Taped September 28, 2004 ||| Orlando, Florida ||| Aired October 1, 2004

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

    • WOMANS MATCH: Poison (aka OBD or One Dirty Bitch) defeated Tracy Brooks w/Michael Shane..

  2. NON (WORLD) TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett defeated Brian "The Blade" Gamble..

  3. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett + Vince Russo + AJ Styles + Team Canada..
    • After the match, Jeff Jarrett demanded to be told who his "Victory Road" opponent would be..
    • Vince Russo came out and said there would be a tournament to name a #1 Contender for the first PPV..
    • AJ Styles came out and demanded an X-Division title shot against Petey Williams..
    • Vince Russo set up a 6-WAY X-Division match with the winner getting a title shot at Victory Road..
    • Team Canada (Bobby Rude & Eric Young) came out next and demanded a Tag Team title shot..
    • Team Canada jumped AJ Styles & Vince Russo until 3-Live Krew made the save..

  4. MATCH: Raven (with "Die Monty Brown" painted on his chest) defeated Scotty Hotshot..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Shane Douglas & Larry Zbyszko (talked about Dusty Rhodes)..

  6. MATCH: Abyss defeated Luther "Bodybag" Jackson..

  7. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Harley Race (Talked about Dusty Rhodes & Vince Russo)..

  8. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: The Naturals defeated James Storm & Chris Daniels (Champions)..
    • After the match, Elix Skipper & Chris Harris came out and exchanged words with Storm & Daniels..

  9. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Dusty Rhodes..
    • Dusty Rhodes said there was a failure in communication between Vince Russo and the championship committee..

  10. ANNOUNCEMANTS: Mike Tenay..
    • Mike Tenay said Victory Road would be a weekend event with Q&A sessions and autograph signings..
    • Mike Tenay also announced that Roddy Piper would be on Impact! next week with a big announcement..

  11. 6-WAY: AJ Styles defeated Alex Shelley & Kid Kash & Amazing Red & Frankie Kazarian & Chris Sabin..

  12. TAG MATCH: Russ Rollins & Johnny B. Badd defeated Rod Steel & Bruce Steele..
    • After the match, Jeff Jarrett contronted Russ Rollins and challenged him to a fight!
    • Johnny B. Badd grabbed a guitar and threatened to hit Jeff Jarrett but instead hit Rollins!!
    • Johnny B. Badd left with Jeff Jarrett as Dusty Rhodes came out to help Russ Rollins..

    • TAG MATCH: Team Canada (Petey Williams & Bobby Rude w/Scott D'Amore) defeated Shark Boy & D-Ray 3000..
    • TAG MATCH: Mikey Batts & Jerrelle Clark defeated David Young & Lex Lovett (sub for Jeff Hardy)..
    • IN THE RING: Mike Tenay & Dusty Rhodes (talked about issued with Vince Russo)..
    • SQUASH MATCH: Monty Brown defeated Ryan O'Reilly..
    • 6-MAN TAG: 3-Live Krew defeated Erick Stevens & Kid Romeo & Masao Inoue..
    • MATCH: Sonny Siaki defeated Roderick Strong (whose pants ripped up the backside)..
    • MATCH: Chris Harris defeated Michael Shane w/Tracy Brooks..
      • Frankie Kazarian ran in after the match and attacked Chris Harris until James Storm made the save..
      • America's Most Wanted brawled with Frankie Kazarian & Michael Shane for a while..

  14. END OF SHOW....
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