Taped October 27, 2004 ||| Orlando, Florida ||| Aired November 11, 2004

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

  1. BDSSP HOSTS: Chris Rose (wearing "Wrestling is Fake" shirt), Tom Arnold, John Salley, LeeAnn Tweeden and Brian Cox..

  2. IN THE PIT WITH PIPER: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper & Chris Rose + Jonny Fairplay..
    • Chris Rose came out wearing a robe over a wrestling singlet, a purple feather boa with Elvis glasses..
    • Chris Rose said he had a message from Jesse Ventura stating Roddy Piper has been a charade for 35 years..
    • Jonny Fairplay interrupted and said TNA is reality and challenged Chris Rose to a wrestling match..
    • Roddy Piper whacked Jonny Fairplay with a blast from fire extinguisher to the face..
    • Chris Rose then bodyslammed Jonny Fairplay and tossed him from the ring..
    • Chris Rose then turned around, only to have Roddy Piper hit him with a blast from the extinguisher too!

  3. FLAG MATCH: BG James & Konnan w/John Salley defeated Team Canada (Bobby Rude & Eric Young) w/Scott D'Amore..
    • Scott D'Amore tried to capture the flag but John Salley threw a basketball at him causing D'Amore to fall!
    • BG James climbed up, using Scott D'Amore crotch as a step, and retreived the flag..

  4. TABLES MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Abyss..

  5. MATCH: Tom Arnold w/Leeann Tweeden defeated Puppet the Psycho Dwarf..
    • Chris Rose rejoined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary..
    • TEO came out and attacked Puppet and hit a mini-Swanton bomb for the double pin..

  6. 5-WAY: Petey Williams beat Sonjay Dutt, Jerrelle Clark, Shark Boy & Michael Shane w/Tracy..

  7. TAG MATCH: Brian Cox & Monty Brown defeated The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)..
    • Monty Brown was tagged in and POUNCED Chase Stevens, and tagged Brian Cox in so he could get the pin..

  8. SIX SIDED CAGE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett (without World title) defeated Jeff Hardy..
    • After a grueling battle, Jeff Jarrett used Jeff Hardy's necklace to knock him out and score the pin!
    • AJ Styles ran out and hit a body block off the top of the cage onto Jeff Jarrett!
    • Petey Williams also hit the ring and attacked AJ Styles (hyping their Victory Road match)..
    • Team Canada attacked 3-Live Krew (setting up their Victory Road match)..
    • Puppet The Psycho Dwarf attacked Tom Arnold (setting up nothing)..
    • Abyss attacked Raven (setting up their 3-WAY along with Monty Brown at Victory Road)..
    • America's Most Wanted fought with Triple X at ringside (setting up their Victory Road match)..
    • Jeff Hardy left with Jeff Jarrett's guitar..

  9. END OF SHOW....
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