Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: January 3, 2007 (Taped: December ??, 2007)

  1. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash interviewed A.J. Styles at his family's house..
    • Jeremy Borash was greeted by Mary Jane (M.J. Styles) who said A.J. had been in his room for 4 days..
    • Jeremy Borash went to the Styles house but A.J. Styles didn't want to be interviewed by anybody now..

  2. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & Matt Morgan + Samoa Joe + Kevin Nash...
    • Jim Cornette said there would be four gauntlet matches to determine the rankings going into 2008..
    • Samoa Joe interrupted and complained that there was a Pay-Per-View this Sunday and wasn't booked..
    • Samoa Joe asked Jim Cornette why Kevin Nash & Scott Hall were getting a TNA Tag Team title match..
    • Kevin Nash walked slowly to the ring and confronted Samoa Joe for running down Scott Hall recently..
    • Kevin Nash said there was a place for the Outsiders in the business and Samoa Joe wasn't there yet..
    • Jim Cornette said Scott Hall was busy so Samoa Joe can be Kevin Nash's partner at Final Resolution

  3. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Robert Roode & Tracy Brooks..
    • Robert Roode said he doesn't have a problem slapping Sharmell - and Tracy Brooks said she despised Roode..
    • Robert Roode said Tracy has to do what she's told on Sunday and forced her to say "It Pays To Be Roode"..

  4. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) & Johnny Devine + Voodoo Kin Mafia..
    • Crystal Louthan sensed she would be harassed by Team 3-D and stormed off after giving them the microphone..
    • Kip James came in and Team 3-D made fun of his fruity pink shorts and BG James laughed along with them..
    • Kip James wanted to know when BG James would announce that they would challenge for World Tag Team titles..
    • BG James said he hasn't chosen a partner yet and Kip James took a fit that BG was scouting new partners..

  5. TAG TEAM GAUNTLET MATCH: The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) win the Gauntlet Match!
    • Kip James and Lance Hoyt started, followed by Brother Devon, followed by Alex Shelley, followed by Homicide..
    • Next we had Jimmy Rave, then BG James, Brother Devon eliminated, then Brother Ray entered the gauntlet..
    • Kip James was eliminated, next to enter was Chris Sabin, BG James was eliminated, Hernandez entered last..
    • Alex Shelley was eliminated, Hernandez (LAX) was eliminated, Homicide (LAX) was eliminated..
    • Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeated Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave in a traditional tag team match..
    • After the match: Tam 3-D & Johnny Devine attacked and destroyed the Motor City Machine Guns..
    • Team 3-D placed Sabin & Shelley's arms on a table and cracked their wrists with a kendo stick!
    • Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, & Petey Williams ran out to make the save but it was too late..

  6. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Kurt Angle & Karen Angle..
    • Kurt Angle said he knows A.J. Styles & Tomko will choose him because he has more to offer them professionally..
    • Kurt Angle said A.J. Styles wasn't there but he was going to make his alliance with Tomko official tonight..

  7. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash interviewed A.J. Styles' 3rd grade teacher at his family's house..

  8. KNOCKOUT GAUNTLET MATCH: ODB defeated Roxxi Leveaux in the Finals of the Knockout Gauntlet Match!
    • Angelina Love and Tracy Brooks started, followed by Jackie Moore, then Velvet Skye, Christy Hemme, and ODB..
    • Tracy Brooks was eliminated, Roxxi Leveaux was next to enter, and Awesome Kong entered the match last..
    • It came down to iMPACT Zone favorite ODB defeating Roxxi Leveaux in a one-on-one traditional wrestling match..

  9. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Tomko (Said he will call out Kurt Angle and demand the respect he earned)..

  10. IN THE RING: Tomko + Kurt Angle & Karen Angle..
    • Kurt Angle demanded that Tomko look him in the eyes and tell him if he's with him or without him..
    • Tomko said he wouldn't take a bullet for Kurt Angle OR Christian Cage and he makes decisions for himself..
    • Kurt Angle tried to sucker-punch Tomko but he was caught and Tomko said next time he will break Angle's neck..

  11. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash interviewed A.J. Styles' high school wrestling coach at his family's house..
    • The coach was played by Brother Ernest Angel, who many years back was a good manager in Memphis..

  12. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash interviewed A.J. Styles' sister M.J. (Mary Jane) Styles at his family's house..

  13. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & "The Black Machismo" Jay Lethal & "The GURU" Sonjay Dutt..
    • Jay Lethal confronted Sonjay Dutt for stealing a kiss from Elizabeth (So-Cal Val) at the Christmas Party..

  14. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Christian Cage..
    • Christian Cage said he was proud of Tomko for standing up for himself, but wanted to know A.J.'s decision..
    • Christian Cage invited Kurt Angle down to the ring after the Gauntlet Match to have a battle of wits..

  15. X-DIVISION GAUNTLET MATCH: Petey Williams defeated Senshi in the Finals of the X-Division Gauntlet Match!
    • Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt started, followed by Shark Boy, then Elix Skipper, Elix Skipper was eliminated..
    • Johnny Devine entered next, Shark Boy was eliminated, Senshi entered next, Johnny Devine was eliminated
    • Sonjay Dutt was eliminated and it came down to Petey Williams defeating Senshi in a traditional wrestling match..

  16. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & "Cowboy" James Storm & Jackie Moore..
    • Said he would have a 2/3 Falls Drinking Championship Series with Eric Young at Final Resolution..

  17. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash interviewed A.J. Styles' minister from church at his family's house..

  18. INTERVIEW (Yes, the 193rd interview of the night): Crystal Louthan & Booker T & Sharmell..
    • Booker T said he treats his wife like a queen and he will go force Jim Cornette to cancel the mixed tag match..
    • Sharmell said she isn't scarred of getting pysical and wanted revenge for Robert Roode calling her a "skank"..

  19. HEAVYWEIGHT GAUNTLET MATCH: Christian Cage defeated Samoa Joe in the Finals to win the Heavyweight Gauntlet Match..
  20. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash finally interviewed A.J. Styles at his family's house..
    • A.J. Styles picked Christian, then changed his mind to Kurt Angle, then said he would decide at Final Resolution..

  21. END OF SHOW....
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