• October 23, 2005 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • Sonjay Dutt beat Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and Alex Shelley;
    • Samoa Joe beat Jushin Thunder Liger -International Showdown-;
    • Diamonds In The Rough beat Apollo & Sonny Siaki & Shark Boy;
    • "Alpha Male" Monty Brown beat "Ticked off Texan" Lance Hoyt;
    • Team Canada w/Scott D'Amore beat 3-Live Krew w/Kip James;
    • Petey Williams beat Matt Bentley and Chris Sabin -Ultimate X-;
    • America's Most Wanted defeated The Naturals -Tag Team Titles-;
    • Rhino beat Abyss and Sabu and Jeff Hardy -Monster's Ball 2-;
    • AJ Styles beat Christopher Daniels -30 Minute Iron Man Match-;
    • Rhino won a #1 Contenders Gauntlet to get an NWA Title shot!
    • Rhino defeated Jeff Jarrett -World title | Referee Tito Ortiz-;

  1. PRE-SHOW: TNA billed the first 30-minutes of the PPV as FREE!
    • They immediately announced that Kevin Nash was hospitalized (legit) and will not compete tonight..
    • BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett, AMW & Gail Kim hung around a hurse, claiming there would be a funeral tonight..
    • FOUR-WAY X-DIVISION MATCH: Sonjay Dutt defeated Roderick Strong and Alex Shelley and Austin Aries..
    • INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & America's Most Wanted w/Gail Kim (Talked about their rematch with The Naturals)..
    • IN THE RING: Raven & Cassidy Riley (Demanded that Larry Zbyszko put him in the main event vs Jarrett)..
    • ~~~Larry Zbyszko said he will chose an opponent to replace Nash, but it will be in his own way on his own time..
    • ~~~Rhino came out and said Raven had gotten soft in the last five years saying "a girl got to his head"..
    • ~~~Raven got dragged out by security, so Rhino (new entrance music) gored Cassidy Riley in the ring!
    • INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & AJ Styles (AJ Styles talked about his rivalry with Christopher Daniels)..

  2. INTERNATIONAL SHOWDOWN: Samoa Joe defeated Jushin Thunder Liger by Submission..

  3. 6-MAN TAG: Simon Diamond & Elix Skipper & David Young defeated Apollo & Sonny Siaki & Shark Boy..

  4. MATCH: "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown defeated "The Ticked off Texan" Lance Hoyt..

  5. 6-MAN: Bobby Roode & Eric Young & A-1 w/Scott D'Amore defeated Ron Killings & Konnan & BG James w/Kip James..
    • Bobby Roode whacked BG James with the hockey stick for the pin when Scott D'Amore distracted the referee..
    • Team Canada attacked BG James after the match until Kip James made the save..
    • Team Canada held Konnan up for Kip James, but he instead smashed a chair over A-1's head!

  6. ULTIMATE-X MATCH: Petey Williams defeated Matt Bentley w/Tracy Brooks and Chris Sabin!
    • This match was marred by screw-up involving the "Big Red X" repeatedly falling down..
    • At one point the X fell down and they had to stop the match and put it back up..
    • A few minutes later, the X fell down again and landed in Petey Williams' hands and they ruled him the winner!
    • Chris Sabin and Matt Bently stormed backstage pissed off (probably legit) that the match was so flawed..
    • The crowd didn't like it either, as they chanted "bullshit" even though the guys did some crazy spots before..
    • Editor's Note: Mike Tenay did say the night before that "Ultimate X is coming to Spike TV - rematch perhaps?

  7. TAG TITLE MATCH: America's Most Wanted (Storm & Harris) defeated The Naturals (Stevens & Douglas) to retain..
    • Chris Harris handcuffed Andy Douglas to the outside guard rail, leaving Chase Stevens to fight alone..
    • James Storm hit Chase Stevens with a beer bottle and then they did the Death Sentence on him for the victory!
    • After the match, Chris Harris whacked the handcuffed Andy Douglas with a steel chair!

  8. MONSTERS BALL 2 MATCH: Rhino defeated Jeff Hardy and Abyss and Sabu (....Standing Ovation)..
    • Jeff Hardy jumped off the TNA entrance way and put Abyss through a table with a Swanton Dive..
    • Rhino pinned Jeff Hardy after hitting a second rope piledriver on him..
    • Had to be seen to be believed..

  9. ANNOUNCEMENT: Larry Zbyszko announced that there would be a 10-MAN GAUNTLET match for the Title shot..

  10. 30-MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels to retain the X-Division title!
    • AJ Styles took the first and only fall of the match at the 29:58 mark with two seconds to spare!
    • AJ Styles started crying after the match and crowd gave them a well-deserved standing ovation..

    • Ron "The Truth" Killings, Sabu, Lance Hoyt and Kip James were participants..
    • Monty Brown was eliminated early in the match when he and Jeff Hardy went out together..
    • The final five participants were Samoa Joe, Kip James, AJ Styles, Abyss and Ron Killings..
    • Samoa Joe had the choke submission on AJ Styles when Abyss bounced both of them out..
    • Rhino won the gauntlet match last eliminating Abyss to get a Title shot against Jeff Jarrett..

  12. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Rhino defeated Jeff Jarrett w/Gail Kim to capture the NWA World title!
    • Tito Ortiz was the special guest referee for the match..
    • Rhino shocked the world by pinning Jeff Jarrett to capture the NWA World Heavyweight title!
    • Jeff Jarrett & America's Most Wanted & Gail Kim attacked Rhino after the match..
    • 3-Live Krew ran in for the save, followed by Team Canada --- Tito Ortiz did a diappearing act..
    • Jeff Jarrett gave Rhino a guitar shot and stuffed him in the Casket and shut the lid!
    • Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) made an appearance to end the show, giving Eric Young the 3-D!

  13. And that's a wrap folks...

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