TNA Impact! on SpikeTV
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

Location: Orlando, Florida
Taped: Seprember 27, 2005
Aired October 1, 2005

AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong.
Monty Brown vs Lex Lovett.
Petey Williams vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley.
Jeff Hardy vs Rhino.
Jeff Jarrett promo (Team 3D debut)

  1. XPLOSION MATCH: Lance Hoyt & The Naturals defeated Elix Skipper & David Young & Cassidy Reilly..

  2. OPENING MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Roderick Strong..
    • Christopher Daniels showed up at ringside during the match saying Styles was holding HIS belt..

  3. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Monty Brown..
    • They showed a video package featuring Monty Brown including footage from his days in the NFL..
    • Monty Brown then cut a promo, concluded by Shane Douglas being informed that there was a commotion elsewhere..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Raven was shown going crazy backstage smashing people with a garbage can!

  5. MATCH: "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown defeated Lex Lovett after the Poouunnce Period!

  6. TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Chris Sabin defeated Alex Shelley and Petey Williams..
    • After the match, Petey Williams delivered the Canadian Destroyer on Chris Sabin..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Tito Ortiz entered the office of the Director of Authority to meet with Larry Zbyszko..

  8. INTRODUCTION: 3-Live Krew (BG James & Konnan & Ron Killings)..

  9. MAIN EVENT: Jeff Hardy defeated Rhino by Disqualification..
    • James Mitchell brought Abyss down to interfere in the match until Sabu made the big save!!
    • Editor's Note: This sets up Monster's Ball 2 match at Bound For Glory involving all four men..

  10. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett (World Champion) & America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)..
    • Clips were shown of Jeff Jarrett defeating Raven for the NWA Title with help from America's Most Wanted..
    • Jeff Jarrett said tonight was the single greatest day of his life, because he built TNA from the ground up..
    • Jeff Jarrett said all the power lays with the NWA title and thanks AMW for helping him regain that power..
    • Jeff Jarrett then introduced Coach Scott D'Amore, who owns the promotion that hosted the title change..
    • Scott D'Amore said he upheld his end of the bargain, but tells Jeff Jarrett not to forget to uphold his end..
    • 3-Live Krew came out and Konnan said Jeff Jarrett didn't build TNA, the fans in the Impact! zone did!
    • 3-Live Krew hit the ring and brawled with Jeff Jarrett and AMW, soon to be joined by Team Canada..
    • Strange new entrance music played and Team 3-D, Brother Ray & Brother Devon, cleaned house on the heels!!!!!
    • Another strange entrance song played and Kevin Nash slowly walked to the ring and power-bombed Jeff Jarrett!
    • Kevin Nash said he had unfinished business with Jeff Jarrett and challenges him to a match at Bound For Glory..

  11. END OF SHOW....
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