TNA Impact! on SpikeTV
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

Location: Orlando, Florida
Taped: March 28, 2006
Aired April 1, 2006

Team Canada beat-down on Team 3-D;
AMW w/Gail Kim vs The James Gang;
James Mitchell Stalker Video Tape;
Joe vs Shelley vs Dutt vs Sabin;
Sting's Alliance vs Jarrett's Army;

    • Team Canada (Petey Williams & Bobby Roode w/Scott D'Amore) defeated Jay Lethal & Cassidy Riley..

  2. IN THE RING: Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young w/Scott D'Amore) + Team 3-D + Petey Williams & A-1..
    • Team Canada opened the show celebrating last week's victory by singing the Canadian national anthem..
    • Team 3-D hit the ring and destroyed Team Canada for several minutes until Petey Williams & A-1 attacked..
    • Team Canada gave Team 3-D a 5-on-2 beat down and Eric Young gave Devon an elbow through the table!
    • They drapped a Canadian flag over Brother Ray while Scott D'Amore cut a promo saying he hated Americans!

  3. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner & America's Most Wanted & Gail Kim..
    • Jeff Jarrett said his team at Lockdown would be himself, Scott Steiner and America's Most Wanted..
    • Scott Steiner said they were aware that Sting was there and warned him not to show his face..

  4. TAG TITLE MATCH: America's Most Wanted (w/Gail Kim & Jackie Gayda) defeated The James Gang (BG & Kip James)..
    • Jackie Gayda came out against her will and Gail Kim poured a bottle of beer over her head..
    • Konnan (looking very lazy) interfered and hit Kip James with a flap-jack costing the James Gang the match!
    • Bob Armstrong came out and chased Konnan out of the ring (hyping their arm wrestling match next week)..

  5. IN RING INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Father James Mitchell & Abyss..
    • James Mitchell said his mission was accomplished last week..
    • James Mitchell said as soon as Christian Cage won the NWA title he ran off to make movies and ignore Abyss..
    • James Mitchell said they were going to do whatever it took to force Christain to give Abyss a title shot..
    • James Mitchell then showed Part 2 of the video of he and Alex Shelley stalking Christian Cage's wife...
    • ~~~On the video, Christian Cage cought Alex Shelley in the bushes and shoved him over and yelled at him..
    • ~~~Abyss jumped out and attacked Christain Cage and they brawled into the Cage house and out to the pool..
    • ~~~Abyss through Christian Cage into the pool and jumped in after him and tried to drown him but stopped..
    • ~~~Abyss dragged Christian Cage's lifeless body out of the pool and left with Father James Mitchell..
    • ~~~~~~To Be Continued.......April 23
    • Announcer Don West was so disgusted by the video that he dropped his headset and walked off the set..

  6. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Alex Shelley and Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin..
    • Samoa Joe won the right to face Christopher Daniels on April 13 when TNA moves to Thursday Nights!
    • Samoa Joe then brawled with Chris Daniels, who had joined Mike Tenay & Don west on commentary..

  7. IN THE RING: Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner (w/Jarrett's Army) + Sting..
    • Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner came out and said the mind games were over and demanded Sting show his face..
    • Rhino appeared in the stands along with The James Gang and said that the mind games were just starting..
    • Ron Killings appeared in another part of the crowd standing with Chase Stevens, Norman Smiley & Shark Boy..
    • AJ Styles appeared elsewhere with Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal asking if Jarrett wanted a war?
    • The lights went out and Sting appeared in the ring but Jeff Jarrett's army ganged up on him!
    • All of Sting's allies hit the ring and chased Jeff Jarrett's army away from the six sided ring.....

  8. END OF SHOW....
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