TNA Impact! on SpikeTV
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..

Location: Orlando, Florida
Taped: June 19, 2006
Aired June 22, 2006

    • Jay Lethal defeated Alex Shelley w/Johnny Devine..
    • Ron Killings & Sonjay Dutt defeated Team Canada (Petey Williams & Bobby Roode)..

  2. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jim Cornette talked about the string of "impotent authority figures" who have come and gone in TNA..
    • Jim Cornette said he has been in closed door meetings all day and told Jeremy Borash to stop bugging him..
    • Jim Cornette said he had an appointment with LAX and they did not show up and said don't miss another one..
    • Jim Cornette said he will have half a dozen announcements next week and someone will get fired in the ring!
    • The crowd chanted "Fire Jarrett!" as Jim Cornette raised the NWA World Championship belt above his head..
    • Jim Cornette said Slammiversary was a great event but some things that happened were very embarassing..
    • Jim Cornette made it clear that Jeff Jarrett is not NWA World Champion, and NOBODY is NWA World Champion..
    • Jim Cornette said he's known Jeff Jarrett since he was 14 years old and his grandmothers would be ashamed..
    • Jim Cornette said he was going to tell Jeff Jarrett what his future holds next week inside the TNA ring..
    • Jeff Jarrett came out and bullied Jim Cornette and warned him to never bring his family into it.....

  3. TAG TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles & Chris Daniels defeated Elix Skipper & David Young w/Simon Diamond to retain..
    • Simon Diamond was interfering until Jamie D showed up to take him out and help Styles/Daniels win the match...
    • Gail Kim ran down and jumped on Jamie D, who quickly over-powered Gail and AMW pulled Gail out of the ring..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash + Eric Young + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jeremy Borash was outside of Jim Cornette's office where wrestlers were lined up for their meeting..
    • Eric Young begged Jeremy Borash for inside information as he was paranoid about losing his job..
    • Jeff Jarrett showed up and said he didn't need an appointment and just barged into the office..

  5. SQUASH MATCH: Monty Brown defeated Chasyn Rance..

  6. IN THE ARENA: Monty Brown & Konnan/LAX + Ron Killings..
    • After the match, Konnan said Monty Brown was being held back and invited him to join the Latin American eXchange..
    • Konnan said Monty Brown has won many Contenders matches but has only ever gotten one shot at the NWA World title..
    • Ron Killings came out after Konnan dropped his name, and Konnan said Killings was there for 4 years and gotten nothing..
    • Konnan said TNA doesn't look at talent, they look at race, and once again invited Ron Killings to join LAX...
    • Ron Killings stepped over the LAX border and was attacked by Hernandez and Homicide.....

  7. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash & Eric Young + Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal..
    • Eric Young was paranoid about being last in line saying they always save the worst news for last..
    • Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal came out of Jim Cornette's office smiling saying their next Company meeting will be great!

  8. BACKSTAGE INTO THE RING: The James Gang & Team 3-D + Brother Runt..
    • The James Gang and Team 3-D had a war of "Your Mama" jokes surrounded by TNA staff and talent..
    • The mood changed when Brother Ray said BG's daddy was an Armstrong and his whole family are a bunch of losers!
    • They started to brawl and ended up in the ring where The James Gang whacked both Team 3-D with steel chairs!
    • Brother Runt made his return to TNA and made the save and cleaned house to chase The James Gang away..
    • Brother Ray challenged The James Gang to find a partner for Victory Road (please don't let it be Bullet Bob)..

  9. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage + Sting..
    • Christian Cage said that Jim Cornette told him he has to wait seven days to find out the fate of the World title..
    • Sting showed up and said Jim Cornette wasn't expecting him and Christian wanted to know what he was going to say..
    • Sting told Christian Cage that he would be the first to find out and walked into Jim Cornette's office..

  10. X-DIVISION TITLE 3-WAY: Senshi defeated Samoa Joe (c) and Sonjay Dutt to win the title!
    • Eric Young came out with a sign begging not to be fired and the fans chanted "Don't fire Eric!"..
    • Scott Steiner interfered and whacked Samoa Joe with a chair on the floor taking him out of the match..
    • Senshi hit the Double Stomp (aka The Warriors Way) on Sonjay Dutt and got the 1-2-3 to win the X-Division title!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Sting came out of Jim Cornette's office and told Jeremy Borash that he got everything he wanted..
  12. END OF SHOW....
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