NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
February 25, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. TRIPLE THREAT: Petey Williams (Team Canada) defeated Juvi Guerrera (Team AAA) & Jerry Lynn (Team NWA)..
    • Petey Williams replaced the injured captain of Team Canada, Teddy Hart..
    • Team Canada (with Scott D'Amore) & Team AAA apeared on the stage to get a closer look at the match..
    • Team NWA (Elix Skipper, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin) showed up on the balcony to watch..
    • Petey Williams pinned Juvi for the win..

  2. TAPED PRESENTATION: Bill Apter & America's Most Wanted & Mike Tenay..
    • Bill Apter presented America's Most Wanted with the Tag Team of the Year for 2003..
    • Bill Apter presented the TNA promotion with Most Innovative Promotion in 2003, accepted by Mike Tenay..

  3. IN THE RING: Mike Tenay & Vince Russo + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Vince Russo admitted that he deserved every chair shot he received from Jeff Jarrett back in October..
    • Vince Russo admitted that he sold his soul to the devil for ratings when he worked for other promotions..
    • Vince Russo says that he was the anti-Christ of wrestling, but he has since been forgiven for all he has done..
    • Jeff Jarrett made his way to the ring and asked Vince Russo to join his side in exchange for forgiveness..
    • Vince Russo tells Jeff Jarrett that the curtain is falling on the "Jeff Jarrett show" and it's time to pass the torch..
    • Jeff Jarrett then pushed Vince Russo to the mat while yelling at him, and then slaps him HARD accross the face..
    • Vince Russo says "One man's Dream is about to become his Destiny" before walking backstage..

  4. GRUDGE MATCH: Simon Diamond vs Johnny Swinger..
    • Johnny Swinger wrapped his fist with a forign object and knocked out Simon Diamond..
    • Johnny Swinger pinned Simon Diamond and then stuffed the an object in Simon Diamond's kneepad..
    • Referee Rudy Charles came to the ring to order the match to continue..
    • Johnny Swinger removed the object from Simon Diamond's kneepad and the referee tried to take it from him..
    • Glen Gilbertti, Kid Kash & David Young run in for the beat down of Simon Diamond..
    • The ICP Juggalos (2 Tuff Tony and Rudy Boy) run out but they got their ass kicked too..
    • Finally, the Black-shirt security (Don Harris & Chris Vaughn) to make the save..
    • WINNER: No Contest..

  5. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Shane Douglas/Michael Shane/Tracy Brooks + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Shane Douglas says last week he sent a messege to Three Live Krew that was LOUD & CLEAR..
    • Jeff Jarrett interrupted and Shane Douglas says that they cannot trust Vince Russo..
    • Shane Douglas tells Jeff Jarrett that he is there whenever & wherever Jeff needs him..
    • Jeff Jarrett tells the Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) to take care of Chris Harris tonight..
    • Jeff Jarrett then tells Kevin Northcutt to "go get his phone, because he needs help"..

  6. TAG MATCH: Shane Douglas & Michael Shane defeated Konnan & Ron Killings w/BG James..
    • BG James joined Mike Tenay & Don West at the announce position..
    • Shane Douglas tried to pick a fight with BG James when he slapped his headset off his head!
    • Michael Shane tapped out to Konnan's Tequila Sunrise but the referee was on the outside..
    • Tracy Brooks whacked Konnan with her cast and Michael Shane superkicked Konnan for the victory!

  7. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm -in a sling-..
    • Chris Harris says his match against Chase Stevens is for revenge for what the Naturals did to James Storm weeks ago..

  8. MATCH: Chris Harris defeated Chase Stevens (of the Naturals)..
    • Chris Harris wins after hitting the Catatonic..
    • Vince Russo then ordered Chris Harris to face Andy Douglas (of the Naturals) next..

  9. MATCH: Chris Harris defeated Andy Douglas (of the Naturals)..
    • Andy Douglas accidentally hit Chase Stevens on the apron allowing Chris Harris to win..
    • Vince Russo then says that Chris Harris must face both the Naturals in a handicap match..

  10. HANDICAP MATCH: Chris Harris w/James Storm defeated The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)..
    • Andy Douglas tried to use a chair but the referee stopped him..
    • James Storm hit a superkick through a steel chair on Chase Stevens leading to Chris Harris pinning him for the win!

  11. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Vince Russo + Chris Harris..
    • Chris Harris interrupted and Vince Russo explained that he is simply getting Chris Harris ready..
    • Vince Russo shakes Chris Harris' hand and gives him World title match on March 17th..

  12. TAG MATCH: Raven & Sabu defeated The Gathering (Julio Dinero & CM Punk) w/James Mitchell..
    • Raven pinned CM Punk after the Evenflow DDT then challenged Jeff Jarrett to give him a shot at the World title..

  13. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Johnny Fairplay w/Lollipop..
    • Johnny Fairplay says he's got some payback in mind for what AJ Styles did to him last week..

    • The winner of the match must put his opponent through two tables for a win..
    • Abyss backdrops AJ Styles over the top rope through a table that was set up at ringside..
    • AJ Styles hits a hurrancanrana on Abyss off the ring apron, putting him through another table set up outside..
    • The referee was knocked out and Jonny Fairplay came out and stopped AJ Styles from putting Abyss through a second table..
    • AJ Styles hits a Styles Clash on Jonny Fairplay and goes back after Abyss..
    • AJ Styles laied Abyss on a table inside the ring, and it took three springboard splashes to crash through it!
    • Lex Luger slowly walked out to the ring and gorilla pressed AJ Styles through a table on the outside..
    • Lex Luger woke up the referee and showed him that AJ Styles was put through the table, giving Abyss the victory..
    • Lex Luger then locked AJ Styles into the Torture Rack as TNA goes off the air!!!!!

  15. END OF SHOW....
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