NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
July 14, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. BACKSTAGE: Big Vito & Trinity & Glen Gilbertti & Johnny Swinger..
    • Big Vito yelled at Glen Gilbertty & Johnny Swinger while Trinity watched on..
    • Big Vito expressed his displeasure with the way things were going for the NYC in TNA..
    • Glen Gilbertti tried to blame everything on David Young, but Vito would have none of it..
    • David Young showed up and claimed he had nothing to do with it..

  2. NON (X) TITLE MATCH: Michael Shane w/Tracy defeated AJ Styles..
    • AJ Styles will be facing both Michael Shane and Kazarian tonight in two separate matches..
    • If both Michael Shane and Kazarian win, then they will get a title shot at a later date..
    • If AJ Styles wins, then Michael Shane & Kazarian have to leave the X-Division..
    • AJ Styles did a flip out of the ring onto Michael Shane and looked to have injured his knee..
    • TNA officials and medical staff quickly rushed to ringside to check on AJ Styles..
    • Vince Russo & Jerry Lynn came out as well to check on AJ Styles..
    • AJ Styles was helped to the back, leaving Michael Shane in the ring by himself..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Big Vito & Pat Kenney..
    • Big Vito & The NYC found Pat Kenney and attacked him and left him unconscious on the floor..

  4. IN THE RING: David Young + Glen Gilbertti & Johnny Swinger + Shark Boy & D-Ray3000..
    • David Young got in the face of the referee, challenging him to a match..
    • Glen Gilberti and Johnny Swinger came out, and chased the referee under the ring..
    • The referee resurfaced with a broom and swung wildly at Young, Gilbertti & Swinger..
    • Shark Boy & D-Ray 3000 hit the ring to run off The NYC and David Young..

  5. TAG MATCH: Abyss & "Baby Bear" Alex Shelly defeated Sabu & Sonjay Dutt..
    • Midway through the match, the lights went out in the Asylum and Raven's voice came over the speaker!
    • A light was shone down on a figurine dressed as a Sheik..
    • Raven went on to say that The Sheik is dead!
    • The lights came back on and Abyss hit Sabu with the drop-down Torture Rack slam and then through a table!

  6. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Dusty Rhodes..
    • Dusty Rhodes said that Jeff Hardy would be at the Asylum next Wednesday night!
    • Dusty Rhodes wouldn't say what was in Jeff Hardy's contract, which has yet to be signed..

  7. 8-MAN TAG: Primetime & Chris Daniels & Red & Chris Sabin beat Petey Williams & Bobby Rude & Eric Young & Johnny Devine..
    • Classic X-Division action filled this match from beginning to end..
    • Scott D'Amore eventually became involved in the match, knocking Red off the top rope!
    • Elix Skipper pinned Johny Devine, just as Bobby Rude was preparing to cover Red..

  8. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Jeff Jarrett + Monty Brown..
    • Jeff Jarrett said that he and Ken Shamrock will co-exist later on in the 10-Man Tag Team match...
    • Jeff Jarrett said he was upset with Dusty Rhodes for rolling out the red carpet for Jeff Hardy..
    • Monty Brown showed up and confronted Jeff Jarrett about the title shot he thinks he deserves..

  9. 10-MAN TAG TEAM GUITAR ON A POLL MATCH: The Babyface Team defeated The Heel Team..
    • The Babyface Team = Ron Killings & BG James & Konnan & Dusty Rhodes & Larry Zbyszko..
    • The Heel Team = Jeff Jarrett & Ken Shamrock & Onyx & Chad Collyer & Hotstuff Hernandez..
    • Ron Killings fought with Ken Shamrock all over the arena for most of the match..
    • Ken Shamrock later locked Dusty Rhodes into his anklelock submission in the ring!
    • Jeff Jarrett climbed the pole and grabbed the guitar, and went straight after Dusty Rhodes..
    • Dusty Rhodes snatched the guitar away from Jarrett and whacked Onyx with it!
    • Dusty Rhodes then dropped the elbow on Onyx and pinned him to give his team the victory!
    • Jeff Jarrett walked up the ramp but was met by Monty Brown, and they were joined by Ken Shamrock on stage..
    • All three of them exchanged words and stared at eachother..

  10. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Michael Shane & Kazarian & Tracy..
    • Michael Shane suggested Style's injury was not legit and that he wouldn't put it past him to fake an injury..

  11. NON (X) TITLE MATCH: Frankie Kazarian defeated AJ Styles
    • Jerry Lynn came out to take AJ Styles' place in the match, but Kazarian refused to wrestle him..
    • Kazarian then went on to award himself the victory by default..
    • AJ Styles then came out with his knee bandaged and convinced Jerry Lynn to let him compete..
    • During the match, Michael Shane & Tracy made their way to ringside to cause a distraction..
    • Tracy was interfering as well, and got nailed with the Styles Clash by AJ Styles!
    • Kazarian eventually rolled up Styles' for the victory and to win a shot at the X Division Title!

  12. INTEVIEW: Scott Hudson & America's Most Wanted + XXX..
    • James Storm said that they would go on to become 5-time World Tag Team Champions next week..
    • XXX (Chris Daniels & Elix Skipper) came in and told AMW that when they win the titles, they wanted the first shot..

  13. DOUBLE LADDER MATCH: America's Most Wanted defeated The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)..
    • AMW's ring gear, which The Naturals stole several week ago, were suspended from the ceiling..
    • Ladder, tables AND chairs were all brought into the match to use as weapons..
    • Both XXX and The Elite Guard were looking on to see what the outcome of the match would be..
    • James Storm managed to pull down their ring attire from the ceiling, thus giving them the win!
    • Chris Harris then announced that their match would take place inside of a 6-sided Steel Cage!

  14. END OF SHOW....
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