Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: March 1, 2007 (Taped: February 26, 2007)

  1. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage promised to give Tomko a title shot if he takes out Samoa Joe tonight!

  2. BACKSTAGE: Jim Cornette told a very hostile Kurt Angle not to screw up his Television program..

  3. siX-MAN TAG: Jerry Lynn & Senshi & Jay Lethal defeated Chris Sabin & Austin Starr & Alex Shelley
    • Midway through the match, Mr. Bob Backlund (who has had recent problems with Austin Starr) joined commentary..
    • After the match: Bob Backlund jumped into the ring and confronted Austin Starr, who bailed out of the ring..
    • Mr. Bob Backlund extended his hand to Senshi, who simply bowed out of respect, so Mr. Backlund bowed back..

  4. VIGNETTE: They showed a "Day in the Life of Eric Young" taking orders from Robert Roode & Tracy Brooks..

  5. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash found Abyss in the darkness looking at a picture of Father James Mitchell..

  6. SQUASH MATCH: Scott Steiner defeated Chase Stevens..
    • Before the match: Kurt Angle tried to get at Scott Steiner but he was dragged backstage by TNA security..
    • After the match: Scott Steiner cut a scathing promo on Kurt Angle, who ran back for a pull-apart brawl!
    • Jim Cornette came down and yelled at Kurt Angle, so Angle scoops his legs out and tried to anklelock him!
    • Jim Cornette said he was Kurt Angle's best friend and ordered security to remove Angle from the building!

  7. SIT-DOWN INTERVIEW: Leticia Cline & Chris Harris..
    • Chris Harris said his vision is at 30% and the doctors will not clear him to wrestle..
    • Chris Harris said he knows James Storm is looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes..
    • Chris Harris promised that some where at some time he would get a piece of James Storm..

  8. IN THE RING: Alex Shelley & Brother Ray + Kevin Nash + LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) + Konnan..
    • Alex Shelley showed his latest production "Massacre in New York" featuring LAX (Homicide & Hernandez)..
    • Members of LAX went to New York and attacked WWE Hall of Famer and Brother Devon's trainer Johnny Rodz..
    • Alex Shelley introduced Homicide & Hernandez -- but instead he was confronted by Brother Ray inside the ring!
    • Brother Ray said Johnny Rodz was a "father" to Brother Devon and he is a legend in the wrestling industry..
    • Brother Ray asked why Alex Shelley would take part in that, citing that he has a bright future in wrestling..
    • Kevin Nash strolled down to the ring and Brother Ray said that it had nothing to do with Kevin Nash..
    • LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) attacked Brother Ray from behind and Alex Shelley low-blowed Brother Ray!
    • Konnan (with a bodyguard) showed up on the stage in a wheel chair and yelled "LAX... get the Table!"..
    • Hernandez set up a table in the ring and Slap-jacked Brother Ray through the table!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash announced the latest Text Message campaign on who will win the Elevation-X match..

  10. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe (Proclaimed that the son will pay for the sins of the father)..
    • Samoa Joe saw Abyss manhandling a crew member off camera and ran over and pinned him against the wall..
    • Samoa Joe gave Abyss somewhat of an emotional pep-talk and told Abyss to stand up for himself..

  11. MAIN EVENT: Tomko defeated Samoa Joe after Christian Cage whacked Joe with a steel chair!
    • Christian Cage & Scott Steiner & Tomko continued to beat on Samoa Joe until Abyss made the save!
    • Abyss chased Christian Cage & Scott Steiner & Tomko away and then Black Hole Slammed Samoa Joe!

  12. END OF SHOW....
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