NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV - World's X Cup
May 26, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Taped
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. THE SET UP: The first ever WORLD X-CUP featuring four teams of four..
    • Team Canada: Petey Williams (Captain), Johnny Devine, Eric Young, Bobby Rude w/Scott D'Amore;
    • Team Japan (AJPW): Nosawa (Captain), Mitsu Hirai Jr., Taichi Ishikara, Hirai Nobukazu;
    • Team Mexico (AAA): Hector Garza (Captain), Abismo Negro, Mr. Aguila, Heavy Metal;
    • Team USA (NWA): Jerry Lynn (Captain), Elix Skipper, Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels;

  2. 16-MAN GAUNTLET MATCH: Team Mexico (AAA) vs Team USA (NWA) vs Team Canada vs Team Japan..
    • This will be fought under over the top rope battle royal rules..
    • Christopher Daniels (USA) & Johnny Devine (CAN) started the match at #1 & #2..
    • Nosawa (JAP) was next, then Taichi Ishikara (JAP), and then Chris Sabin (USA)..
    • Elimination: Taichi Ishikara (JAP).
    • Mr. Aguila (MEX) entered next, followed by Petey Williams (CAN), then Hirai Nobukazu (JAP)..
    • Elimination: Chris Sabin (USA) was eliminated by Petey Williams..
    • Jerry Lynn (CAN) was next..
    • Elimination: Nosawa (JAP) was eliminated by Jerry Lynn..
    • Heavy Metel (MEX) was next..
    • Elimination: Petey Williams (CAN) was eliminated by Heavy Metel & Mr. Aguila..
    • Mitsu Hirai (JAP) was next, then Bobby Rude (CAN)..
    • Elimination: Chris Daniels (USA) was eliminated by Bobby Rude..
    • Abismo Negro (MEX) was next..
    • Elimination: Johnny Devine (CAN) was eliminated by Heavy Metel & Abismo Negro..
    • Elimination: Mitsu Hirai Jr. (JAP)..
    • Elimination: Heavy Metel (MEX)..
    • Elimination: Jerry Lynn (USA)..
    • Elimination: Mr. Aguila (MEX)..
    • Eric Young (CAN) entered next, followed by Elix Skipper (USA) and then Hector Garza (MEX)..
    • Elimination: Bobby Rude (CAN)..
    • Elimination: Abismo Negro (MEX) & Hirai Nobukazu (JAP)..
    • Elimination: Eric Young (CAN) was eliminated by both Elix Skipper & Hector Garza..
    • It came down to Hector Garza (MEX) & Elix Skipper (USA) as the final two participants in the match..
    • Hector Garza won the Gauntlet by pinning Elix Skipper to put Team Mexico on the scoreboard..
    • SCORE: MEXICO 4 | CANADA 0 | USA 1 | JAPAN 0 |

  3. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring and demanded Mike Tenay and Vince Russo join him..
    • Jeff Jarrett wanted to verify his World Title rematch against Ron "The Truth" Killings next week..
    • Vince Russo granted Jeff Jarrett's request, but it would be against AJ Styles, Chris Harris & Raven too!
    • Vince Russo added that it would be a "King of the Mountain Ladder Match"!

  4. TAG MATCH: Chris Daniels & Elix Skipper (USA) defeated Johnny Devine & Bobby Rude (CA)..
    • Team USA picked up the victory, putting them in second place behind Team Mexico..
    • SCORE: MEXICO 4 | CANADA 0 | USA 3 | JAPAN 0 |

  5. TAG MATCH: Mitsu Hirai & Hirai Nobukazu (JAP) defeated Abismo Negro & Heavy Metal (MEX)..
    • SCORE: MEXICO 4 | CANADA 0 | USA 3 | JAPAN 2 |

  6. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Dusty Rhodes & James Storm..

  7. LADDER MATCH: Eric Young (CAN) defeated Jerry Lynn (USA) & Mr. Aguila (MEX) & Taichi Ishikara (JAP)..
    • The goal was to pull down a giant Red "X" hanging from above the ring..
    • Jerry Lynn was setting up for a cradle piledriver on Eric Young, but Scott D'Amore whacked Lynn with the hockey stick!
    • Eric Young finally came down with the "X" to fend off elimination for Team Canada..
    • As a result, Team Japan was last in the point standings and eliminated from the Ultimate X Match..
    • SCORE: MEXICO 4 | CANADA 3 | USA 3 | JAPAN 2 |

  8. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Ron "The Truth" Killings & Konnan & BG James..

  9. ULTIMATE X MATCH: Chris Sabin (USA) defeated Petey Williams (CAN) and Hector Garza (MEX)..
    • The giant red "X" once again hung above the ring as the prize for the winner..
    • Jerry Lynn made a decision to step aside and let Chris Sabin represent Team USA in the Ultimate X match..
    • Team USA wins the World X-Cup and go on to celebrate with their trophies and wave the American flag..
    • Hector Garza shook hands with Jerry Lynn and other members of Team USA..
    • SCORE: MEXICO 4 | CANADA 3 | USA 6 | JAPAN 2 |

  10. END OF SHOW....
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