NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
February 4, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett & Jonny Fairplay (wearing a neckbrace and sling) + Chris Harris..
    • The TNA roster was standing around ringside as Jeff Jarrett introduced his lawyer, Thomas T. Stenenbaum..
    • Thomas T. Stenenbaum announced that the NWA Board of Directors is offically disbanding as of tonight..
    • Thomas T. Stenenbaum ordered all NWA-loyal wrestlers to respect and obey the new TNA management..
    • Jeff Jarrett told Jerry Lynn, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger and Sonny Siaki that they win tonight, or get fired!
    • Jeff Jarrett said that if Abyss defeated El Leon tonight, he'd have to unmask!
    • Jeff Jarrett talks about his mystery opponent, saying it can't be AJ Styles, DLo Brown OR Raven..
    • Chris Harris got up and spoke on behalf of the NWA, and said he knew who Jarrett's mystery challenger was..
    • This ended in a TNA wrestlers vs NWA wrestlers brawl, with the NWA side clearing the TNA guys..

  2. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Armando Canterus & Antonio Pena (Pena garantees America's Cup victory)..

  3. TAG MATCH: The Insane Clown Posse defeated Glen Gilbertti & David Young..

  4. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & TNA America's Cup Representatives (Lynn/Skipper/Sabin/Dutt)..

  5. MATCH: Sonny Siaki defeated Kid Kash to retain employment within TNA..
    • Sonny Siaki scored the pinfall with help from Bell ringer Tiny, Ticket taker Sarah, and ring announcer Jeremy Borash..

  6. IN THE RING: Don Callis + Sonny Siaki + Kid Kash + Trinity..
    • Don Callis came down and tells Tiny, Sara & Jeremy to do their jobs and not interfere in jobs..
    • Don Callis then fires all three of them on the spot!
    • Don Callis threatened to fire Sonny Siaki next..
    • Kid Kash attacked Sonny Siaki again, but got taken down, then Trinity came in and took out Siaki..
    • Kid Kash tried to give Trinity a hug, but she left quickly..

  7. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & America's Most Wanted + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Chris Harris cut a pro-NWA promo until Jeff Jarrett interrupted and they had a pull-apart brawl..

  8. MATCH: Abyss defeated El Leon via DQ..
    • Abyss nailed El Lion with the Black Hole Slam and tried to remove his mask instead of going for the pin..
    • AJ Styles hit the ring and attacked Abyss, then got on the mic and demanded he receive a title shot!
    • Don Callis came out said AJ Styles will team with Abyss and challenge for the Tag Team titles later!

  9. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Sandman & Terry Funk..

  10. TAG MATCH: The Gathering (CM Punk & Julio Dinero) w/James Mitchell defeated Terry Funk & The Sandman..

  11. SITDOWN INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger + Jonny Fairplay..
    • Diamond & Swinger took turns insulting Glen Gilbertti, accusing him of trying to steal their thunder..
    • Johnny Swinger said that he trusts Simon Diamond like a brother and said their bond cannot be broken..
    • Jonny Fairplay showed up and bragged about telling the greatest lie in TV history on Survivor..
    • Jonna Fairplay says that he can smell a Lian, but if you confess afterwards, then it makes you a man!
    • Simon Diamond got up and attacked Jonny Fairplay to end the segment..

  12. TAG TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles & Abyss defeated Kevin Northcutt & Legend to win the Tag Team titles!
    • Abyss abandoned AJ Styles early on, causing Styles to wrestle most of the match by himself!
    • Chris Harris came to ringside and distracted Kevin Northcutt, allowing AJ Styles to get the pin!

  13. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Insane Clown Posse..
    • Violent J said they took their match so seriously tonight that they even wore spandex..
    • Shaggy Too Dope said he may not know how to wrestle, but he knows how to fight..
    • Violent J said they will face whoever Jeff Jarrett throws at them next week in a "Juggalo Street Fight"!

  14. IN THE RING: Erik Watts + Goldylocks + Jeff Jarrett + Dustin Rhodes!!!
    • Erik Watts said that although he may not be the Director of Authority, he is still a wrestler (ohhhhh goodie!)..
    • Editor's Note: The one thing Erik Watts does worse than talking, is wrestling!
    • Erik Watts vowed to make Don Callis & Jeff Jarrett pay for what they did to him..
    • Erik Watts then called Don Callis & Jeff Jarrett to the ring, but Goldylocks came out instead!
    • Goldylocks blamed Erik Watts for stealing her spotlight (uhhhhhhhhhhh there's so much wrong with that)..
    • Goldylocks said Erik Watts never thanked her for making him feel good about himself..
    • Goldylocks said she made Erik Watts feel like a real man even when she would have more fun pleasing herself..
    • Goldylocks gave the ultimate "slap in the face", saying that she "faked it" everytime with Watts..
    • Editor's Note: Funny, I didn't hear anything about WWE firing their writers, and getting picked up by TNA?!
    • Editor's Note: Goldylocks gave a performance more fitting of a reject porn star than a tna personality..
    • Erik Watts eventually gave Goldylocks a forced kiss and then got her up for a Chokeslam..
    • Jeff Jarrett & the Red-shirts hit the ring and attacked Erik Watts from behind, thus saving Goldylocks..
    • Out of nowhere, Dustin Rhodes hit the ring and made the save for Erik Watts!!!!!

  15. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett defeated Dustin Rhodes to retain..
    • As expected, the Red-shirt security tried to interfere, but Dustin Rhodes fought them off..
    • AJ Styles snuck in and gave Jeff Jarrett a frog splash, leading to a near fall with Rhodes..
    • Dustin Rhodes threw Jeff Jarrett into the referee, and suddenly Abyss attacked AJ Styles..
    • Dustin Rhodes nailed Jeff Jarrett with the dreaded Shattered Dreams corner kick!
    • The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) ran down and threw powder in Dustin Rhodes' face!
    • Jeff Jarrett then covered Dustin Rhodes and got the 1, 2, 3 to retain the title!!

  16. END OF SHOW....
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