Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: January 25, 2007 (Taped: January 15, 2007)

  1. IN THE RING: Samoa Joe + Kurt Angle + Christian Cage w/Tomko..
    • Samoa Joe said he wouldn't help Kurt Angle but it's his mission to make sure Angle gets a fair a shot at the NWA title..
    • Samoa Joe said that he would be the special ring enforcer at the Against All Odds PPV for the NWA World title match..
    • Samoa Joe revealed his plan to make sure Kurt Angle wins the title so that he can beat Angle for the NWA World title!
    • Kurt Angle came out and became very curious about who Christian Cage's consultant was and concluded it was Samoa Joe..
    • Kurt Angle warned Samoa Joe not to get involved in his match with Christian Cage or he will break his ankle "so fast"..
    • Christian Cage came out and said Samoa Joe isn't good enough to consult him on anything but he's known for being a liar
    • Christian Cage said he would give Kurt Angle a second hint before the end of the night who is closer than Angle thinks..
    • Kurt Angle attacked Samoa Joe and they had a pull apart brawl for a few brief seconds.............

  2. RINGSIDE: Tomko said there will be some wholesale changes in TNA and it might start with the Announcers..

  3. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Father James Mitchell & Abyss..
    • Father James Mitchell said that Sting committed crimes against him and made the mistake of doing it on video tape..
    • Father James Mitchell then challenged Sting to meet them in the prison yards at Against All Odds on PPV..
    • Father James Mitchell said it's one thing to piss him off, but it's another thing to piss off Abyss..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash & Jim Cornette & Raven & Serentonin (Kazarian & Bentley & Devine)..
    • Jim Cornette said Raven gets a paycheck from TNA and he's going to earn his money by facing Rhino tonight..

  5. MATCH: Rhino vs [Raven] ended in a No Contest..
    • The match never got started because Raven ended up being A.J. Styles in a Raven outfit wearing a Raven mask..
    • Frankie Kazarian & Maverick Matt & Johnny Devine attacked Rhino before the match but Rhino destroyed them..
    • [Raven] entered the ring and cracked Rhino with a kendo stick and then took off the mask revealing A.J. Styles!
    • A.J. Styles then further destroyed Rhino with chairshots and cut his forehead open with repeated punches..

  6. PRODUCTION TRUCK: Latisha & Christian Cage (Christian took control of the show and yelled at the crew)..

  7. EYE SPY SEGMENT: Alex Shelley presents.....
    • Eric Young & Jeremy Borash were shown buying condoms for Eric Young at 4AM in a corner store..
    • James Storm & Ms. Tennessee and others showed up and made a scene and teased Eric Young...

  8. BACKSTAGE: Tracy Brooks said she would seal the deal with Eric Young and Robert Roode ordered her to "get it done"..

  9. X-DIVISION 4-WAY: Jerry Lynn defeated Chris Sabin and Austin Starr and Senshi..
    • Jerry Lynn pinned X-Division Champion Chris Sabin to win the match.

  10. SIT DOWN INTERVIEW: Latisha & The James Gang (BG James & Kip James)...
    • BG James apologized to Christy Hemme saying the situation got out of control and said she may have been right..
    • Kip James took over and changed the tune and said women have no right being in the wrestling business.....

  11. TAPED MESSAGE FROM KONNAN: Konnan warned that LAX will get revenge on Team 3-D for putting him on the shelf..

  12. IN THE RING: Sting + Abyss + Father James Mitchell..
    • Sting came out and said we all have our demons but in order to have life you have to die first..
    • Sting said he searched the public records and found out what Abyss did and he's going to reveal it now..
    • Sting said that "Chris Parks" put three bullets in the back of his own father and he survived the coma..
    • Sting said he wanted to know why Abyss would do that and Abyss ran down and attacked Sting and beat on him..
    • Abyss dismantled Sting and Sting did not even try to fight back because he was doing it to help Abyss out..
    • Abyss choke-slammed Sting through a Table on the floor and then through the door outside of the iMPACT Zone..
    • Father James Mitchell showed up and lit a fireball in his hands and threw it up into Sting's face!!!!!!!!!!
    • After the commercial: Sting had been loaded into an Ambulance and sent to hospital to treat his burns..

  13. RINGSIDE: Mike Tenay said Sting will never be the same physically and Abyss will never be the same mentally..

  14. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage & Tomko..
    • Christian Cage said they better tell the ambulance to spin around and come back for Christopher Daniels...

  15. INTERVIEW: Latisha & Christopher Daniels (Said it's time to see who's best interest he's serving)..

  16. NON (WORLD) TITLE MATCH: Christian Cage w/Tomko defeated Christopher Daniels..
    • A few minutes into the match, Samoa Joe walked down to ringside with a chair and sat down to watch the match..
    • Backstage interviewer Jeremy Borash ran down with a microphone and asked Samoa Joe what he was doing there..
    • Samoa Joe explained that it was quite simple... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... he was there to prove a point to Kurt Angle...
    • Tomko teased that he would interfere in the match, but Samoa Joe walked around and Tomko changed his mind...
    • Chris Daniels got a submission on and Tomko was going to interfere, but Joe jumped in and Tomko backed off..
    • Chris Daniels released the submission and Christian kicked him in the nuts and hit the Unprettier to win the match!
    • Christian Cage & Tomko walked away and picked up Samoa Joe's towel and gave Joe the thumbs up and a wink..
    • Kurt Angle hit the ring and confronted Samoa Joe still convinced that Joe is consulting Christian Cage..

  17. END OF SHOW....
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