TNA Impact! on SpikeTV
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

Location: Orlando, Florida
Taped: January 3, 2006
Aired January 7, 2006

Team 3-D vs Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett;
The Naturals vs Homicide & Apollo;
Ron Killings vs Bobby Roode;
Styles/Daniels/Sabin vs Shelley/Strong/Aries;

  1. TAG MATCH: Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) defeated Buck Quartermain & Lex Lovett..
    • After the match, Brother Ray talked about being Tag Team Champions in ECW, WCW (not really), and WWE..
    • Brother Ray said at Final Resolution Team 3-D will win the NWA Tag Team titles!
    • Brother Ray said he would give up his previous 18 title reigns to hold the NWA title ONCE!
    • Brother Ray said it would separate them from every other team, including the Road Warriors!

  2. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Jeff Jarrett and his followers..
    • Jeff Jarrett said since TNA was rolling out the carpet for Sting they will do their own tribute..
    • Scott D'Amore came in with a document from Jackie Gayda and said he read it and wants to know what it's about..
    • Jeff Jarrett blew it off and said women take things out of context, which Gail Kim took exception to..

  3. STING TRIBUTE: Sonjay Dutt said Sting coming to TNA prooves that TNA is the place to be in wrestling..

  4. TAG MATCH: Latin American Exchange (Homicide & Apollo w/Konnan) vs The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)..
    • Konnan came out introduced his new crew, The Latin American Exchange (Homicide & Apollo)..
    • Konnan immediately interfered and they attacked The Naturals gang-style until the James Boys made the save!
    • The Naturals were awarded the match via Disqualification..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Larry Zbyszko & Jackie Gayda + Austin Aries & Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong..
    • Jackie Gayda tried to talk with Larry Zbyszko but he didn't have any time for her..
    • Austin Aries & Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong came in and complained about not being given a chance..
    • Larry Zbyszko said they need to start winning matches and work their way to the top..
    • Road Agent Jerry Lynn showed up and said they had a match against AJ Styles & Chris Sabin & Chris Daniels..

  6. STING TRIBUTE: Chris Sabin talked about Starrcade 1996 when Sting defeated Hulk Hogan for the World title..

  7. MATCH: Ron Killings defeated Bobby Roode w/Scott D'Amore in 6 seconds with a roll-up!
    • Ron Killings caught Bobby Roode off guard and rolled him up to win the match in 6 seconds!
    • Bobby Roode got the microphone and claimed he wasn't ready and baited Ron Killings back in..

  8. REMATCH: Ron Killings defeated Bobby Roode w/Scott D'Amore in about 20 seconds!
    • Scott D'Amore got the microphone and said that was the cheapest crap he's ever seen!
    • Scott D'Amore baited Ron Killings back to the ring for one more rematch..

  9. REMATCH: Bobby Roode w/Scott D'Amore defeated Ron Killings!
    • Scott D'Amore cheated and Bobby Roode hit a lariat from behind and scored the pin!

  10. STING TRIBUTE: AJ Styles said he loved it when Sting went from the Old Sting to the Crow Sting..

  11. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Samoa Joe..
    • Shane Douglas started to walk away when Samoa Joe refused to talk, but then he changed his mind..
    • Samoa Joe cut a promo on Christopher Daniels and said he would end his career at Final Resolution..
    • Shane Douglas asked what Samoa Joe thought of Sting -- Samoa Joe walked away..

  12. siX-MAN TAG: Austin Aries & Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley beat AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels & Chris Sabin..

  13. STING TRIBUTE: Christian Cage said Sting is a great addition to TNA and an asset to the business..

  14. STING TRIBUTE: Jeff Jarrett + His Boys + Christian Cage + Team 3-D + Abyss + Rhino..
    • Jeff Jarrett came to the ring and got showered with chants of "Boring, Boring, Boring" from the fans..
    • Jeff Jarrett said he knew Sting the best so he's the best person to do a Tribute To Sting..
    • Eric Young came out dressed as the 80s Sting, with short blonde hair and purple face paint..
    • Chris Harris came out next dressed as the 1996 version of Sting dressed in black with a bat!
    • James Storm also came out dressed in a chicken outfit, claiming that it was a "Crow"..
    • Jeff Jarrett then called out the "Modern Day Sting" -- Monty Brown with face paint..
    • The lights went out and Christian Cage hit the stage and said they were embrassing themselves..
    • Christian Cage brought out Team 3-D and ran to the ring for a brawl with Jeff Jarrett's gang..
    • Christain Cage & Team 3-D trapped James Storm (chicken outfit) and threw him over the top..
    • Abyss came in from behind and took out Team 3-D until Rhino ran down and attacked Abyss!
    • Christain Cage, Team 3-D and Rhino celebrated together in the ring to end the show..

  15. END OF SHOW....
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