Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 7, 2006 (Taped: November 20, 2006)

  1. IN THE RING: Rhino + Christopher Daniels + A.J. Styles..
    • Rhino challenged A.J. Styles to come out for a match but Christopher Daniels came out instead to talk to Rhino..
    • Christopher Daniels tried to make peace between Rhino and A.J. Styles but Rhino still wanted to fight Styles..
    • A.J. Styles attacked Rhino from behind while Chris Daniels, some referees, and TNA security pulled them apart!

  2. MATCH: Petey Williams defeated Homicide (w/Konnan & Hernandez)..
    • LAX ganged up on Petey Williams after the match and Hernandez gave him the flying border toss move!
    • America's Most Wanted ran down to make the save and Gail Kim snatched the Puerto Rican flag

  3. VOODOO KIN MAFIA: BG James and Kip James did a "Breaking News" segment with fans chanting "DX Sucks! Stop It Now!"

  4. EYE SPY SEGMENT: An unfunny Kevin Nash administered psychological tests to all the X-Division Wrestlers..

  5. INTERVIEW: Latisha & Eric Young (Talked about training and dropping weight for his Bikini Contest..

  6. X-DIVISION MATCH: Senshi defeated Eric Young after Miss Tracy Brooks flashed Eric Young...

  7. INTERVIEW: Latisha & LAX (Konnan & Homicide Hernandez)..
    • Konnan said they wanted their flag back and challenged America's Most Wanted to a "flag match" at Turning Point..

  8. VOODOO KIN MAFIA: BG James snuck a camera in to see "The Marine" and the threatre was virtually empty...

  9. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette + Christian Cage & Tomko + Sting..
    • Jim Cornette booked LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs America's Most Wanted in a "Flag Match" at Turning Point..
    • Christian Cage & Tomko interrupted and said Jim Cornette has forgotten the hiring practices in TNA wrestling..
    • Christian Cage asked if Jim Cornette has done a background check on Abyss because he has a questionable past..
    • Abyss charged the ring and decked Christian Cage and then went after Tomko (who has a secret about Abyss)...
    • Christian Cage & Tomko got the upper hand on Abyss until Sting ran down with a baseball bat to make the save!
    • Sting offered to shake Abyss's hand, and Abyss shook it but then gave Sting a Black Hole Slam!!

  10. ALL-STAR WAR: Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe and Abyss and Sting and Christian Cage and Rhino..
    • Before the match, A.J. Styles attacked Rhino at ringside and they brawled all the way to the backstage area..
    • Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe were supposed to be "watching eachothers backs" but Angle turned on Joe at the end!

  11. END OF SHOW....
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