NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
May 19, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. OPENING MATCH: Jerry Lynn defeated Bobby Rude w/Scott D'Amore..
    • If Jerry Lynn won he would get five minutes with the manager of the Canadian Team - Scott D'Amore..
    • Late in the match, Scott D'Amore tossed the hockey stick into Bobby Rude to use..
    • Jerry Lynn grabbed the hockey stick and got a good shot in on Bobby Rude..
    • Jerry Lynn then landed a cradle piledriver on Bobby Rude for the win!

  2. FIVE MINUTES: Jerry Lynn vs Scott D'Amore was a NO CONTEST..
    • Scott D'Amore went right after a fatigued Jerry Lynn for roughly four minutes..
    • Jerry Lynn recovered and got a few moves in before Team Canada hit the ring to help D'Amore..
    • Team NWA (Skipper, Sabin, Daniels) ran down to make the save..

  3. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Vince Russo..
    • Vince Russo said that if Storm, Kash, Dallas, Sabu, James or Konnan got involved in the Deadly Draw, they will be fired!
    • Vince Russo made certain that AJ Styles wouldn't have his protection tonight..

  4. MATCH: D-RAY 3000 defeated David Young..
    • Midway through the match, Pat Kenney was shown whipping Glen Gilbertti and Johnny Swinger with a belt..
    • David Young was distracted by this action going on and he got pinned in the ring for the lose!
    • They all ended up in the ring, where Trinity jumped in to help out the NYC boys..
    • David Young watched on as the NYC attempted to humiliate the Pat Kenney again..
    • Security ran down to break up the action just as Glen Gilbertti was trying to put Irish Spring soap in Kenney's mouth!

  5. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Scott D'Amore & Team Canada..
    • Scott D'Amore told Jerry Lynn that he may have won the battle, but Team NWA lost the war..

  6. WORLD CUP PREVIEW: Team Mexico defeated Team Japan (3-on-3)..
    • Team Mexico = Heavy Metel & Mr. Aguila & Amismo Negro (Hector Garza was absent)..
    • Team Japan = Nosawa, Mitsu Hirai Jr., Taichi Ishikara, Hirai Nobukazu (1 of them stood at ringside)..

  7. RINGSIDE: Goldylocks & Abyss..
    • Goldylocks was trying to find Erik Watts..
    • Erik Watts came through the crowd with a baseball bat, which he used to smash over Abyss!
    • Erik Watts then went after Goldylocks, but Abyss recovered and whacked him with a steel chair!
    • Erik Watts then recovered and nailed Abyss with the steel chair and then his baseball bat!

  8. BEST OF THREE #3: Amazing Red defeated Sonjay Dutt to become #1 Contender..
    • Sonjay Dutt was involved in a car accident on his way to the airport, but was able to compete in the match..
    • X-Division champion Frankie Kazarian joined Mike Tenay & Don West at the broadcast table..
    • Amazing Red hit his Red Alert and dropped Sonjay Dutt on his head for the victory!
    • Frankie Kazarian entered the ring to Congratulate Red but Red saw through it and kicked him out of the ring!

  9. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & "Cowboy" James Storm & Dusty Rhodes..
    • James Storm told Kid Kash & Dallas that he was "sorry about their damn luck" tonight..
    • Dusty Rhodes said he made the Bunkhouse Brawl famous in the NWA and warned of a storm coming!

  10. BUNKHOUSE BRAWL: James Storm & Dusty Rhodes defeated Kid Kash & Dallas..
    • Late in the match, Kid Kash removed James Storms' boot and worked away on his leg..
    • Dusty Rhodes took off his own boot and threw it to James Storm, who put it on and superkicked Dallas for the win!

  11. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Monty Brown..
    • Monty Brown said that he will be watching the Deadly Draw match tonight (after a truly psychotic promo)..

  12. IN THE RING: Team NWA & Christopher Daniels..
    • Chris Daniels said that Team NWA invented the X-division and they also perfected it..

  13. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & 3-Live Krew (BG James & Konnan)..
    • Konnan proclaimed that he knows it was Vince Russo who had him jumped last week and that got James hurt..
    • BG James added that Vince Russo is not above the law and that it might be the night that 3LK gets even with Russo..

  14. DEADLY DRAW WORLD TITLE 4-WAY: Ron Killings defeated AJ Styles (Champ) & Chris Harris & Raven to win the title!!!!!
    • AJ Styles was the first man in, followed by "Wildcat" Chris Harris, and they fought for five minutes..
    • Raven entered next and went right to work on both AJ Styles and Chris Harris for five more minutes..
    • Ron Killings came down next and cleaned house on all three participants..
    • Suddenly Jeff Jarrett appeared and smashed a guitar over the head of the Champion AJ Styles!
    • Ron Killings connected with a top rope scissors kick on a heavily bleeding AJ Styles..
    • Ron Killings pinned AJ Styles to capture (for the second time) the NWA World Heavyweight title!
    • Vince Russo hit the ring and declared that the referees decision stands..
    • Jeff Jarrett told Ron Killings that he wants his rematch as the show went off the air..
    • A.J. Styles needed six stitches above the right eyefrom a hardway juice from Jeff Jarrett's guitar shot..

  15. END OF SHOW....
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