the pin somewhat anticlimactically, they shook hands..
    • Then the Masked X came out and attacked Chris Daniels as Low Ki watched from the stage..

  8. VIGNETTE: The Franchise Shane Douglas hyping the "New Franchise"..

  9. INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT: Sonjay Dutt defeated Chad Collyer..
    • Sonjay Dutt fills in for Chris Sabin due to the serious injury suffered last week at the hands of "X"..
    • Tracy, making her return to TNA, was shown talking on her cell phone watching the match..
    • Chad Collyer applied a Texas Cloverleaf but Sonjay Dutt quickly grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold..
    • Sonjay Dutt rolled up Chad Collyer on a reversal to win the match..

  10. INTERROGATORS: Mike Tenay & Don West w/Erik Watts & Goldylocks..
    • Erik Watts said Lex Luger has a big ego, no talant, and is a locker room morale buster..
    • Erik Watts said he was glad Goldylocks was around for oral.. oops moral support..
    • Erik Watts put Hulk Hogan over as being to wrestling as Elvis is to rock and roll..

  11. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Scott Hudosn tried to get an interview with Lex Luger, but instead ran into Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett said Lex Luger will prove AJ Styles doesn't belong in the ring with them..

  12. MATCH: Abyss w/Don Callis defeated Don Harris w/Chris Vaughn..

  13. IN THE RING: AJ Syles & Abyss..
    • AJ Styles came out and faced off with Abyss..
    • Abyss easily tossed him over the top rope, but then AJ Styles flew back into the ring..
    • AJ Styles quickly sent Abyss out of the ring with a clothesline..
    • By doing this, AJ Styles prooved that he can compete with heavyweights like Jeff Jarrett..

  14. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & 3 Live Krew + America's Most Wanted..
    • AMW said if 3LK win next week, they want the first shot, and if they lose, to get out of their way!

  15. TAG MATCH: The Red Shirts (Ryan Wilson & Kevin Northcutt defeated Raven & Sandman..
    • Joe E. Legend ran down and knocked out Sandman with a foreign object and Northcut scored the easy pinfall..

  16. MAIN EVENT: Sting & AJ Styles w/Jimmy Hart defeated Lex Luger & Jeff Jarrett w/Don Callis..
    • Late in the match, Lex Luger put AJ Styles in the Torture Rack..
    • Sting entered the ring and hit Lex Luger in the stomach three times with a baseball bat!
    • AJ Styles then rolled up Lex Luger for the three count and the victory!

  17. IN THE RING: AJ Styles & Jeff Jarrett + Abyss + Raven..
    • AJ Styles & Jeff Jarrett brawled after the match until Abyss entered the ring..
    • Abyss gave AJ Styles a Black Hole Slam, and then Jeff Jarrett called out Hulk Hogan..
    • Jeff Jarrett said "Raven is done, so it's just me and you, Hogan!"
    • Raven then attacked Jeff Jarrett until the Red Shirts charged the ring and as a huge brawl broke out!

  18. END OF SHOW....
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