Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: August 24, 2006 (Taped: August 14, 2006)

  1. XPLOSION TAPINGS: Senshi defeated Shark Boy to retain the X-Division title..

  2. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Brother Runt (Said Abyss screwed up by ledding him live to fight another day)..

  3. IN THE RING: Shane Douglas..
    • Shane Douglas said "I told you so" to brag about taking The Naturals back to the top of the tag team division..
    • Shane Douglas introduced the "newly franchised" Naturals -- Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas -- who came to the ring..

  4. TAG MATCH: The Papparatzi (Alex Shelley & Johnny Devine) defeated The Naturals w/Shane Douglas..
    • It goes without saying that Shane Douglas was extremely upset with The Naturals for losing the match..

  5. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & America's Most Wanted & Gail Kim..
    • Chris Harris said they are like brothers and don't always see eye-to-eye and wanted to get back on the same page..
    • James Storm picked up two beers and gave one to Chris Harris and they toasted their rekindled partnership.....

  6. IN THE RING: Christian Cage + Rhino..
    • Christian Cage talked about Sting being a spiritual person and then claimed that he was GOD.
    • Rhino came out and demanded an explanation as to why Christian Cage turned on Sting at Hard Justice..
    • Christian Cage remembered when Rhino had his neck surgery and how Sting wasn't there for him but he (Cage) was..
    • Christian Cage talked about several other times in Rhino's career when he was there for him and Sting was not..
    • Christian Cage said if Rhino was going to take Sting's side then they are at a crossroads in their friendship..
    • Christian Cage gave Rhino a steel chair and turned his back and Rhino thought about smashing him from behind..
    • Christian Cage asked if it was really about Sting or is it about Christian becoming a bigger star than Rhino...
    • Rhino said he didn't need a chair and attacked Christian and went for a GORE but Cage whacked him with a chair!
    • Christian Cage gave the bloodied Rhino another chairshot and left the ring flushing the friendship down the drain..
    • Christian Cage got a second chair and put it under Rhino's face and gave him a one-man-conchairto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Larry Zbyszko + Eric Young..
    • Larry Zbyszko said he has no control over Earl Hebner or anyone not employed by TNA..
    • Eric Young asked who was going to get fired, and Zbyszko said if Young doesn't win next week it might be him!

  8. SQUASH MATCH: Abyss w/Father James Mitchell defeated Cassidy Riley with a Black Hole Slam..
    • Father James Mitchell claimed that Raven must be poisoning Runt's mind and poured thumb tacks on the announce table..
    • Father James Mitchell poured a bag of thumb tacks in the ring and Abyss punched them with his fist.................

  9. VIGNETTE: Sting accepted Jeff Jarrett challenge to a "title vs career" match at Bound For Glory..

  10. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay & Don West + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Mike Tenay brought out the contract for Jeff Jarrett to sign to face Sting for the NWA title at Bound For Glory..
    • Jeff Jarrett teased signing the paper but pulled back and said there would be a public execution next week..

  11. TAG TITLE MATCH: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez w/Konnan) defeated AJ Styles & Chris Daniels to win the titles!
    • This was billed as a "Border Brawl" which is basically a no-rules anything-goes street-fight...
    • LAX quickly opened up the wounds on Styles & Daniels foreheads from last week (actually taped same night)....
    • Konnan hit Christopher Daniels with a flap-jack and Homicide gave him an Ace-crusher through a table!

  12. END OF SHOW....
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