NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
March 3, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. OPENING MATCH: "Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated Kevin Northcutt after the Catatonic..

  2. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Trinity..
    • Trinity says that she's not with Jeff Jarrett, she's not with anybody, she's her own woman..
    • Trinity talks about a new opportunities now that Vince Russo is back, because of their "New York Connection"..
    • Sonny Siaki busts in with DLo Brown, Simon Diamond, Konnan & Ron Killings to confront Trinity..
    • Sonny Siaki says that the man who was "advising him" not to sign the oath was actually Vince Russo..
    • Sonny Siaki said Trinity wasn't trustworthy because she was the first one to stab Jeff Jarrett in the back..

  3. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Sonny Siaki & Simon Diamond & DLo Brown & Ron Killings & Konnan..
    • DLo Brown says he was given a hard time in WWF for 7 years, but now in TNA it's time to make a change..
    • Simon Diamond, Ron Killings, Konnan all talk about their past all in hopes that Vince Russo will help them now..

  4. 10-MAN TAG: Team #1 w/BG James beat Team #2 w/Tracy..
    • Team 1: Sonny Siaki & Simon Diamond & DLo Brown & Ron Killings & Konnan..
    • Team 2: Kid Kash & Glen Gilbertti & David Young & Johnny Swinger & Michael Shane..
    • The Insane Clown Posse, Too Tough Tony & Rude Boy ran down to clear the heels from the ring..

  5. VIDEO PACKAGE: Frankie Kazarian..
    • Frankie Kazarian is upset that Jerry Lynn overlooked him when he picked Team NWA for the America's Cup..

  6. MATCH: "The Future" Frankie Kazarian defeated Jerry Lynn..

  7. IN THE RING: Raven + The Naturals + Sabu..
    • Raven walks out and delivers an Evenflow DDT to Frankie Kazarian and grabs the microphone..
    • Raven says he has been patient regarding a World title shot and that "patience is a virtue" and he is not patient..
    • Raven tells Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett to pay attention because "no one is more qualified" than him..
    • Raven says he has taken out members of the New Church, Vampiro, the Gathering and Father James Mitchell..
    • The Naturals run in a threw powder in the eyes of Raven as they go for the beat down..
    • The lights suddenly go out, and when the come back on, Sabu is in the ring and takes out the Naturals..

  8. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Jeff Jarrett & Shane Douglas..
    • Jeff Jarrett says he knows Vince Russo didn't book him because he wants him to develope ring rust..
    • Jeff Jarrett tells Vince Russo he'll get a match by himself if Vince Russo won't book him in one..
    • Shane Douglas says they don't like being told what they can do by someone who's not a wrestler..

  9. SIX MAN TAG: Team NWA (Skipper/Sabin/Dutt) defeated Team Japan (Nosawa/Ebbesan/Kuishinbo Kamen)..
    • Abbesan & Kuishinbo Kamen have "clown" gimmicks and come from Osaka Pro Wrestling..

  10. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Goldylocks (more wasted air time)..
    • Goldylocks is shown leaving a psychotic messege on Erik Watts' answering machine..
    • Goldylocks gets offended when Scott Hudson mentions the word "Crazy" and she storms off..
    • "I think she's crazy..." Scott Hudson remarks to the camera man..

  11. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH: Abyss vs A.J. Styles went to a NO CONTEST..
    • AJ Styles jumped off the balcony stairs onto Abyss on the floor!
    • A fan threw a drink on AJ Styles, and takes off his hat revealing that it's Jonny Fairplay!
    • Jonny Fairplay & Lollipop laugh and taunt AJ Styles until they are ejected by Black-shirt Security..
    • Two different referees got knocked out and a third one ran down and accidentally got thrown through a table!
    • Don Harris of Black-shirt Security comes out and got nailed too..
    • AJ Styles & Abyss needed to be separated by all of the Black-shirts and other wrestlers..
    • NO CONTEST..

  12. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Insane Clown Posse..
    • The ICP announce a Dark Carnival Match against Glen Gilbertti and his guys next week..

  13. RINGSIDE: Team Canada & Scott D'Amore + Team Mexico (big brawl to set up next week)..

  14. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Chris Harris (talks about match with Shane Douglas)..

  15. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Jeff Jarrett + Chris Harris + Shane Douglas..
    • Jeff Jarrett comes out and gets in the face of Mike Tenay about what Vince Russo is doing as Director of Authority..
    • Jeff Jarrett then begins to throw chairs into the ring..
    • Chris Harris runs out to go after Jeff Jarrett followed by Shane Douglas..
    • Don Harris came out to act as referee since all three referees were taken out during the last match..

  16. MAIN EVENT: "Wildcat" Chris Harris w/James Storm defeatd Shane Douglas w/Tracy (Don Harris as referee)..
    • Shane Douglas brought a chain into the ring and sucker punched Chris Harris for a 2-count..
    • James Storm comes in a kicks Shane Douglas allowing for Chris Harris to hit a spear on Douglas!
    • Chris Harris wins! Vince Russo comes out and raises his arm in victory..

  17. CONCLUSION: Vince Russo & America's Most Wanted + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Vince Russo talks to James Storm about interfering two weeks in a row in Chris Harris' matches..
    • Vince Russo says that when James Storms helps Harris, then it makes them just as bad as Jeff Jarrett..
    • Vince Russo says he knows Jeff Jarrett and knows that Chris Harris is not ready for March 17 for Harris' own good..
    • Chris Harris grabs Vince Russo by the collar and says the contract is signed and he'll get his shot no matter what!
    • Vince Russo says he'll wash his hands of the match and is not responsible for what happens March 17th!
    • Chris Harris calls Jeff Jarrett into the ring and they engage in a pull-apart brawl as the show ends..

  18. END OF SHOW....
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