Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: November 9, 2006 (Taped: November 6, 2006)


  2. FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT SEMI-FINAL 3-WAY: AJ Styles defeated Ron Killings and Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks..
    • Jerry Lynn, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt watched X-Division Champion AJ Styles from hanging scaffolding..
    • A "planted" ringside fan got a little excited and spilt his cola on Miss Brooks so she slapped him accross the face!
    • Robert Roode was distracted by this and went to help Brooks while AJ Styles finished off Ron Killings in the ring..
    • Robert Roode yelled at Miss Brooks for costing him a lot of money and told her to find him an image consultant..

  3. IN THE RING: Shane Douglas & Brother Ray + The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas..
    • Shane Douglas said he had a problem and called out Brother Ray to confront him about disrespecting him 2 weeks ago..
    • Brother Ray said he didn't like what Shane Douglas whispered in his ear and asked why Douglas was pissed at Team 3-D..
    • Shane Douglas said The Naturals have earned their way and not living on their reputation from a "washed up company"..
    • Shane Douglas slapped Brother Ray and The Naturals ran out and set up a Table as Douglas choked Ray with a chain..
    • The Naturals flipped Brother Ray into a Table proped in the corner as Tenay & West wondered where Brother Devon was..
    • Backstage, cameras found Brother Devon knocked out laying under a pile of production equipment -- oh that's where!

  4. TAPED FOOTAGE: America's Most Wanted & LAX (Konnan & Homicide & Hernandez)..
    • LAX viciously attacked AMW at an autograph signing and callously powerbombed James Storm into a wall!

  5. X-DIVISION 3-WAY: Austin Starr (w/Kevin Nash & Alex Shelley) defeated Petey Williams and Johnny Devine..
    • Kevin Nash has a new silver buzzcut and he joined Mike Tenay & Don West at the announce table for the match..
    • Alex Shelley screwed up his interference and Petey Williams pinned Johnny Devine after a Canadian Destroyer!

  6. IN THE RING: LAX (Konnan & Hernandez & Homicide)..
    • LAX came out and Konnan repeated his message "You can stop a revolutionary but you can't stop a revolution!"
    • Konnan said Petey Williams was an immigrant to and invited him to join LAX when they burn the U.S. Flag next week!

  7. INTERVIEWS: Christian Cage and Rhino cut promos on eachother hyping the Barbed Wire Cage next week!

  8. FEATURE: Don West plugged some upcoming house shows and also plugged a couple of TNA DVD's..

  9. VIDEO PACKAGE: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe talk about their upcoming dream match at Genesis..

  10. FIGHT FOR THE FIGHT FINALS: Abyss defeated A.J. Styles..
    • Father James Mitchell and Christopher Daniels were banned from ringside by TNA officials..
    • Jerry Lynn, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt again watched AJ Styles from a scaffolding..
    • Christian Cage showed up out of nowhere and destroyed both Abyss and AJ Styles with chairshots!
    • Christian Cage proclaimed himself the TRUE #1 Contender as the referee counted both men down....
    • The referees conferenced during the commercial and due to its importance the match was restarted..
    • Father James Mitchell came back to interfere but Christopher Daniels ran down to prevent it..........
    • The referee was distracted by this when Chris Sabin came in and kicked AJ Styles in the head!
    • Abyss earns the right to face Kurt Angle next week on iMPACT and to challenge Sting at Genesis..
    • Jerry Lynn was upset with Chris Sabin's action. Sting was briefly spotted in the rafters!

  11. END OF SHOW....
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