Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 20, 2007 (Taped: September 10, 2007)

  1. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle & Karen Angle & Dr. Kevin Nash..
    • Kurt Angle apologized to Dr. Kevin Nash and gave him an uncomfortable hug to smooth things over with him..
    • The Angles bragged to Dr. Nash about what they did to Sting and Nash reminded them about Sting vs. the nWo..
    • Someone came into the dressing room and gave Karen Angle a piece of paper and she assumed it was "fan mail"..
    • The Angles then argued over whose idea it was to beat up Sting and Karen Angle was offended by Dr. Nash..
    • Kurt Angle told Karen Angle that she had to go apologize to Sting while Nash & Kurt prayed over it..

  2. MATCH: Judas Mesias (Father James Mitchell was absent) defeated "Showtime" Eric Young..
    • After the match: Judas Mesias continued the assault until Shark Boy (who hesitated on the ramp) tried to save!
    • Judas Mesias destroyed both Eric Young and Shark Boy until Rhino ran down with a steel chair in his hands..
    • Judas Mesias immediately backed out of the ring staring up at Rhino standing inside the six sided ring..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Christian Cage & A.J. Styles & Tomko..
    • A.J. Styles was a goofy idiot as he welcomed Christian Cage to the Samoan party set up to honor Christian..
    • Tomko grabbed A.J. Styles and told him to straighten up and go get ready for his match with Ron Killings..
    • Christian Cage said when he looks at Junior Fatu tonight in the main event all he will see if Samoa Joe..

  4. VIDEO PACKAGE: The Steiner Brothers are returning to TNA and challenging Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon)..

  5. MATCH: Ron "the Truth" Killings w/Adam "Pacman" Jones defeated A.J. Styles w/Tomko..
    • Pacman Jones sprayed paint in A.J. Styles's eyes and helped Ron Killings score the tainted victory..

  6. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Karen Angle (Invited Sting to join her in the ring for a "public apology")..

  7. IN THE RING: Karen Angle + Sting + Kurt Angle..
    • Karen Angle insincerely stated that she is ashamed of the things she has done to Sting in the past two weeks..
    • Karen Angle called herself a great performer and said that she all she wants is a great match between Sting & Angle..
    • Sting came out and told Karen Angle to read the letter she was given earlier because it was a legal restaining order..
    • Sting went to the ring and Karen Angle was forced out of the ring and the police came and arrested her on the spot!
    • Kurt Angle protested as police officers dragged Karen out of the building and into the squad car and drove off..

  8. MAIN EVENT: "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage defeated Junior Fatu (formerly known as Rikishi)..
    • Junior Fatu still uses his ass as his biggest gimmick but failed twice to use the stinkface on Christian Cage..
    • A.J. Styles came out after the match and Junior Fatu gave both Styles AND Christian Cage a stinkface each..
    • Tomko ran down to attack Junior Fatu until Samoa Joe ran down to make the save and send the heels packing..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Judas Mesias was shown choking out Sting with a rope (orchestrated by Father James Mitchell)..
  10. END OF SHOW....
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