NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
March 31, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. TAG TOURNAMENT MATCH: Low Ki & Christopher Daniels defeated The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)..
    • Later in the match, Andy Douglas was caught trying to use a mysterious white powder..
    • Low Ki kicked the powder back in Douglas' face, then Low Ki/Daniels double-teamed Stevens for the win!

  2. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Kid Kash & Dallas..
    • Kid Kash and his new partner, Dallas (a Kash family member), told Johnny Swinger to go find himself a new partner..

  3. TAG TOURNAMENT MATCH: Kid Kash & Dallas defeated Slash & Sinn..

  4. FOOTAGE: Jeff Jarrett wrestling in front of 18,000 in Mexico City against Latin Lover at AAA's "King of King's"..

  5. IN RING INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Chris Harris + James Storm + Jeff Jarrett + Raven + AJ Styles..
    • Jeff Jarrett blindsided James Storm with a guitar shot and brawled with Chris Harris to the ring..
    • Chris Harris blocked The Stroke, and then hit his Catatonic finisher on Jarrett..
    • Chris Harris was about to whack Jarrett with a guitar shot but Raven stopped him!
    • Raven got in Jeff Jarrett's face and said he wanted a title match against him..
    • AJ Styles showed up next and jumped off the top rope onto both Jeff Jarrett & Raven..
    • Jeff Jarrett stood up and grabbed the spare guitar and bashed Chris Harris over the head with it!

  6. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown (cut a promo on Sabu)..

  7. MATCH: Sabu vs "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown went to a NO CONTEST..
    • The match, which included tables, and a lot of brawling, made its way up the balcony then to the stage..
    • Sabu tried to climb to the top of the TNA Dancers cage, but couldn't figure out how to get to the top..
    • The referee called for the bell and ruled it the match no contest after all the chaos..

  8. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Glen Gilbertti & David Young..
    • Scott Hudson pointed out that David Young has a losing streak going of 0-17 since October..
    • Glen Gilbertti told David Young that this is his last chance to become a winner..
    • David Young promised he'd step up, but he couldn't believe the record Scott Hudson stated..

  9. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Shane Douglas/Tracy/Michael Shane..
    • Michael Shane said he won't let anything stand in the way of what he wants..

  10. 4-WAY TAG: DLo Brown & Apollo defeated Diamond/Siaki & Douglas/Shane & Gilbertti/Young..
    • Mike Tenay explained that the winner would recieve a match against the eventual winners of the Tag Tournament..
    • Before the match, DLo's masked partner took off his mask, revealing that he was APOLLO!
    • Johnny Swinger interfered out of nowhere with a chairshot to Simon Diamond's head..
    • David Young draped his arm over Simon Diamond, but Sonny Siaki broke up the pin attempt..
    • Apolo gave David Young a TKO for the win..

  11. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Abyss..
    • An English-speaking female told Scott Hudson that Abyss was concentrating on his match..
    • Scott Hudson asked her who she was, but she wouldn't tell him..

  12. IN RING INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Chris Sabin..
    • Chris Sabin came out on crutches wearing his X-Division to surrender it to TNA officials..
    • Mike Tenay said the bad news is he is being stripped of the title, but the good news is his knee doesn't need surgery..

  13. X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Frankie Kazarian defeated The Amazing Red to capture the vacant X-Title!
    • Amazing Red missed his Red Star Press and Frankie Kazarian rolled him up for a three count!
    • Frankie Kazarian then got in the face of Chris Sabin, gloating over his championship victory..
    • Sonjay Dutt, Jerry Lynn & Elix Skipper ran in and chased Frankie Kazarian off..

  14. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & 3-Live Krew..
    • Ron Killings said he is ready for the main event four-way match..
    • Konnan told Ron Killings he and BG James had his back covered like a car seat..

  15. ON STAGE: David Taylor & Team UK..
    • David Taylor led Team UK onto the stage and demanded the fans show them some respect!

  16. BACKSTAGE: Scott Hudson & Sting..
    • Scott Hudson talked about the main event and Sting walked by and shouted "It's Showtime!"

  17. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Raven defeated AJ Styles & Abyss & Ron Killings..
    • Vince Russo joined Mike Tenay & Don West at the announce position..
    • Jeff Jarrett was shown backstage watching the match on a monitor..
    • A few minutes into the match, Raven took a cheapshot at Sting at ringside with a weak punch..
    • Raven and Sting started to brawl, and ended up in the ring, where Abyss also went after Sting..
    • Ron Killings & AJ Styles dove over the top rope onto Abyss and Raven at ringside..
    • AJ Styles had Raven down for a pin, but Jeff Jarrett interfered -- causing Sting to intervene!
    • Vince Russo then ordered Jeff Jarrett to return to the back..
    • Jeff Jarrett threw Vince Russo's white towel in the ring, and AJ Styles thought Russo threw it into the ring..
    • AJ Styles turned to protest to Vince Russo, but Raven hit a low blow and a DDT for the win!!!

  18. END OF SHOW....
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