Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West..
Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: March 20, 2008 (Taped: )

  1. KICKOFF: Jeremy Borash started the show outside of Jim Cornette's office to hype the upcoming edition of iMPACT..
    • Christian Cage was shown leaving Jim Cornette's office followed by Cornette who announced Rhino vs. Tomko!

  2. IN THE RING: Booker T + Sharmell + Robert Roode & Miss Payton Banks + Jim Cornette & Matt Morgan..
    • Booker T welcomed Sharmell back to the iMPACT Zone and promised to never to put her in harms way again..
    • Robert Roode (w/Payton Banks) came out and threatened Booker T & Sharmell before Jim Cornette interrupted..
    • Jim Cornette said he wanted TNA to be a level playing field and talked about the match at Destination-X..
    • Jim Cornette said Booker T's issue with Robert Roode will be settled at Lockdown inside Six Sides of Steele..
    • Jim Cornette said the match was going to be Robert Roode & Miss Payton Banks against Booker T & Sharmell..
    • Booker T took a fit at Sharmell being included in the match so Jim Cornette booked him against A.J. Styles

  3. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & A.J. Styles + Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon)..
    • A.J. Styles complained about having to face Booker T tonight until he was interrupted by Brothers Ray & Devon..
    • Brother Ray said it was official that they would be apart of Tomko's team for the Lethal Lockdown match..

  4. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kaz & Eric Young..
    • Eric Young said he feels a lot safer knowing that Super Eric was in the building tonight..
    • Eric Young said he was ready for their match as long as Black Reign & RelliK don't show up..

  5. TAG MATCH: Scott Steiner & Petey Williams w/Rhaka Khan defeated Eric Young & Kaz...
    • After a few minutes, Black Reign & Rellik came out and Black Reign yelled "Evil always triumphs!"
    • Eric Young was distracted by the monsters on the stage and was easily finished off by Scott Steiner..
    • After the match; Scott Steiner handcuffed Petey Williams again and placed a black bag over his head..

  6. SIT-DOWN INTERVIEW: Mike Tenay & Christian Cage & Rhino..
    • Mike Tenay said he asked Rhino to be there on behalf of Christian and warned Cage not to embarass Rhino..
    • Christian Cage said he just wanted to make things right with Rhino and proclaimed Team Cage needs Rhino..
    • Rhino asked if he looks like a fool, and reminded Christian Cage that he hurt the people he loves most..
    • Rhino asked Christian Cage how he was going to fix things with his daughter and walked off the set..

  7. MATCH: Tomko defeated Rhino after interference from A.J. Styles behind referee Earl Hebner's back..
    • The fans in the front row told referee Earl Hebner that A.J. Styles was hiding under the ring and Earl found him!
    • Earl Hebner was about to reverse the decision but Styles & Tomko attacked Rhino until Christian made the save!
    • Rhino shook hands with Christian Cage but Team 3-D attacked them from behind are were joined by Styles & Tomko..
    • Kevin Nash hobbled down with a steel chair and chased Team 3-D, Styles & Tomko away from the six sided ring..
    • Jim Cornette came out and booked Team 3-D vs. Christian Cage & Rhino in the main event tonight..

  8. VIDEO FOOTAGE: "The Black Machismo" Jay Lethal & So-Cal Val still on their date at Universal Studios..
    • Jay Lethal was about to ask So-Cal Val a question when Sonjay Dutt showed up acting as their waiter..
    • Sonjay Dutt was vying for So-Cal Val's attention while Jay Lethal was trying to get a discount!

  9. X-SCAPE QUALIFYING MATCH: "the GURU" Sonjay Dutt defeated Homicide (w/Hernandez & Salinas)..
    • Sonjay Dutt kept looking at So-Cal Val at ringside, who was flashing smiles and thumbs up towards the "GURU"..
    • Sonjay Dutt faked a knee injury to gain sympathy from So-Cal Val but suddenly pinned Homicide for the victory!
    • Sonjay Dutt got up and started dancing and tried to make peace with LAX - but Hernandez gave him a Border-toss!

  10. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & Booker T & Sharmell..
    • Crystal Louthan was appauled that Jim Cornette would put Sharmell in a six sides of steel match at Lockdown..
    • Booker T was extremely upset that his wife was going to be in the cage with that sadistic fool Robert Roode..
    • Booker T finished by saying his match tonight was all business and told A.J. Styles to bring his A-game..

  11. ROUGH CUT: BG James and Kip James doing a reality-based segment talking about reuniting in TNA..
    • They talked about their reunion in TNA being forced and couldn't do the same stuff they did 10 years ago..
    • Kip James talked about wanting to go the gym and BG James said he didn't have time to just go to the gym..
    • BG James said he thought they both matured and thought that they would be closer than ever as a team in TNA..
    • Kip James said he was mad that he had to carry BG James all this time and carry 60% of the team's weight..

  12. MATCH: Booker T w/Sharmell defeated A.J. Styles w/Karen Angle..
    • A.J. Styles introduced his "special guest" for tonight - the most honorable woman he's ever met, Karen Angle!
    • Robert Roode came out to the stage but Jim Cornette, Matt Morgan, and TNA security escorted him backstage..
    • Karen Angle encouraged A.J. Styles while sitting in the front row which inspired Styles to work even harder..
    • Miss Payton Banks showed up and attacked Sharmell, but Sharmell started whipping Banks with a leather strap!
    • Booker T finished off the distracted A.J. Styles - who looked over to discover that Karen Angle was gone..

  13. INTERVIEW: Crystal Louthan & TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong & Raesha Saed..
    • Raesha Saed relayed a message from Kong that Gail Kim & ODB's stupid plan failed at Destination-X..
    • Raesha Saed said Gail Kim & ODB were doomed for failure and Awesome Kong is strong and always prepared..
    • Raesha Saed said Gail Kim & ODB are marked for destruction and soon their destruction will commence..

  14. KNOCKOUTS TAG MATCH: Gail Kim & ODB defeated Velvet Skye & Angelina Love..
    • There will be a poll of TNA fans on the TNA website over who Awesome Kong's next challenger would be..
    • After the match; Roxxi Leveaux walked down to the ring and chased Angelina Love & Velvet Skye backstage..

  15. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle (Cut an intense promo about facing Samoa Joe at Lockdown)..

  16. SPARRING SESSION: Featuring Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt Angle made short work of three MMA jobbers and then destroyed wrestler Kory Chavis (bloodied)..
    • Kurt Angle looked in the camera and told Samoa Joe to keep training keep training because IT'S REAL!

  17. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Team Tomko (Tomko & A.J. Styles & Brother Ray & Brother Devon & Johnny Devine)..
    • Tomko said up until now he hasn't had a problem with Kevin Nash but warned him not to align with Christian Cage..
    • Brother Devon did the talking for Team 3-D (for a change) while Brother Ray concluded "Oh my brother, testify!!!"

  18. MAIN EVENT: Christian Cage & Rhino beat Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) by DQ when Tomko & Styles interfered..
    • Kevin Nash hobbled down to help Christian Cage & Rhino, cleaning house, but Team Tomko easily overtook Nash..
    • Curry Man & Shark Boy tried to help but were beaten up as well - then followed by the Motor City Machine Guns..
    • The heels dominated the battle and stood over the carnage until the lights went out and Sting's music played!

  19. END OF SHOW....
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