• February 12, 2007 - Orlando, Florida;

    • Kazarian & Devine beat Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal;
    • LAX defeated Team 3-D -Little Italy Street Fight-;
    • Senshi defeated Austin Starr -X Division Match-;
    • Christy Hemme b Big Fat Oily Guy -Tuxedo Match-;
    • Lance Hoyt w/Eckstein b Dale Torborg w/Pierzynski;
    • A.J. Styles beat Rhino -Motor City Chain Match-;
    • Chris Sabin beat Jerry Lynn -X Division title-;
    • J.Storm & Jacqueline beat P.Williams & Gail Kim;
    • Sting b Abyss w/James Mitchell -Prison Yard Match-;
    • Christian Cage beat Kurt Angle -NWA World Title-;

  1. PRE-SHOW: Hosted by Jeremy Borash & LeTisha Cline..
    • Jim Cornette told Christy Hemme that her match would be a Tuxedo match against a mystery opponent on PPV..
    • DARK MATCH: Serotonin (Frankie Kazarian & Johnny Devine) defeated Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal.
    • ~~~Afterwards, Raven came out and made all three men cane each other even though they won..

  2. LITTLE ITALY STREET FIGHT: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) defeated Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) ..

  3. X-DIVISION MATCH: Senshi defeated "THE" Austin Starr..
    • After the match: Austin Starr slapped Bob Backlund, so Backlund slapped the Cross-face Chicken Wing on him!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Christian Cage & Scott Steiner & Tomko (Steiner and Tomko are constantly arguing)..

  5. TUXEDO MATCH: Christy Hemme defeated Big Fat Oily Guy..
    • After the match: Kip James came out and claimed the fans didn't want to see Christy Hemme wrestling..
    • Kip James then ripped Christy Hemme's top off sending Hemme running backstage (I mean, come on, geeze!)..

  6. BASEBRAWL II MATCH: Lance Hoyt w/David Eckstein defeated Dale Torborg w/A.J. Pierzynski..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Alex Shelley had a viewing party to show footage of Eric Young and Miss Brooks..
    • Some bad softcore porn where Miss Brooks tricked Eric Young into signing a Robert Roode Inc. contract..

  8. MOTOR CITY CHAIN MATCH: "Phenomenal" A.J. Styles defeated "The War Machine" Rhino..

  9. X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn to retain the X-Division title..

  10. IN THE RING: Robert Roode & Miss Brooks + Eric Young..
    • Robert Roode came out with Miss Brooks and praised Brooks for finally doing something right..
    • Robert Roode introduced the newest member of Robert Roode Inc., and Eric Young came to the ring..

  11. MIXED TAG MATCH: James Storm & Jacqueline Moore defeated Petey Williams & Gail Kim..
    • After the match: James Storm & Jacqueline Moore tried to give Petey Williams the Death Sentance..
    • Chris Harris (wearing an eye patch) ran down to the six-sided ring and saved Petey Williams..

  12. PRISON YARD MATCH: Sting defeated Abyss w/Father James Mitchell..
    • The object of the match was to beat your opponent up and force him into a small cage to win the match..

  13. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Christian Cage defeated Kurt Angle to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title..
    • A few minutes into the match, special outside enforcer Samoa Joe's music hit and he came to ringside..
    • A.J. Styles came out and tried to interfere but enforcer Samoa Joe chased him away from the ring..
    • Samoa Joe returned to the ring but a few minutes later had to take out both Scott Steiner & Tomko..
    • Christian Cage grabbed Scott Steiner's steel pipe and whacked Kurt Angle and hit the Unprettier to win!

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

Alan J. Wojcik of LIVE Report

These are live notes of TNA Wrestling's Against All Odds PPV on February, 11 2007. Last year's event saw "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage defeated Jeff Jarrett to win the title, will he leave tonight the champion or does Kurt Angle make his own history. As usual the pre-show was hosted by Jeremy Borash.

Some of the ringside fans were given Team Eckstein shirts that had the Lockdown PPV logo on the back along with the number 07. Local Orlando TV was here to film the Basebrawl.

The pre show match was: Serotonin members Frankie "the Future" Kazarian and "Hotshot" Johnny Devine (w/ "Maverick" Matt Bentley) defeating Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt. After the match Raven came out and despite the win caned all three in the back. Jeremy Borash followed Alex Shelley to his office where he told Kevin Nash he got Ms. Brooks and Eric Young on video having relations. Team 3D hit the ring as Don West was doing the pre-show hard sell demanding LAX come to the ring. When LAX didn't come out 3D said they would go find LAX in the locker room.

(1) In a Little Italy (non-title) street fight, NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange ("Notorious 187" Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez) defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray and Devon)

Before the show Dave Penzer told the fans the rules are there are no rules but win by pin or submission. In the ring the crew set up table like scenes from an Italian restaurant (good Billy Joel song) complete with empty bottles of Pellegrino. Outside the ring were two cage dancers (like they had in Nashville) and garbage cans. With Konnan as a distraction LAX jumped 3D the fighting was on and it went all over the place. Hernandez went for a plancha onto Devon but got a folding chair into his face. Ray temporarily disposed of Homicide so he could get a lapdance which got stopped when Homicide hit him with a chair. With Ray on the floor LAX double teamed Devon with garbage can shots and a pizza slicer shot to the forehead that cut him open. Ray got in the ring and leveled Homicide with a cheese grater which cut his head open. Three gang members including Machete and JP Ace hit the ring but 3D sent them back to the floor. 3D hit the Wassup top rope move on Homicide and went table shopping. They were going to hit the Wassup when Devon hit the trio with a plancha to the floor. Hernandez put Ray into the table and Homicide hit a top rope elbow but Devon saved his partner. Devon hit Homicide with an inverted DDT but Hernandez stopped the pin and hit the Border Toss to win.

As Jeremy Borash interviewed Bob Backlund and the Austin Starr the fans gave 3D an ovation.

(2) Senshi defeated the Austin Starr.

Both men traded forearms shots but Senshi hit a bodyslam and a Muta powerdrive elbow for two. Senshi followed with a dropkick also for two but he allowed Starr time and Starr leveraged Senshi to the floor where he followed with a high flying move. Back in the ring Starr hit an elbow of his own for two and raked his nails down Senshi's back in the ring. Starr used the ropes to choke the air out of his opponent and got close to a DQ. Starr hit a slam and went for his own elbow but Senshi moved and hit some kicks but Starr hit a power bomb for two. Senshi avoided a running elbow and leveled Starr. Senshi followed with an enziguri for two and blocked Starr's suplex attempts. But he couldn't block the Chicken Wing submission. Senshi escaped and hit the Warrior's boots in the ring but missed the top rope version. Starr locked Senshi in the Chicken Wing again but Senshi escaped into a pin which was countered into a counter and Senshi got the victory. After the match Starr tossed chairs into the ring like he was pitching a fit. He demanded the match be re-started but Bob Backlund came out. After he was smacked Backlund locked Starr in the Chicken Wing.

Scott Steiner and Tomko argued in front of NWA World Heavyweight champion "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage who was being interviewed by Jeremy Borash

(3) In a tuxedo match, Christy Hemme defeated the Fat Naked Oily Guy (TNA Nashville PPV timekeeper Tiny)

This was beyond words. Naked Guy lost his shirt while Hemme lost her pants. People on the hard cam side puked as they saw naked guy buttcrack. Hemme hit a crotch shot and pulled down the pants to win. Hemme asked is this what TNA wanted. She said their plan backfired and Kip James came out to the ring. He got her attention long enough to rip her top off and expose her to the fans.

Alex Shelley, Kevin Nash, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and the interview girl watched the footage of Eric Young being seduced by Ms. Brooks but it was to be continued later in the PPV.

(4) In Basebrawl II, Lance Hoyt (w/St. Louis Cardinals star David Eckstein) defeated Dale Torborg (w/Chicago White Sox star AJ Pierzynski)

This will get all of us on SportsCenter tonight. Before getting in the ring Torborg trashed. a hoyt action figure with a bat while Pierzynski spit on a Team Eckstein shirt. The fans chanted baseball sucks as Hoyt beat Torborg all over the place. Hoyt went for a suplex on the floor when Pierzynski hit him in the cup region. Torborg hit the suplex and then Pierzynski tossed Hoyt into a guard rail as Torborg kept the referee and Eckstein busy. Pierzynski tossed Hoyt back in where Torborg dished out some punishment as the fans cheered for Hoyt. Torborg tossed Hoyt to a corner but Hoyt climbed the ropes and hit a leg lariat. Hoyt went up top but Pierzynski hit him with a chair which allowed Torborg to get the cover. However Andrew Thomas was told by Eckstein the chair was used. Thomas restarted the match and Hoyt hit a TKO-like move to win.

The Paparazzi Productions flick continued as things got steamy. It looked like Brooks was going to seal the deal when we were to be continued once more.

(5) In a "Motor City Chain match", "Phenomenal" AJ Styles defeated "War Machine" Rhino.

Both men were handcuffed to a 15 foot logger's chain but there is a key on top of a pole as well as Rhino's weapon of choice, a night stick. The match began with a tug of war over the chain but Styles was able to get away from Rhino. Well as far as 15 feet allowed. Styles bailed to the floor and Rhino had no choice but to follow. Rhino finally got Styles and the beating began. But when Rhino tried to get back in, Styles met him with boots to the jaw. They went to the floor again and played tug of war with the chain between the ringpost. Rhino won that battle driving Styles into the post shoulder first, then sending him back on the ring. Rhino hit a belly to belly and set for the GORE but got hit with the Pele kick. Styles used the chain to choke Rhino which was 100%legal. Styles hit a chain clothesline and went for the handcuff key. Rhino grabbed the chain and dragged Styles back into the ring but Styles kicked him in the chest several times. Styles went to the apron and hit a slingshot forearm for two. Styles went up again but Rhino pulled him down again, this time both men collided and struggled to their feet. Rhino got to his feet and was the aggressor with moves including a spinebuster for two. Rhino decided to go for his night stick and got it to use on Styles. However Styles saw Rhino coming and tripped him with the chain. Styles got the night stick and used it on Rhino's throat and head. Styles went for the key a third time and finally got it and freed himself. Styles hit a frog splash but didn't go for the pin. Instead he went outside the ring only to return and wrap the chain around the ropes, cuffing his old place to the rope. Styles mocked Rhino with the key but he got too close and was hit wit the GORE. Referee Earl Hebner kicked the handcuff key to Rhino so he could be free. The fans immediately chanted "You Screwed AJ" as Rhino got a table and placed it and Styles in a corner. Too bad Styles moved out of the GORE and Rhino was pinned by Styles.

We went back to the viewing party to find out the ending. Young signed as she placed the contract across her chest. Brooks told Young to close his eyes and left to find Roode in the hallway. Backlund crashed the viewing party and everyone scattered.

(6) World X Division champion "the Future" Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn.

Early on it became Lynn's experience level against Sabin's speed which showed as Lynn took the match to the mat. Sabin bailed to the floor to regroup. Sabin came back in only to bail once more. Sabin came back and got locked in a headlock despite several escapes. Sabin claimed Lynn pulled his hair so the hold was broken. But when Lynn was getting out of a headlock Sabin grabbed Lynn's hair to throw him to the canvas. Sabin slide to the floor to avoid Lynn who also slid to the floor but when Sabin went for a placha Lynn was nowhere to be found. Lynn made a mistake and Sabin made him pay when they got in the ring as Sabin hit Lynn with a hangman like move. Sabin stretched Lynn with a surfboard but Lynn fought to his feet. Sabin draped Lynn on the top turnbuckle and hit a dropkick to the head. Sabin kept sending the punches and kicks into Lynn but it was a half nelson backbreaker that got a two count. Sabin kept the punishment focused on Lynn's back but couldn't get a pin. Instead it pissed Lynn off who fought back with shots to Sabin's head and neck, getting a two count from a top rope huricurana. Lynn got too close to the ropes and Sabin hit another hangman's move. Sabin hit an enziguri and a sitout power bomb or two and went right for the Cradle Shock but Lynn countered into a pin for two. Lynn nearly got three and went for the Cradle Piledriver but his back gave out. Sabin flipped Lynn over and got the pin with some help from the ropes.

A teaser commercial for Destination X played. Cameras caught Samoa Joe leaving Kurt Angle's locker room.

Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks came out with the Eric Young contact in hand. Rood said he was extremely happy that Ms. Brooks finally did something right. Roode asked for "Showtime" Eric Young to come out to the ring and he did. Roode said he still couldn't figure out why the fans liked Young, until now. He said the fans see themselves in Young, saying like Young the fans are worthless. Roode turned his back on Young and nearly got decked. But Young did nothing but stand there as Roode continued to berate him.

Jeremy Borash once again tried to talk to Christian Cage and Tomko about the main event of the evening. This time he was successful as Cage talked about the match and the title belt. Jim Cornette reminded Cage about the title changing on DQ rule.

(7) "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm and "the Pride of Tennessee" Jacqueline Moore defeated Petey Williams and Gail Kim.

Williams kept Storm on the run with some moves and Storm tagged Moore, who was hit with a Atomic Drop before Kim came in. Fighting was mixed in with some wrestling but Kim drove Moore's head into Storm's crotch. Williams didn't fair any better as his back met Moore's boot on a rope move. Storm hit a double underhook into a slam for two and tagged in Moore. Moore and Storm made tags working over Williams even as Storm spit on the ringside fans. Williams fought out of a rear chinlock only to run into a Storm dropkick for two. Storm hit the Eye Of the Storm and tagged in Moore who got two. Moore went for a headlock but hit with a back suplex that popped a breast out of her top. Storm tagged in but missed a move which allowed Williams to attempt but have the Canadian Destroyer blocked. Kim and Moore got in again and Kim had a pin but the referee was putting Williams out of the ring. Kim got kicked off into Storm's elbow and she was pinned. Storm and Moore went to hit Kim with the Death Sentence when "Wildcat" Chris Harris hit the ring, sending Storm running for the exit signs.

(8) In a "Prison Yard" match, Sting defeated Abyss

Think "Boiler Room Brawl", because this began outside the Impact Zone and the combatants fought to put the other into the cell seen on Impact last Thursday night. So like the fans watching on PPV we had to watch TV to see the match for several minutes. The two men used anything not nailed to something as a weapon even as dumpster which Abyss tossed Sting into. Abyss got a folding table and placed it in front of the dumpster. Sting hit Abyss with some roofing tile which sent Abyss onto the table and Sting jumped off onto his opponent. Finally the action came into the building with punches flying and Abyss being hit with a chair. Sting got a barbwire baseball bat from under the ring and hit Abyss. The cell was lowered when the battle entered the ring. However when Sting could have locked up Abyss he went after Mitchell with a leather belt to the back and neck. Abyss finally got to his feet and came after Sting with furious anger. After decking Sting Abyss got a table for the ring. Sting blocked a trip to the cell but he didn't block Abyss breaking one of the siren lights on his head. Sting was in the cell but he stopped the door from closing. Abyss decided to up the ante so he got a barbwired board from under the ring. Sting fought off Abyss but couldn't avoid the Black Hole Slam and Abyss pulled off Sting's mask. Sting was in the cell once more and Abyss ran towards it to close the door but Sting kicked the door into Abyss' face. Sting hit the Stinger Splash and Scorpion Death Drop but couldn't lock the cell. Abyss placed Sting on the table and climbed the cell. Sting got to his feet and put the barbwire board on the table; hit Abyss with the barbwire bat and then power bombed him into the barbwire board. With Mitchell still damaged from the earlier attack he couldn't stop Sting from locking Abyss in the cell.

As the Prison Yard was dissembled Jeremy Borash spoke to Kurt Angle about the main event match.

(9) NWA World Heavyweight champion "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage (w/Tomko and "the consultant" Scott Steiner) defeated Kurt Angle, w/Samoa Joe as "unofficial" ringside enforcer.

Actually before the bell Andrew Thomas had TNA security remove Tomko from ringside, even though Samoa Joe was nowhere to be seen. Angle started with some mat wrestling moves when Joe finally made himself seen to the fans and the combatants. The match began again with Angle and Cage hitting chest chops but Angle moved and got the Ankle Lock but Cage got to the ropes. That didn't stop Angle who followed Cage to the floor where Angle did an Olympic Slam which sent Cage into the ring post. Cage and Angle came back to the ring where the back attack was continued by Angle. Angle's offense stopped dead when Cage moved and Angle hit the ring post with his shoulder. Joe tried to help Angle to his feet but Cage made sure the action went back to the ring. Cage locked in a rear chinlock but Angle fought to his feet. Angle got to his feet but Cage moved and Angle's momentum sent him to the floor. Angle came in the ring and moved out of the way of a headbutt. Angle hit a series of moved but got two. Angle hit a suplex but Cage countered out of a gutwrench to the Unprettier but Angle got the Ankle Lock on. Cage got the ropes then a foot to the groin before the Unprettier for two. Cage went for a choke on the ropes as the fans jeered him. Cage invoked the Steiner elbow and pushups but didn't go for a pin. When he stood over Angle he got catapulted to the corner and Angle hit a top rope belly suplex after Cage went up top. Both men beat the ten count and Angle began to hit the German Suplexes that ended on the number seven. Somehow Cage kicked out of the pin as AJ Styles came out to aid Cage. As Joe chased Styles, Cage decked Angle with Joe's chair and hit a frog splash for two. Joe came back as Cage hit the Unprettier again but got two. Cage went to argue with Joe and he ended up in the Ankle Lock only to kick Angle into the referee who hit the floor. Angle hit Cage with the Olympic Slam for two. Cage's clothesline decked Thomas again. This brought out Tomko and Scott Steiner to attack and fight to the floor with Joe. Cage went for an Olympic Slam but Angle got the Ankle Lock, but the ref was still out so Cage leveled Angle with Steiner's pipe. Cage hit the Unprettier again and this time he got the pin fall victory

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