Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 14, 2006 (Taped: , 2006)


  2. TAG MATCH: Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles defeated Frankie Kazarian & Matt Bentley..
    • The Ultimate-X structure was set up around and above the six-sided-ring to set the stage for No Surrender...
    • Christopher Daniels nailed the Best Moonsault Ever on Kazarian followed by a frog splash from AJ Styles..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash & Larry Zbyszko & Eric Young + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Larry Zbyszko yelled at Eric Young for screwing up last week and humiliating Jeff Jarrett.....
    • Jeff Jarrett came in and threatened Eric Young and told him to go find Sting and dig up some dirt on him..
    • Jeff Jarrett told Larry Zbyszko to confront Jim Cornette during the "Town Meeting" and fix his problems..

  4. MATCH: Chris Sabin defeated Alex Shelley...
    • Senshi (Low-Ki) came out to the stage with his X-Division title over his shoulder to scout Chris Sabin..
    • Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal pushed Johnny Devine in a shopping cart and he crashed into the ring post HARD!
    • Eric Young ran down to the ring with a video camera and grabbed Alex Shelley to help him find Sting...

  5. HANGMANS HORROR MATCH: Abyss w/Father James Mitchell defeated Raven..
    • The object of the match is to literally hang your opponent over the ropes with a chain until unconscious..
    • Raven got most of the offense until James Mitchell interfered and Abyss took advantage and won the match!
    • Brother Runt ran out to save Raven after the match but ended up giving Raven an Acid Drop on the floor!

  6. VIDEO PACKAGE: "Colonal" Robert Parker offered his managerial services to the free agent Bobby Roode..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash & LAX (Konnan & Homicide & Hernandez)..
    • Konnan said he and Homicide & Hernandez are going to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month next week..
    • Konnan cut a promo talking about what LAX is going to do to Styles & Daniels at No Surrender..

  8. TOWN MEETING: Jim Cornette + Samoa Joe + Larry Zbyszko + Jeff Jarrett..
    • They removed the guard barriers and the fans surrounded the ring swinging their lether straps around..
    • Jim Cornette said he didn't realize so many people hated Jeff Jarrett and plugged the "I Hate Jarrett" contest..
    • Jim Cornette said Earl Hebner was exonerated last week and decided to reinstated him as a referee in TNA..
    • Samoa Joe came out and said his mission was to punish Jeff Jarrett for crimes against TNA and the TNA fans..
    • Larry Zbyszko came out and demanded that Jim Cornette cancel the "fans revenge" match at No Surrender..
    • Jim Cornette told Larry Zbyszko to get out of his ring, and Zbyszko said "Yeah? You and what army?"..
    • Jim Cornette said "The Samoan Army!" and Samoa Joe whipped Zbyszko out of the ring and the fans whipped him!
    • Jeff Jarrett came out with a steel chair but was blocked from the ring by a crowd of fans with leather straps..
    • Jeff Jarrett viciously attacked a female fan with a leather strap (Who was actually Dory Funk trainee "The Claw")..
    • Other fans who confronted Jeff Jarrett: Johnny Magnum, Blain Rage, Jon Davis, Reece Royal and Jag Gonzalez......

  9. END OF SHOW....
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