Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: January 17, 2008 (Taped: January 8, 2008)

  1. PARKING LOT: Jeremy Borash greeted the The Angle Alliance, who arrived in tuxedo's ready for a celebration..
    • Kurt Angle said when A.J. Styles wins the threeway tonight he (Angle) won't have to defend for two months!
    • Jeremy Borash said Styles might want a title shot and Karen Angle said "A.J. has already made his decision"..

  2. IN THE RING: Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal + Team 3-D & Johnny Devine..
    • Alex Shelley accepted Team 3-D's challenge to a Hardcore Street Fight at Against All Odds on PPV..
    • Alex Shelley added a stip where if they win then they get to institute a weight restriction on Team 3-D..
    • Brother Ray came out talking trash and claimed that he and Devon were in the best shape of their lives..
    • Team 3-D & Johnny Devine said when they win at Against All Odds, the TNA X-Division will be disbanded..
    • Team 3-D wanted to shake on it, so Shelley & Sabin & Lethal shook hands, but then attacked Team 3-D from behind!
    • Everybody started to brawl and Matt Morgan came out and tried desperately to separate all six men from each other..

  3. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Abyss (Said the big secret will be revealed tonight "Over My Dead Body")..

  4. VIDEO PACKAGE: Featuring the series of beatings endured by Shark Boy over the last few months..

  5. SHARK TANK: Jeremy Borash & Shark Boy (at Shark Boy's home)..
    • The house was like an aquiarium and all of his family members were wearing Shark masks (so hilarious!)..
    • The doctor said it didn't look good and that Shark Boy may have finally reached low tide (family cries)..

  6. MATCH: Tomko defeated "Showtime" Eric Young (in posession of the Drinking Series Championship belt)..
    • After the match: Cowboy James Storm ran out and gave the Eye of the Storm on Eric Young and took the DSC belts..
    • James Storm gave Tomko a beer, but Tomko kicked him out of the ring and gave the beer & belt back to Eric Young..

  7. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Christian Cage..
    • Christian Cage said it was okay for Tomko to stand alone but A.J. Styles stabbed him in the back..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Crystal Louthan took Dustin Rhodes into Black Reign's workship and Rhodes strated freaking out..

  9. KNOCKOUTS MATCH: ODB (One Dirty Bitch) defeated Angelina Love...
  10. SPY CAM: Kevin Nash was shown talking to Samoa Joe giving him advice on getting success in pro-wrestling..

  11. SHARK TANK: Jeremy Borash & Shark Boy & Wildcat Chris Harris..
    • Chris Harris said this was ridiculous but he has resorted to this just to get some TV time on TNA iMPACT..
    • LAX & Salinas showed up to check up on Shark Boy - and Homicide said he thought Shark Boy was dieing..
    • Chris Harris spoke up and proclaimed "The only thing DEAD around here is my career!" - good job Chris!

  12. MATCH: Kaz (with Marlena the rat) defeated Senshi (last match with TNA)..
    • Black Reign showed up and whacked Kaz with the Darkness Falls weapon and then looked for "Misty" the rat..
    • The cage that Kaz brought down was empty and Black Reign went berzerk pounding on Kaz and freaking out..

  13. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Father James Mitchell (and Judas Mesias in the background)..
    • Father James Mitchell said the secret will be revealed and Chris' (Abyss) life will be changed forever..

  14. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & "Prince" A.J. Styles + Tomko..
    • A.J. Styles went to Tomko looking for advice on what he should do if he wins the triple threat match..
    • Tomko said A.J. Styles won the Tag Team titles without Kurt and he can win the World title without Kurt..

  15. MATCH: Abyss defeated Lance Hoyt w/Jimmy Rave..
    • During the match: Father James Mitchell came out and gave "Chris" the opportunity to reveal the secret..
    • Abyss refused and Father James Mitchell took a TNA camera backstage while Abyss finsihed off Lance Hoyt..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Father James Mitchell (while Abyss watched from the ring)..
    • Father James Mitchell said Chris' mom let him run around and do whatever he wanted when he was a kid..
    • Father James Mitchell said Chris sat by and watched his mom shoot his father in the back three times..
    • Father James Mitchell said he can't help but feel like three bullets ripping through HIS flesh..
    • Father James Mitchell then revealed that he was Abyss' biological father (wow, shocking, yawn)..

  17. BACKSTAGE: Crystal Louthan tried to get a reaction from Abyss but he was busy freaking out...

  18. MATCH: Robert Roode w/Miss Payton Banks defeated Sonjay Dutt..
    • Sonjay Dutt tried to get a kiss from So-Cal Val, but she turned him down - so he pinched her butt!
    • Midway through the match: Tracy Brooks ran down but the referee stopped her from getting Payton Banks..
    • After the match: Tracy Brooks tried to jump in to get at Robert Roode but Payton Banks cut her off!
    • Robert Roode pulled Tracy Brooks off of Payton Banks, and Tracy slapped Roode accross the face HARD!
    • Matt Morgan ran down and stopped everything before any illegal man-on-woman violence could go down..

  19. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & A.J. Styles & Karen Angle (Karen manipulating Styles with promises)..

  20. SHARK TANK: Jeremy Borash & Shark Boy + Angelina Love & Velvet Skye...
    • Angelina & Velvet wanted to give Shark Boy some kisses but Shark Dad jumped on the bed..

  21. IN THE RING: Kip James & BG James & Roxxie Leveaux + "Bullet" Bob Armstrong..
    • Kip James said he handed BG James a title shot and they have been tag team partners for the last ten years..
    • BG James said he was blessed by God to see some of his dreams come true, of becoming a professional wrestler..
    • BG James said one of his dreams was to stand side-by-side with his hero - his partner - Bullet Bob Armstrong!
    • Kip James (who considers himself part of the James family) accepted the choice and have Bullet Bob a HUG!

  22. SHARK TANK: Jeremy Borash & Shark Boy + "Showtime" Eric Young..
    • Eric Young showed up and told Shark Boy to fight for his life and then noticed Shark's eyes were open..
    • Shark Boy sat up and cut a promo like Stone Cold (Cause that's the bottom line cause Shark Boy said so!)..

  23. IN THE RING: Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt Angle said A.J. Styles will win tonight so that he will get a two month pass on defending his championship..
    • Kurt Angle then plugged the Global iMPACT show coming on next featuring his match in Japan with Yuji Nagata..

  24. BACKSTAGE: Jim Cornette & Scott Steiner & Petey Williams..
    • Jim Cornette convinced Scott Steiner that the TNA X-Division wasn't about size it was about being the BEST!
    • Scott Steiner got inspired and said he was the BEST and stormed off content with his X-Division title shot..

  25. #1 CONTENDERS 3-WAY: Christian Cage defeated A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe to earn another shot at the TNA title!
    • Samoa Joe was DQ'd by the referee for using a chair that was introduced into the match by A.J. Styles..
    • Matt Morgan came out to enforce the referee's decision, and Kevin Nash came down to calm Samoa Joe down..

  26. END OF SHOW....
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