Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 20, 2007 (Taped: December 10, 2007)

  1. TNA CHRISTMAS PARTY: "Showtime" Eric Young is hosting tonight's series of garbage segments..
    • Eric Young was excited about Santa Clause coming and has some interesting "family" members there...
    • The door bell rang and Eric's "Uncle Leo" showed up - who was played by the legendary Bushwhacker Luke..

  2. KICKOFF: Matt Morgan welcomed the fans to TNA iMPACT and said he was "Large and in Charge" tonight..

  3. CHRISTMAS CHAOS CAGE MATCH: -- (The Six Sides of Steel was decorated with thousands of Christmas lights)..
  4. TNA CHRISTMAS PARTY: "Showtime" Eric Young is hosting tonight's series of garbage segments..
    • The gimmick is that every time the door bell rings Eric Young thinks it's Santa Clause arriving to his party..
    • Angelina Love & Velvet Skye showed up to spread some Christmas cheer so Eric introduced them to his cousins..
    • ODB showed up and hit the bar, followed by Amazing Kong, who did not look happy to be at Eric Young's party..

  5. IN THE RING: Team 3-D (Brother "Santa Clause" Ray & Brother "Santa Clause" Devon) & Johnny "The Elf" Devine..
    • Team 3-D came out all dressed up and said they wanted to apologize to Jay Lethal & The Motor City Machine Guns..
    • Three midgets came out dressed as Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin - I wonder where they got that idea?
    • Brother Ray pretended to be Santa and let each midget sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas..
    • Little Black Machismo wanted to spend the night with So-Cal Val so Santa gave him $5 and bring back the change!
    • Brother Ray made one too many short-jokes and one of them slapped Ray so they all beat the crap out of the midgets!
    • Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, & Alex Shelley ran out to make the save and said they wanted to start their match right now!

  6. DOUBLE NORTH POLE MATCH: Jay Lethal & Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeated Brothers Ray & Devon & Johnny Devine..
    • There were two poles set up each having a different stipulation for their match at Final Resolution on 1/6..
    • The first pole had a contract for an Ultimate-X and the second had a contract for a Glass Pane Tables Match..

  7. TNA CHRISTMAS PARTY: "Showtime" Eric Young is hosting tonight's series of garbage segments..
    • Eric Young's cousins were annoying Amazing Kong so she got pissed off and kicked the crap out of them..
    • Kevin Nash showed up and Angelina & Velvet molested him - $500 says Kevin Nash wrote that into the script..
    • ODB threw a bowl of snacks on Angelina Love and cause a full-scale brawl with all available TNA Knockouts..

  8. TNA CHRISTMAS PARTY: "Showtime" Eric Young is hosting tonight's series of garbage segments..
    • Kurt Angle & Karen Angle (falling out of her dress) showed up Kurt told Eric that Santa Clause doesn't exist..
    • Eric Young refused to believe it and Kurt Angle (and Karen Angle too) wanted to know where the booze was..

  9. SANTAS WORKSHOP KNOCKOUTS STREET FIGHT: Awesome Kong defeated 8 Knockouts for the win!
    • Participants: Roxxi Laveaux - - - - - - Jackie Moore - - - - - - Christy Hemme - - - - - - Tracy Brooks..
    • Participants: Gail Kim - - - - ODB - - - - - Angelina Love - - - - Velvet Skye - - - - - Awesome Kong..
    • Gail Kim and Awesome Kong immediately brawled backstage, and Kong returned alone several minutes later..
    • After Amazing Kong won the match, Gail Kim returned and repeatedly whacked Kong with a steel chair..
    • The brawl heated up and a crew of TNA security guards had to forcibly separate the two women..

  10. TNA CHRISTMAS PARTY: "Showtime" Eric Young is hosting tonight's series of garbage segments..
    • Chris Harris insulted Eric Yong for not having music or women at his party and looked for a birthday present..
    • Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley showed up with their midget counterparts, followed by GURU Sonjay Dutt..
    • So-Cal Val showed up with Mistletoe and wanted to kiss Black Machismo but Sonjay Dutt stole the kiss instead!

  11. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Samoa Joe..
    • Samoa Joe said instead of throwing a Christmas party, TNA should use that money to supplement his contract..
    • Samoa Joe said instead of wasting airtime on lame party skits, TNA should give the fans some Samoa Joe matches..

  12. SILENT NIGHT BLOODY NIGHT 4-WAY: Rellik defeated Black Reign and Abyss and Shark Boy..
    • The ring had a barbed wire Christmas Tree with presents underneath containing various weapons like a golf club..
    • Late in the match, Father James Mitchell walked to the ring and the lights went out and Judas Mesias appeared!
    • Judas Mesias hit his finisher on Abyss onto the thumb-tacks | Rellik destroyed Shark Boy and scored the victory!

  13. TNA CHRISTMAS PARTY: "Showtime" Eric Young is hosting tonight's series of garbage segments..
    • Samoa Joe showed up and confronted Matt Morgan about wasting money on a party but not paying him what he's worth..
    • Samoa Joe said for Matt Morgan to tell Jim Cornette to take his job and stick it - and then trashed the room!

  14. TNA CHRISTMAS PARTY: "Showtime" Eric Young is hosting tonight's series of garbage segments..
    • Eric Young said his party was ruined by Samoa Joe but Santa Clause was coming and he is going to fix everything..
    • Jeremy Borash was the only one left and tried to explain that Santa Clause didn't exist but Santa showed up!

  15. GRAB THE REINDEER LADDER MATCH: Kaz defeated A.J. Styles..
    • To win you have to climb the ladder and grab the Reindeer costume and the loser has to wear the costume..
    • Remember A.J. Styles also had to wear a Turkey costume at the end of the of Thanksgiving episode of iMPACT..
    • It took five referees and Kurt Angle to force a humiliated A.J. Styles to put the Reindeer costume on..
    • Kurt Angle was embarassed that one of his associates would disappoint him again and ordered him to leave!
    • Kurt Angle told A.J. Styles to go back to the hotel and say "I am Not a Reindeer" a thousand times!!

  16. IN THE RING: World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle + Eric Young & Santa Clause!!!
    • Eric Young came to the ring with Santa Clause throwing official TNA merchandise and DVDs into the fans..
    • Santa Clause gave Kurt Angle a DVD - Angle shrugged it off and told Eric Young there was no Santa Clause..
    • Kurt Angle said he has never gotten a present from Santa Clause and said he wanted a gift this Christmas..
    • Kurt Angle said he wanted a gift for somebody else - for Christian Cage show up so he could finish him off!
    • Kurt Angle clotheslined Santa Clause and tossed Eric Young out of the ring (showed a girl crying in the crowd)..
    • Kurt Angle put Santa Clause in the Anklelock until Christian Cage made the save and Angle retreated quickly!

  17. END OF SHOW....
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