Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: November 30, 2006 (Taped: November 20, 2006)

  1. INTERVIEW: Leticia Cline & LAX (Konnan & Homicide & Hernandez) --- vowed revenge on Petey Williams..

  2. IN THE RING: Christian Cage & Tomko + Abyss + Sting..
    • Christian Cage said Tomko was a "Killer" and was there to insure that he regains the NWA World Heavyweight title..
    • Christian Cage said he was undefeated and said he plans to take out both his Turning Point opponents beforehand..
    • Christian challenged Abyss to come out and face Tomko, but James Mitchell held Abyss back from going to the ring..
    • A "dummy" Sting repelled from the ceiling and the real Sting can in from behind and cleared Christian & Tomko out..
    • Sting said he wanted to talk to Abyss man-to-man later tonight but do not bring Father James Mitchell........

  3. VOODOO KIN MAFIA: BG & Kip James want Vince McMahon to sign a Cease & Desist order to get DX taken off the air..

  4. BACKSTAGE: LAX (Konnan & Homicide & Hernandez) viciously attacked "The Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm..

  5. 3-WAY #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Chris Sabin defeated Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal.....
    • "Wildcat" Chris Harris came out and said LAX didn't have to find him because he's going to go find LAX..
    • X-DIVISION Champion Christopher Daniels came out and joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary.....
    • After the match, Chris Sabin confronted Christopher Daniels, but Jerry Lynn played peacemaker..

  6. BACKSTAGE: LAX (Konnan & Homicide & Hernandez) viciously attacked "Wildcat" Chris Harris..

  7. VOODOO KIN MAFIA: BG & Kip James yelled for Vince McMahon & HHH & HBK to "come out with your pants up!"..

  8. SIT-DOWN INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & A.J. Styles (Styles is now a big time heel with a new brash attitude)..
    • A.J. Styles complained about growing up in a trailer with nothing and yelled at Mike Tenay for no good reason..
    • Rhino showed up and tried to relate to A.J. Styles but Styles got defensive and they got in eachothers faces..

  9. RINGSIDE: Miss Brooks was looking for Eric Young asking fans and security guards if they'd seen him..

  10. EYE SPY SEGMENT: The entire X-Division passed Kevin Nash's urine test except Alex Shelley has Chlamydia..

  11. TAG MATCH: Ron "The Truth" Killings & Lance Hoyt defeated Alex Shelley & Austin Starr..
    • Alex Shelley cheated to win the match, but Austin Starr showed the referee video footage and got them DQ'd...

  12. BACKSTAGE: Miss Brooks challenged Eric Young to a Bikini Contest - adding that if he declined he would be fired!

  13. VOODOO KIN MAFIA: Camped out outside of WWE Headquarters saying that are America's last line of defense..

  14. IN THE RING: Sting + Abyss + Christian Cage & Tomko + Father James Mitchell..
    • Sting called out Abyss (alone) and said every man has his own will and asked Abyss what his will was..
    • Sting said he has watched Abyss for four years climbing the ladder of success until becoming World Champion..
    • Sting said at Genesis, Abyss let Father James Mitchell lead him around like a puppet, and asked why he allows it..
    • Sting asked if Abyss was looking for someone to pull Abyss out of his torment and called him "Chris" (real name)..
    • Father James Mitchell came up on the screen and said Sting was wasting his time with his spiritual pipe-dreams..
    • Sting said Abyss has the ability to chose and then left the ring. Christian Cage & Tomko then attacked Abyss!
    • Sting then returned to the ring to save Abyss and extended his hand to Abyss, who had a hard time understanding..
    • Father James Mitchell ran down to the ring and slapped Sting in the face and regained control of his Abyss...

  15. BACKSTAGE: LAX (Konnan & Homicide & Hernandez) viciously attacked "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams..

  16. TAG TITLE HANDICAP MATCH: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe ended in a No Contest..
    • Kurt Angle started the match by himself because his tag team partner Petey Williams was attacked before the match..
    • A few minutes into the match, Samoa Joe ran down and stood in Kurt Angle's corner and eventually got the hot tag!
    • Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle won with a Double Submission but Jim Cornette ruled that Joe was not an official participant..
    • Jim Cornette ruled the match a No Contest ---- Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle then shook hands in the six sided ring....

  17. END OF SHOW....
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