TNA Impact! on SpikeTV
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

Location: Orlando, Florida
Taped: October 25, 2005
Aired October 29, 2005

Bound For Glory Recap;
Lance Hoyt vs Abyss w/Father James Mitchell;
Christopher Daniels vs Jerrelle Clark;
AJ Styles & S.Dutt vs A.Shelley & R.Strong;
America's Most Wanted vs 3-Live Krew;

  1. OPENING MATCH: Abyss w/Father James Mitchell defeated Lance Hoyt..
    • After the match, Abyss brought out the big bag of thumbtacks to intimdate Sabu..
    • The lights went out and Sabu appeared with his arm wrapped in barbed wire!
    • Abyss looked horrified and quickly backed away in fear of Sabu..

  2. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Don West + Jeff Jarrett & Larry Zbyszko..
    • Mike Tenay "apologized" for the production mistake during the Ultimate X match at Bound For Glory..
    • Mike Tenay announced that there would be a rematch this Thursday on a special Impact Primetime special!
    • Jeff Jarrett came out and said he sealed the deal to get a rematch with Rhino on Thursday too..

  3. MATCH: Christopher Daniels defeated Jerrelle Clark..
    • This was a replacement match that aired instead of a Naturals match where Chase Stevens broke his neck..

  4. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Raven + Cassidy Riley..
    • Shane Douglas was asking Raven what was going through his head since Bound For Glory..
    • Cassidy Riley showed up and said maybe Raven was going soft and maybe he did let a girl go to his head..
    • Raven backhanded Cassidy Riley and walked off..

  5. TAG MATCH: AJ Styles & Sonjay Dutt defeated Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong..
    • During the match, Scott D'Amore complained to Mike Tenay about TNA rescheduling the Ultimate-X match..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Larry Zbyszko & 3-Live Krew + Kip James..
    • 3-Live Krew asked for a rematch with Team Canada at Genesis - - Larry Zbyszko granted their request..
    • Kip James came in and offered to be the referee, BG James & Killings agreed, but Konnan didn't like it!

  7. MAIN EVENT: America's Most Wanted defeated Ron Killings & BG James..

  8. IN THE RING: Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon).
    • Brother Ray said they were asked to come to TNA and they wanted to make an Impact..
    • Brother Ray asked the fans to give America's Most Wanted a round of applause for throwing the funeral..
    • Team 3-D vowed to make everyone who took part in the funeral pay for doing what they did..
    • Team Canada & Scott D'Amore showed up and attacked Team 3-D until 3-Live Krew made the save..
    • Team 3-D was about to 3D Scott D'Amore when Jeff Jarrett & AMW showed up to save him..
    • NWA Champion Rhino showed up to even the odds as the show went off the air..

  9. MATCH THAT DID NOT AIR: The Naturals vs Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett..
    • Chase Stevens was taken to the hospital after landing on his head taking a bump..
    • He finished the match, but collapsed backstage and lost feeling in his hands..
    • He suffered a small fracture of the C-5/C-6 vertebrae when he landed on his head..
    • He also has a herniated disc. He will not need surgery. He has been unbooked for a few weeks..

  10. END OF SHOW....
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