Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: August 2, 2007 (Taped: July 30, 2007)

  1. BACKSTAGE: Jeremy Borash & Christian Cage (with his Coalition) + Kurt Angle (with his wife and daughter)..
    • Jim Cornette confonted Christian Cage, who claimed he had nothing to do with Abyss being pulled under the ring..
    • Jim Cornette booked Christian Cage in a Ladder match tonight and if he wins he doesn't have to face Abyss ever..
    • Kurt Angle showed up with his wife (carrying all his belts) and daughter (carrying his big suitcase behind her)..

  2. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated "Wildcat" Chris Harris & Eric Young..
    • Dustin Rhodes showed up and brawled with Wildcat Chris Harris leaving Eric Young alone with Team 3-D...

  3. IN THE RING: Eric Young & Robert Roode & Miss Tracy Brooks..
    • Robert Roode (with Tracy Brooks) came down right after the match and beat the crap out of Robert Roode..
    • Robert Roode got revenge on Eric Young for humiliating him by tar & feathering him at ringside..

  4. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe (Talked about his "Winner Take All" match with Kurt Angle)..

  5. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle -- (Angle treating his wife and daughter like crap)..

  6. TAG MATCH: Triple X (Chris Daniels & Senshi w/Elix Skipper) defeated Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt..
    • The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) came down to ringside to video tape the match..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle asked Dr. Kevin Nash to Psycho-analyze his wife, who Angle called a "slut" & "fat" (uhg)...

  8. LADDER MATCH: Sting & Abyss defeated Christian Cage & A.J. Styles w/Tomko with help from Andrew Martin..
    • Abyss climbed the ladder to get the contract and he and Sting can name any match stipulation for Hard Justice..

  9. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & "The Punisher" Andrew Martin & Sting & Abyss..
    • Andrew Martin said when you get a chance to work with a Legend (Sting) and the Future (Abyss) you take it!

  10. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle & Karen Angle + Samoa Joe..
    • Kurt Angle insulted his wife and then wanted her to tell the World that he was a loving husband and father..
    • Karen Angle broke loose and said she was sick of Kurt Angle's titles, arrogance, and his stupid gold medals!
    • Karen Angle told Kurt Angle to stick the gold medal where the sun doesn't shine cause their marriage is OVER!
    • Samoa Joe said he will take the TNA belt from Kurt Angle and all he will have left was the clothes on his back..
    • Samoa Joe said he would just take that from him too and then stripped the suit right off of Kurt Angle's body!

  11. END OF SHOW....
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