NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
January 14, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett prepares his "To Do" list:
    • 1) Get signatures, 2) find out who masked man is, 3) end Erik Watts' TNA career, etc etc..
    • Jeff Jarrett called Thomas T. Stenenbaum and asked for permission to give his big announcement tonight..
    • Thomas T. Stenenbaum said it was okay..

  2. OPENING: New opening video package featuring Randy Savage rapping a new TNA theme song "Are you ready"..
  3. PARKING LOT: Jeff Jarrett + Masked Man..
    • The mystery masked (named El Lione) man attacked Jeff Jarrett in the parking lot as Don Callis called for security..
    • El Leon dragged Jeff Jarrett to the ring where the Red-shirt security came out and demolished him!
    • Jeff Jarrett confronted Mike Tenay and the two had to be separated by Don West..

  4. RAWHIDE STRAP MATCH: America's Most Wanted defeated Kevin Northcutt & Legend w/Don Callis..
    • After the match, the Red-shirts hung James Storm over the top rope with the rawhide strap..
    • Chris Harris grabbed a steel chair and chased the Red-shirts away..

  5. INTERVIEW: Scott Huston & Shane Douglas & Michael Shane..
    • Shane Douglas told Michael Shane that they were trying to hold him down by putting him in a 3-way..
    • Shane Douglas said Elix Skipper will go down and have his ass "franchised"!

  6. 3-WAY DANCE: Michael Shane w/Shane Douglas defeated Low Ki & Christopher Daniels..
    • Chris Sabin watched the match from the stage area with the X Title over his shoulder..

  7. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Antonio Pena (AAA Promoter)..
    • Antonio Pena announced that AAA and TNA had reached an official working agreement..
    • On February 11, Antonio Pena would sent the four best AAA wrestlers to face the four best X division wrestlers..
    • The special event would be called "The Americas X Cup"..

  8. MATCH: David Young defeated Simon Diamond..
    • Glen Gilbertti was announced as the guest referee and clarified that it doesn't automatically make him an idiot..
    • Glen Gilbertti told David Young & Simon Diamond that the loser is "out of the group"..
    • Glen Gilbertti turned on Simon Diamond later, giving him a neckbreaker and dragged David Young on top for the pin..
    • Johnny Swinger ran out and chased David Young & Glen Gilbertti off..

  9. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Jeff Jarrett & Don Callis + Kid Kash..
    • Jeff Jarrett demanded that Don Callis tell him why some guy is wearing a mask in 2004..
    • Jeff Jarrett told Kid Kash to go get Chris Vaughn's signature in blood..

  10. MATCH: "The Franchine" Shane Douglas w/Tracy Brooks defeated "Prime Time" Elix Skipper..
    • Shane Douglas worked on Elix Skipper's neck throughout the entire match..
    • Elix Skipper tapped out to a full-nelson mat submission hold giving Shane Douglas the win!
    • After the match, Shane Douglas refused to break the hold, so Low Ki made the save..
    • Chris Daniels also came out to help clear the ring -- so Triple X may be reuniting after all..

  11. IN THE RING: Elix Skipper & Chris Daniels & Low Ki..
    • Chris Daniels & Elix Skipper hugged, then Elix Skipper shook hands with Low Ki..
    • Chris Daniels & Low Ki were hesitant to shake hands but the fans cheered for it..
    • Chris Daniels extended his hand, but Low Ki backed out and refused the handshake..

  12. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & "Mr. TNA" AJ Styles (thanks the fans who voted for him)..

  13. IN THE RING: Kid Kash..
    • Kid Kash walked out to the ring and beat up Tiny (the time keeper) and forced him to sign the oath..
    • Chris Vaughn ran out and attacked Kid Kash, jump-starting their scheduled match..

  14. MATCH: Kid Kash defeated Chris Vaughn..
    • Kid Kash won, and then forced Chris Vaughn to sign the loyalty contract in his own blood..
    • Afterwards, the bell ringer (Tiny), went after Kid Kash, but got beat-down for his efforts..
    • Don Harris ran down for the save until the Red-shirts came down and attacked Don Harris..
    • America's Most Wanted joined in to clear the ring of the heels and check on Chris Vaughn..

  15. PROMO: James Mitchell & Julio Dinero & C.M. Punk (against Raven)..

  16. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson + James Mitchell & Julio Dinero & CM Punk..
    • Sandman had been wondering around backstage during the entire show looking for Raven..
    • Scott Hudson claims he found Raven, but instead finds James Mitchell under a hood..
    • James Mitchell stated that Raven was in HELL, and there's a chance for Sandman to back out..
    • CM Punk said they shared something in common with Sandman, they both followed Raven at one time..

  17. DOUBLE SINGAPORE CANE HANDICAP MATCH: Julio Dinero & C.M. Punk w/James Mitchell defeated Sandman..
    • Punk & Dinero took Sandman down with a pair of kendo sticks to pick up the victory..

  18. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Erik Watts/Goldylocks..
    • Erik Watts asked Goldylocks to stay away from ringside for this match..
    • Goldylocks got upset and asked if he was breaking up with her (I swear, how dumb is she?)..
    • Erik Watts said no, he just didn't want her around ringside for the match..

  19. IN THE RING: Sandman..
    • Sandman screamed "Raven.. Where Are You???" demanding he show his face..
    • Sandman said he'd be calling Balls Mahoney to be his partner against the Gathering next week..

  20. ANNOUNCEMENT: Jonny Fairplay is coming to TNA, and "Jonny Fairplay Hates You"..

  21. MAIN EVENT: Erik Watts & AJ Styles defeated Jeff Jarrett & Abyss..
    • If JJ/Abyss wins, Erik Watts is fired; If Watts/Styles win, Styles gets a title shot..
    • Jeff Jarrett knocked out Erik Watts with a title belt shot and pinned him to win the match!
    • Mike Tenay took it upon himself to inform the referee what had happened..
    • Bill Behrens then came to ringside and explained to the referee what had happened..
    • The referee ordered the match restarted, and Jeff Jarrett went after Mike Tenay!
    • The masked man, El Leon, attacked Jeff Jarrett at ringside to save Mike Tenay from the assult..
    • A few minutes later, Goldylocks came down and got up on the apron and yelled at Erik Watts..
    • Goldylocks, picking the greatest time for a conversation, said she would not be ignored!
    • Goldylocks then gave Abyss a low blow from behind..
    • AJ Styles then gave Abyss a sunset flip for the three count to earn a World title shot!

  22. CONCLUSION: Don Callis & Erik Watts & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Con Callis had a fit after the match and said if the decision get overturned, he'd quit TNA forever!
    • Erik Watts said if the decision was overturned and AJ Styles didn't get his deserved title rematch, HE would quit!
    • Jeff Jarrett said the owners of TNA would never let Don Callis quit because he brings too many people to the table..

  23. END OF SHOW....
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