Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: October 19, 2006 (Taped: October 9, 2006)


  2. IN THE RING: Mike Tenay + Raven/Abyss/Runt + Jake "The Snake" Roberts!..
    • Mike Tenay said TNA has ordered Samoa Joe to return the NWA belt or he'll be removed from the roster immediately!
    • After the opening video, Raven and Abyss and Runt showed up brawling around the ring and beating each other up!
    • The vicious threeway fight was interrupted by the surprise appearance by the legendary Jake "the Snake" Roberts!
    • Jake The Snake had a black bag with him and pulled out a big snake which scarred the living hell out of Abyss!
    • Brother Runt bravely confronted Jake "The Snake" Roberts and ended up getting a DDT which knocked him out cold!
    • Jake The Snake cut a promo saying he would be the referee for the Monster's Ball match at Bound For Glory...

  3. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash was in the parking lot when Kurt Angle arrived in a limousine (It's real.. it's DAMN REAL!)

  4. VIGNETTE: Austin Aries appeared as "Austin Starr" hyping his debut at Bound For Glory..

  5. STREET FIGHT: Christian Cage defeated Norman Smiley (wearing his football shoulder pads)..
    • After the match, Christian Cage tried to put Normal Smiley in a straight jacket until Shark Boy ran in to help..
    • Christian Cage knocked Shawk Boy out with a football helmet and tried to put him in the straight jacket..
    • Rhino ran down and prevented it, chaseing Christian Cage away from the ring.

  6. PARKING LOT: Jeremy Borash informed Eric Young about his match with Larry Zbyszko at Bound For Glory..

  7. NON (X-DIVISION) TITLE MATCH: Senshi defeated Jay Lethal..
    • Backstage: Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt were doing Senshi-impressions when Senshi attacked them both!
    • Senshi (Low Ki) then dragged Jay Lethal out to the ring for their scheduled Non-title match..

  8. POPPARATZI PRODUCTIONS: Alex Shelley & Kevin Nash..
    • Kevin Nash talked about the Kevin Nash Open Invitational Battle Royal and Alex Shelley will be in it..
    • Kevin Nash hinted that an old partner might also be there, and then made some really bad jokes..

  9. SIT-DOWN INTERVIEW: BG James stuck up for Jeff Jarrett and called him a "Damn Good Man"..

  10. 8-MAN TAG: AJ Styles & Chris Daniels & The James Gang defeated AMW w/Gail Kim & LAX (Homicide & Hernandez)..
    • After the match, Konnan pie-faced Gail Kim and America's Most Wanted started fighting with Homicide & Hernandez..
    • Hernandez picked up Gail Kim and gave her the Razor's Edge (and threw her half way accross the ring too!)..

  11. IN THE RING: Mike Tenay + Samoa Joe + Kurt Angle + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Samoa Joe read the document that said he would be fired if he didn't return the belt and then ripped up the papers!
    • Suddenly, without warning, Kurt Angle showed up with an American Flag over his shoulders as the crowd went nuts!
    • Samoa Joe laid the NWA World belt in the middle of the ring and went face-to-face, nose-to-nose with Kurt Angle!
    • Kurt ANgle head-butted Samoa Joe and gave him an Angle-slam and picked up the NWA World Heavyweight title belt..
    • Samoa Joe stood up with blood flowing down his face and brawled with Kurt Angle........
    • Jeff Jarrett snuck into the ring and retrieved his NWA belt and ran off...

  12. MUSIC VIDEO: Chris Jericho's band (Fozzy) song "My Enemy" played with TNA footage hyping TNA Bound For Glory..
  13. END OF SHOW....
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