• February 13, 2005 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • Bruno Sassi & Big Till b Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermain -pre show-;
    • The Harris Brothers b Mikey Batts & Jerelle Clark -pre show-;
    • Elix Skipper b Petey Williams;
    • BG James & Jeff Hammond b Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian;
    • Raven b Dustin Rhodes;
    • America's Most Wanted b Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt -Tag Titles-;
    • Abyss b Jeff Hardy -Full Metal Mayhem Match-;
    • DDP & Monty Brown b Eric Young & Bobby Rude;
    • AJ Styles b Christopher Daniels -30 Minute Iron Man Match-;
    • Jeff Jarrett b Kevin Nash -NWA World Heavyweight title-;

  1. PRE-SHOW MATCH: Team Trinity (Phi Delta Slam: Bruno Sassi & Big Till) beat Lex Lovett & Buck Quartermain..

  2. PRE SHOW MATCH: Team Tracy (Disciples of Destruction: Ron & Don Harris) beat Mikey Batts & Jerelle Clark..

  3. PRE SHOW INTERVIEW: Scott Hudson & Chris Candido & The Naturals..
    • Chris Candido said that both Trinity & Tracy Brooks overlooked the best tag team in TNA -- The Naturals!
    • Chris Candido said that they will be taking notes tonight because they are going to be taking over..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Shane Douglas & Larry Zbyszko..
    • Shane Douglas hyped up the World title match saying there was more buzz than any match in TNA history..
    • Larry Zbyszko was seen leaving Jeff Jarrett's locker room and says there is a huge legal battle between Jarrett and Rhodes..

  5. OPENING MATCH: Elix Skipper defeated Petey Williams w/Scott D'Amore..

  6. TAG MATCH: BG James & Jeff Hammond w/Konnan & Killings defeated Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian..
    • During the match, some of the fans started chanting "NASCAR Sucks!", followed by "NASCAR's fake!"..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Dusty Rhodes & Trinity & Tracy Brooks + Larry Zbyszko & The Lawyer (Mr. Daggett)..
    • Larry Zbyszko approached Dusty Rhodes with a lawyer and tries to get out of the DQ stipulation set down for the match..
    • Mr. Daggett threatened to get Dusty Rhodes evicted but Rhodes called his bluff..

  8. MATCH: Raven defeated Dustin Rhodes..
    • They showed footage of Raven breaking Cassidy O'Reilly's fingers on Impact and Dustin Rhodes saving him..
    • The fight continued after Raven pinned Dustin Rhodes and the referee got taken out in the process..
    • Raven put Dustin Rhodes in a straight jacket and started smashing him with a trash can..
    • Cassidy O'Reilly hit the ring to try to make the save but he got hit with the Raven Effect DDT!
    • Raven then whips Dustin Rhodes with a leather strap, until TNA security came out to break things up..


  10. TAG TITLE MATCH: America's Most Wanted defeated Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt to retain..
    • AMW managed to handcuff Kid Kash to the ring ropes and hit the Death Sentance on Lance Hoyt for the win!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Shane Douglas finds a guarded limousine in the parking lot and guesses it holds a big star..

  12. FULL METAL MAYHEM MATCH: Abyss defeated Jeff Hardy..
    • Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Chains are legal in this "Full Metal Mayhem" #1 Contenders match..
    • There were two envelopes hung from the ceiling, one contained nothing, and the other contained a contract..
    • Abyss set up a table on the stage, but Jeff Hardy attacked him and set Abyss up on the table unconscious..
    • Jeff Hardy climbed to the top of the heel entrance and dove off and landed right on top of Abyss threw the table!!!
    • Jeff Hardy then climbed the ladder and retreived one of the envelopes, which turned out to be empty!!
    • Abyss threw Jeff Hardy through a stack of table at ringside and climbed the ladder to get the #1 Contenders contract!
    • After the match, Jeff Hardy showed his frustration at losing the match..

  13. TAG MATCH: DDP & Monty Brown defeated Team Canada (Bobby Rude & Eric Young w/Scott D'Amore & Johnny Devine)..
    • Monty Brown hit Bobby Rude with the POUNCE and DDP hit Eric Young with a top rope Diamond Cutter for the win!

  14. BACKSTAGE: Tracy Brooks & Trinity & Larry Zbyszko + The Lawyer..
    • The Lawyer asks if Dusty Rhodes signed the contract and Trinity told him to sign her ass..

  15. 30-MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels (2-to-1 in sudden death)..
    • Christopher Daniels scored the first pinfall after hitting the Angel Wings finisher on AJ Styles (Daniels:1 | Styles:0)
    • AJ Styles scored a fan over Chris Daniels to tie it up with 5:00 left in the match (Daniels:1 | Styles:1)
    • AJ Styles was busted open and blood flowed freely down over Styles face profusely..
    • Time ran out as Chris Daniels had AJ Styles in a submission hold and AJ Styles passed out as the buzzer rang!
    • Jeremy Borash announced that the match was ruled a draw, until Dusty Rhodes came out and restarted the match..
    • The match was restarted with sudden death rules and AJ Styles won after hitting the Styles Clash (Daniels:1 | Styles:2)

  16. NWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett defeated Kevin Nash to retain..
    • The stipulation is that if Jeff Jarrett uses the guitar he will be DQ'd and lose his championship..
    • Late in the match, a CHELLO was brought into the ring and the referee was knocked out..
    • Kevin Nash Jacknife Powerbombed Jeff Jarrett onto the Chello, but there was no referee to make the count!
    • (The Artist Formerly Known as) Billy Gunn showed up and knocked Kevin Nash out with a chairshot!
    • The referee wakes up as Jeff Jarrett covered Kevin Nash for a 2 count before Nash lifted his shoulder!
    • (The Artist Formerly Known as) X-Pac then hit the ring and gave Jeff Jarrett a Bronco Buster and X-Factor!
    • Kevin Nash covered Jeff Jarrett for another near fall spot..
    • Billy Gunn grabbed the NWA title belt, but BG James ran down and pulled it away from him!
    • Kevin Nash took Billy Gunn out with a big boot to the face!
    • Jeff Jarrett then whacked Kevin Nash with the NWA title belt but only got a 2-count!!!
    • Jeff Jarrett then hit the stroke on Kevin Nash and went for the pin -- but Kevin Nash kicked out again!!!
    • Jeff Jarrett went to the top rope but got caught by Kevin Nash -- Jarrett pushes the referee..
    • Jeff Jarrett low-blowed Kevin Nash -- hit a second Stroke -- and scored the 1-2-3 to retain the NWA title!!!!!
    • Billy Gunn helped Jeff Jarrett to his feet and they celebrated the victory..
    • Billy Gunn was wearing a T-shirt that read "N.I.N - No Introduction Needed - You Already Know My Name"..

  17. And that's a wrap folks...

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