Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: July 20, 2006 (Taped: July 17, 2006)

  1. DARK MATCH: Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin defeated Senshi & Petey Williams...

  2. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Jay Lethal (Lethal said he was cashing in his title shot going for the NWA WORLD TITLE!

  3. TAG MATCH: The Naturals w/Shane Douglas defeated Matt Bentley & Frankie Kazarian..
    • The Naturals won and Shane Douglas got in the ring and slapped Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens accross the faces...
    • The was not satisfied with the victory, and berated both Naturals for making mistakes during the match..

  4. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Eric Young..
    • Eric Young (wearing a DONT FIRE ERIC t-Shirt) wanted Jeremy Borash to help him think of some more ideas..

  5. RINGSIDE: Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner harassed Mike Tenay & Don West and called Sting a con-artist..

  6. POPPARATZI: Alex Shelley & Johnny Devine are flying in wrestlers from Madagascar to face Kevin Nash..

  7. SQUASH MATCH: Rhino defeated Robert Adams...
    • Rhino made short work of the poor jobber and said when he made the "extreme challenge" he expected something more..
    • Samoa Joe came out and said due to recent events he's a little depressed and challenges Rhino to a match next week..
    • Rhino said he wanted to do it this week and they charged each other but were separated by security guards..

  8. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Team 3-D (Brothers Runt, Ray & Devon)..
    • Brother Ray & Brother Devon confronted Brother Runt about getting put through a Table at Victory Road..
    • Brother Ray said he and Devon were going to leave TNA for a little while and come back for the Tag Team titles..
    • Brothers Ray & Devon asked Runt to do them a favour and behave himself and not get in any trouble..
    • Brother Ray suggested that Brother Runt go after the X-DIvision title while they were gone...

  9. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & America's Most Wanted & Gail Kim..
    • James Storm & Chris Harris bickered over who was to blame for losing to Daniels & Styles & Sirelda at Victory Road..
    • Gail Kim said there was dissension in America's Most Wanted all because of Sirelda and challenged her for Hard Justice..

  10. IN THE RING: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels + Konnan..
    • Christopher Daniels talked about proving they were the best tag team in the world and in it for the long run...
    • Chris Daniels & AJ Styles presented a stack of envelopes with contracts for title shots for every tag team in TNA..
    • Konnan spoke up and claimed Chris Daniels & AJ Styles were ducking LAX, so they presented LAX with a contract..
    • Homicide & Hernandez showed up and attacked Chris Daniels & AJ Styles and gave them a vicious beat-down..
    • Homicide & Hernandez busted Chris Daniels open and signed the contract using Daniels' own blood!

  11. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Larry Zbyszko (wearing a wig)..
    • Jeremy Borash was waiting outside of Sting's locker rooom and said Sting was not inside..
    • Larry Zbyszko showed up and claimed that he was still in charge..
    • Marc Johnson showed up and laughed at Zbyszko's wig..

  12. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett defeated Jay Lethal to retain..
    • Jay Lethal got a quick start so Scott Steiner showed up at ringside and interefered on behalf of Jeff Jarrett..
    • Jay Lethal went for a top rope move when Scott Steiner whacked him with a steel pipe, sending Lethal to the mat..
    • Jeff Jarrett hit the Stroke on young Jay Lethal and scored the 1-2-3 to retain his NWA World Heavyweight title..
    • Scott Steiner put Jay Lethal in the Steiner-recliner but the lights went out and Sting appeared to save the DAY!

  13. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage..
    • Christian Cage said he was going to ask Jim Cornette if he could be in Sting's corner at Hard Justice..

  14. END OF SHOW....
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