Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: April 26, 2007 (Taped: April 17, 2007)

  1. STING'S TITLE SHOT ON THE LINE: Sting vs. Kurt Angle ended in a No Contest when Team Cage interfered..
    • Christian Cage, Scott Steiner, A.J. Styles & Tomko attacked Sting and then destroyed Kurt Angle..

  2. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Team Cage..
    • Christian Cage said he was sick and tired of Kurt Angle putting himself ahead of people who are more deserving..
    • Christian Cage named Shark Boy and Sonjay Dutt as more worthy contenders for his NWA World Heavyweight title..
    • Christian Cage told Scott Steiner & Tomko to bring the NWA Tag Team titles to Team Cage tonight against Team 3D..
    • Don West came in and said Jim Cornette had ruled that Christian Cage must defend his title against Sting tonight!

  3. 4-WAY TAG TEAM X-DIVISION MATCH: Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt win the right to face Chris Sabin at Sacrifice..
    • Alex Shelley & Kaz vs. Shark Boy & Senshi vs. Jerry Lynn & Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal..

  4. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Sting (Talked about getting an early title shot later tonight on iMPACT)..

  5. IN THE RING: Robert Roode & Tracy Brooks + Eric Young + Jeff Jarrett..
    • Robert Roode & Tracy Brooks came to the ring and called out Eric Young to reveal who his mystery "friend" is..
    • Eric Young came to the ring very conflicted and said Robert Roode has money, power, fame, the girl, and skills..
    • Eric Young said he has nothing but pro-wrestling and Robert Roode Inc. is trying to take that away from him..
    • Eric Young said his "friend" has been there for him for months and he's listened to every word that he says..
    • Eric Young called Robert Roode "Bob" and said he can fire him if he wants but his WORD will never be broken..
    • Robert Roode verbally intimidated Eric Young until Eric punched him out and also gave Tracy a power bomb..
    • Tracy Brooks low-blowed Eric Young and Robert Roode got the advantage and physically punished Eric Young..
    • Robert Roode viciously bloodied Eric Young with a chairshot and then hand-cuffed his hands behind his back..
    • Robert Roode threatened to splatter Eric Young's brains but Jeff Jarrett can down to make the big save!
    • Tracy Brooks tried to low-blow Jeff Jarrett but he blocked it and he smashed a guitar over her head!

  6. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Scott Steiner & Tomko (Steiner basically told Tomko to fall in line)..

  7. NWA TAG TITLE MATCH: Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated Scott Steiner & Tomko to retain..
    • Konnan joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary with Homicide & Hernandez standing right behind him..
    • LAX interfered and actually helped Team 3-D. Steiner & Tomko attacked Homicide & Hernandez afterwards..

  8. EYE SPY SEGMENT: Alex Shelley & Mr. Bob Backlund + Chris Sabin..
    • Alex Shelley interviewed Mr. Bob Backlund and asked him about the time Kevin Nash beat him in nine seconds..
    • Alex Shelley said most of the younger guys in TNA right now could probably beat Bob Backlund in nine seconds..
    • Mr. Bob Backlund told Alex Shelley to ask Kevin Nash if he could beat him in nine seconds now (a challenge?)..
    • Mr. Bob Backlund started picking up pennies and was lured into an attack from X-Division Champion Chris Sabin..

  9. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage..

  10. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Christian Cage defeated Sting by DQ when Kurt Angle interfered...
    • Kurt Angle (who they said had a concussion) came down in a neck brace and attacked Christian Cage..

  11. END OF SHOW....
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