NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
July 28, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee - Aired Live
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. TAG MATCH: America's Most Wanted defeated Team Canada (Bobby Rude & Petey Williams) w/Scott D'Amore..
    • After the match, Team Canada & Scott D'Amore attacked AMW until Triple X made the save..

  2. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Jeff Jarrett (Claims to care less who wins the #1 Contendership)..

  3. TAG MATCH: Abyss & Alex Shelley w/Goldylocks defeated D-Ray 3000 & Shark Boy..
    • Goldylocks continues to favour Alex Shelley and ignore and abuse "The Monster" Abyss..
    • As a result, Goldylocks wins the contracts of D-Ray 3000 & Shark Boy..
    • Desire showed up and attacked Goldylocks, Alex Shelley pulled her off, Sonny Siaki came out too..

  4. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & David Young & Johnny Swinger + Glen Gilbertti..
    • David Young says he doesn't care about Glen Gilbertti anymore..
    • Glen Gilbertti shows up and says that they can help each other get off the "Gut Check" list..

  5. MATCH: Referee Mike Posey defeated David Young after Glen Gilbertti came out..
    • As a result, David Young said he would leave TNA forever and never come back..
    • David Young finally had enough of Glen Gilbertti and attacked him after the match..
    • Johnny Swinger came out and helped Glen Gilbertti and they double-teamed David Young..

  6. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Goldylocks & Alex Shelley + Desire & Sonny Siaki..
    • Goldylocks says she knows Erik Watts' wife put Desire up to attacking her tonight..
    • Desire & Sonny Siaki came in and offered to put up his contract against Goldylocks' money..

  7. IN THE RING: Mike Tenay + Raven + Sonjay Dutt + Sabu..
    • Mike Tenay revealed that Sabu had accepted the challenge of Raven for a "ONE TIME ONLY" match..
    • Raven showed up wearing a Sheik outfit and said it will not be under Sabu's terms, it will be under HIS terms..
    • Raven put the Sheik outfit into a trash can and threatened to burn it..
    • Raven pulled a bodybag out from under the ring and revealed Sonjay Dutt was inside!
    • Raven stuffd Sonjay Dutt into the trash can and doused him with gasoline and threatened to light him on fire!
    • The lights went out and Sabu appeared and attacked Raven and there was a pull-apart brawl..

  8. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) defeated Triple X (Chris Daniels & Elix Skipper)..
    • After the match, Team Canada attacked Triple X until America's Most Wanted made the save..
    • Elix Skipper challenged America's Most Wanted to a Best of Three series..

  9. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Monty Brown + Ron Killings..

  10. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Jeff Hardy defeated Monty Brown..
    • Jeff Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb but Jeff Hardy pulled Monty Brown out of the ring..
    • Monty Brown shoved Jeff Jarrett and told him not to interfere in his matches!
    • Jeff Hardy capitalized on the distraction and pinned Monty Brown to become #1 Contender!
    • Jeff Hardy then fought briefly with Jeff Jarrett until 3-Live Krew and Don Harris made the save..
    • Dusty Rhodes also came out and proclaimed that Jeff Hardy would be the "Next NWA World Heavyweight champion!"
    • Vince Russo came down to the ring and whispered something in Dusty's ear, and he went berzerk at Russo!

  11. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Frankie Kazarian & Michael Shane & Tracy..

  12. INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Dusty Rhodes & Vince Russo..
    • Dusty Rhodes screams that he went to North Carolina to recruit Jeff Hardy and gave his word!
    • Vince Russo backs off and claims that he's on Dusty's side on the issue..

  13. ULTIMATE X: Frankie Kazarian & Michael Shane defeated AJ Styles to become Co-X-Division champions!
    • Lots of Ultimate-X high spots, including Styles hitting an INSANE Styles Clash on Kazarian while hanging from the cable!
    • AJ Styles was clear in the ring and was about to get the belt when Kid Kash appeared and whacked AJ with his crutch!
    • Both Kazarian & Michael Shane grabbed the X-Division belt and fell to the mat so the were declared co-winners..

  14. END OF SHOW....
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