Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 22, 2007 (Taped: February 12, 2007)

    • Chris Sabin defeated Shark Boy to retain the X-Division title..
    • Petey Williams & Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt defeated Serotonin (Matt Bentley & Frankie Kazarian & Johnny Devine)..

  2. IN THE RING: A.J. Styles + Rhino..
    • A.J. Styles came down and climbed up on top or the Elevation-X structure and bragged about making the X-Division..
    • A.J. Styles said that Elevation-X is his invention; Two men climb up to the top and one man falls to the ring..
    • Rhino came out and climbed up on top of the structure and A.J. Styles climbed down the other side to escape...
    • Rhino accepted the challenge and said that A.J. Styles' invention will be responsible for the end of his career!
    • Rhino promised to run accross the elevated X and GORe A.J. Styles off of it sending him down to the floor below..

  3. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) & Cousin Steve (one of the actors from The Sopranos)..

  4. BELTING POT GRUDGE MATCH: Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated LAX (Homicide & Hernandez w/Konnan)..
    • LAX was accompanied by the Latino Nation, which included original LAX member Machete (Ricky Vega)..
    • Team 3-D was accompanied by members of their family, including Cousin Steve and some local indy wrestlers..
    • ~~~INCLUDING: Bruce Santee, Ron Niemi, Leon Scott, Chasyn Rance, Francisco Ciatso and Salvatore Rinauro..

  5. TAPED PROMO: Sting cut a promo while laying on a "deathbed" and said Abyss's life will change at Destination-X..

  6. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Abyss (Abyss was tormented and freaking out by himself after seeing the Sting promo)..
    • Abyss snapped and grabbed Jeremy Borash by the throat and choked him against a fense and pushed the camera over..

  7. SIX-MAN TAG: James Storm & Robert Roode & Eric Young defeated B.G. James & Kip James & Lance Hoyt..
    • Miss Tracy Brooks and Jacqueline Moore were both at ringside supporting their men on the heel team..
    • After the match, Chris Harris (wearing an eye patch) jumped the rail and chased James Storm around the ring..

  8. VIGNETTE: Christopher Daniels said he has to sacrifice what he is for the sake of what he will become..

  9. IN THE RING: Don West & Andre Rison + Abyss..
    • Don West talked to former NFL Football player Andre Rison (Wide Receiver) to promote the Pros vs. Joes program..
    • Abyss entered the iMPACT Zone and the Andre Rison wanted to shake his hand so Abyss gave him the Black Hole Slam!

  10. EYE SPY SEGMENT: Kevin Nash continued the "Popparatzi Idol" stuff even though it is incredibly lame and unfunny..

  11. IN THE RING: Mike Tenay & Jim Cornette + Scott Steiner + Kurt Angle + Tomko & Christian Cage..
    • Jim Cornette talked about Destination-X, mentioning the Elevation-X match, the Last Rites match, and Joe vs Cage..
    • Mike Tenay introduced both Scott Steiner and Kurt Angle for their contract signing (I really had these segments)..
    • Scott Steiner said after he beats Kurt Angle he will melt down Angle's medal and sell it to buy a cup of coffee..
    • Kurt Angle called Scott Steiner a "stupid dumb sh*t" saying his reason for coming to TNA was to make it bigger..
    • Kurt Angle said that Scott Steiner came to TNA to rape it for every penny it's worth and called him money hungry..
    • Kurt Angle told Scott Steiner to make as much money as he can for this match because it just might be his last..
    • Both men signed on the dotted line and the table was flipped (cliche) and Scott Steiner head-butted Kurt Angle!
    • Samoa Joe punched away at Kurt Angle's bloody forehead and Christian Cage & Tomko joined in on the beating..
    • Scott Steiner crumpled up the contract and shoved it into Kurt Angles mouth and flexed his freakishly big muscles..

  12. 5-WAY #1 CONTENDERS LADDER MATCH: Jerry Lynn defeated Austin Starr and Senshi and Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt..
    • Mr. Bob Backlund showed up on the stage to watch the match and then shook Jerry Lynn's hand after the match!
    • Austin Starr didn't appreciate the gesture, so Mr. Backlund extended his hand to Starr only to get brushed off..
    • Mr. Backlund slapped the cross-face-chicken-wing on Austin Starr as Jerry Lynn celebrated his victory in the ring..

  13. END OF SHOW....
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