NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
June 23, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Don West..
    • They pointed out Harley Race, Larry Zbyszko, Corsica Joe, Sara Lee & "Irish" Mickey Doyle at ringside..

  2. TAG TITLE MATCH: America's Most Wanted defeated Miyamoto & Nosawa to retain..
    • America's Most Wanted hit the Death Sentance finisher on Nosawa and pinned him for the victory!
    • The Naturals (wearing AMW outfits) attacked AMW after the match and bloodied them with brutal chairshots!
    • Andy Douglas further embarassed AMW by putting lipstick all over their lips and faces..

  3. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Kid Kash..
    • Kid Kash says he was pulled from his X-Division title match due to an injury to his leg..
    • Kid Kash complains that AJ Styles gets a lot of favourtism from TNA..
    • Kid Kash says he wants his X-title back and will do whatever it takes, and doesn't need to be protected..

  4. STRETCHER MATCH: Trinity defeated Desire w/Sonny Siaki..
    • Trinity went for a legdrop off the balcony but missed and crashed through a table!
    • Desire got Trinity placed onto the stretcher and began loading her into the Ambulance..
    • Big Vito (Former WCW Wrestler) jumped out of the Ambulance and slammed the door on Desire's face!
    • Desire then got placed onto the stretcher and loaded into the Ambulance giving the win to Trinity!
    • Big Vito told the ambulance workers to hurry up because they have family business to take care of..
    • Trinity didn't look completely impressed by Vito's appearance..

  5. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Vince Russo..
    • Vince Russo said that if Jeff Jarrett uses a guitar during his match, he will be DQ'd and lose the World title!
    • Vince Russo said his focus was on the NWA title situation, and declined to say who was facing AJ Styles..

  6. GRUDGE MATCH: Jerry Lynn defeated Scott D'Amore..
    • Scott D'Amore got into a verbal confrontation with some of the Tennessee Titans players in the front row..
    • Jerry Lynn punched Scott D'Amore with a closed fist, and D'Amore demanded the referee DQ Lynn!
    • Scott D'Amore then pushed the referee and demands that he disqualify HIM!
    • A few minutes into the match, Scott D'Amore tried to escape the match by going backstage..
    • Jerry Lynn chased him down and dragged him back into the ring to continue their match..
    • Scott D'Amore tried to use his hockey stick, but took the referee out with it instead..
    • Jerry Lynn defended himself and got D'Amore down for the pin with no referee to count..
    • As Jerry Lynn was checking on the referee, D'Amore broke the hockey stick over Lynn's back!
    • Jerry Lynn reversed the D'Moralizer into a Cradle Piledriver for the win! (D'Amore landed hard on his head!)
    • Eric Young attacked Jerry Lynn after the match, bringing Chris Sabin down for the save!
    • Petey Williams hit the ring next, followed by Elix Skipper, followed by Bobby Rude..
    • Chris Daniels made his return from rehabbing a separated shoulder to help chase Team Canada off!

  7. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Glen Gilbertti & Johnny Swinger..
    • Glen Gilbertti & Johnny Swinger were both wearing their silly outfits due to the stipulations from last week..
    • David Young walked in and said he can offer some help to Glen Gilbertti & Johnny Swinger..
    • David Young suggested they challenge Pat Kenney & Sonny Siaki to a "Double or Nothing" match..
    • Glen Gilbertti liked that idea, and took David Young aside to talk privately about getting more "wins"..
    • Johnny Swinger spent the majority of the segment admiring the way his pecs looked in his coconut bra..

  8. LUCHA MINIS MATCH: Mascarita Sagrada defeated Mini Pierroth..
    • Mike Tenay explained that Mascarita Segrada translates to "The Sacred Mask"..
    • Mini Pierroth nearly unmasked Mascarita Sagrada, which would have led to a DQ (explained by Mike Tenay)..

  9. IN THE RING: Mascarita Sagrada & Mini Pierroth + David Young + D-Ray 3000..
    • David Young showed up and attemped to score a 'pin' on Mascarita Sagrada , but the referee wouldn't count..
    • Mini Pierroth came to Mascarita Sagrada's aid, so David Young covered him for a pin attempt to..
    • D-Ray 3000 ran in to save the two Lucha Minis, but David Young gave D-Ray a spinebuster!
    • The two LuchaMinis bit David Young on the butt..
    • David Young grabbed the Minis by the throat, leading to the referee dropkicking Young!
    • The Minis and D-Ray 3000 climbed onto David Young and the referee counted 1-2-3!

  10. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & DLo Brown + The Alpha Male Monty Brown..
    • DLo said AJ Styles kept his eye on the prize and regained the X-Division title..
    • DLo said that he's going to watch the main event tonight closely and challenge the winner!
    • The Alpha Male attacked DLo Brown and said that HE will be the next World Heavyweight champion!

  11. X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy (Mystery Man) ended in a NO CONTEST..
    • Jeff Hardy came out to a massive pop and did a very fruity dance and circled the ring greeting the fans..
    • Jeff Hardy has lost weight since he was fired from WWE, and has pure black hair and NO pace paint..
    • Jeff Hardy acknowledged the crowd as they chanted "Hardy!" then came to their senses and chanted "AJ! AJ!"
    • AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy went through the feeling-out process before settling into a very good match..
    • In a production goof-up, they went to a replay just as Kid Kash & Dallas were doing a run in!
    • Kid Kash & Dallas attacked AJ Styles, until Jeff Hardy made the save with a chair and helped Styles..
    • Jeff Hardy hit his famous Swanton Splash on Dallas.. Kid Kash and Dallas escaped and retreated..
    • Jeff Hardy put his Hardy Hand Symbol in AJ Styles' face, and he slapped it away..
    • AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy stared eachother down in the ring as the camera cut to the back..
    • Editor's Note: If Jeff Hardy really wants to, and can lose the ring rust, he could be a great assett for TNA..

  12. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Sabu..
    • Sabu found Ravens "tribute" which was a maniquin hanging from the ceiling made to look like the Sheik..
    • The legendary "Irish" Mickey Doyle met up with Sabu and talked about The Original Sheik..
    • Mickey Doyle said that Raven had disrespected Sabu's family and he's got to do the right thing..

  13. NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Ron Killings defeated Jeff Jarrett --- or DID HE??
    • Vince Russo came out early on and found a guitar under the ring and took it to the back..
    • Larry Zbyszko told Vince Russo that there had to be another guitar hiding under there somewhere..
    • Vince Russo and the referee double-checked, and sure enough they found a second guitar!
    • Larry Zbyszko & Vince Russo destroyed both the guitars so they couldn't be used in the match..
    • Jeff Jarrett hit THE STROKE on Ron Killings off the stage through a table!
    • BG James & Konnan were both roaming around ringside cheering on Ron Killings, until the refere ejected them!
    • After a ref-bump, Jeff Jarrett whacked Ron Killings with the NWA title belt..
    • The referee woke up in time for a slow 2-count..
    • Jeff Jarrett managed to find a THIRD guitar hidden under the ring steps outside of the ring!
    • Ron Killings blocked the Guitar-shot, and they had a tug-of-war over it..
    • Ron Killings low-blowed Jeff Jarrett and SMASHED the guitar over Jarrett's head for the 1-2-3 victory!!!!!!!
    • Vince Russo came out with all the referee and discussed the final decision of the match..
    • Jeff Jarrett begged for the referees to do the right thing, and reverse the decision..
    • Dusty Rhodes walked out with a microphone and gave Vince Russo a piece of advice.....
    • ~~"There are right decisions and wrong decisions, and sometimes the wrong decision is right"..
    • ~~"Don't make this decision with your head, make this decision with your heart"..
    • Mike Tenay guessed that Vince Russo would give his decision on TNA Impact this Friday!

  14. END OF SHOW....
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