• March 11, 2007 - Orlando, Florida;

    • Homicide/Hernandez b Team 3-D -Ghetto Brawl-;
    • James/Jackie b Petey/Gail -Double Bullrope-;
    • Senshi b Austin Starr -Chicken Wing Match-;
    • Voodoo Kin Mafia beat Christy Hemme's Team;
    • Chris Sabin b Jerry Lynn -2/3 Falls Match-;
    • Rhino beat A.J. Styles -Elevation X Match-;
    • Sting defeated Abyss -Last Rites Match-;
    • Kurt Angle b Scott Steiner -Grudge Match-;
    • Christian Cage b Samoa Joe -NWA World title-;

  1. PRE-SHOW: Jeremy Borash & Leticia Cline hosted a "Black & Blue Carpet Event"..
    • Robert Roode & Tracy Brooks showed up in a limousine (even though they're not booked) with Eric Young driving..
    • Christian Cage found out (via a telegram) that Tomko was in Japan and would not be in Cage's corner tonight!
    • Robert Roode & Tracy Brooks did some in-ring stuff with Eric Young, forcing him to obey their every command..
    • Scott Steiner arrived at the building surrounded by his "freaks" and said his match would be a walk in the park..
    • Legendary Japanese wrestler, The Great Muta, arrived at the iMPACT Zone in what can only be called a big surprise!
    • Leticia Cline interviewed Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) and thought brough the legendary Johnny Rodz with them!

  2. GHETTO BRAWL: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) defeated Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) to retain the NWA Tag Team titles!
    • Before the match: Konnan had a non-verbal confrontation with new Spanish Announcer, Hector Guerrero..
    • A bunch of Latino Nation members hit the ring to interfere until Johnny Rodz and some others made the save!
    • Alex Shelley was filming the match on his camera and interfered, splashing Devon though a Table in the ring..
    • Homicide covered Brother Devon for the 1-2-3 to retain their NWA World Tag Team titles...

  3. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Rhino (Talked about the Elevation-X Match with A.J. Styles later)..

  4. DOUBLE BULLROPE MATCH: James Storm & Jacqueline Moore defeated Petey Williams & Gail Kim..
    • James Storm and Petey Williams were tied together, and Jacqueline Moore and Gail Kim were also tied together..
    • Petey Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer, but Jacqueline gave Petey a low blow and Storm superkicked him!

  5. INTERVIEW: Letitia Cline & Scott Steiner (Talked about his Grudge Match with Kurt Angle later tonight)..

  6. CROSS-FACE CHICKEN-WING SUBMISSION MATCH: Senshi defeated "THE" Austin Starr..
    • Mr. Bob Backlund made his way to ringside to watch and eventually interfered to help Senshi win the match..
    • Austin Starr attacked Mr. Bob Backlund after the match and applied the Cross-face Chicken-wing on him!

  7. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & A.J. Styles (Talked about the Elevation-X Match with Rhino later tonight)..

  8. TAG MATCH: Voodoo Kin Mafia (B.G. & Kip James) defeated Christy Hemme's Mystery Team..
    • Christy Hemme's mystery team turned out to be The Heartbreakers (Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas)...
    • Kip James took his protective cup out of his tights and disgustingly rubbed it on Christy Hemme's face!
    • Lance Hoyt walked out to the six-sided ring and carried Christy Hemme backstage kicking and screaming..
    • The Voodoo Kin Mafia finished the match and Lance Hoyt returned to the ring for a little celebration..
    • Christy Hemme also came back out and yelled at The Heart Breakers for failing to beat the James Boys..

  9. 2/3 FALLS X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn to retain the X-Division title..
    • Jerry Lynn scored the first fall after nailing Chris Sabin with a Tornado DDT.
    • Chris Sabin scored the second fall by pinning Jerry Lynn with his feet on the ropes..
    • Chris Sabin scored the third fall on Jerry Lynn after a mystery masked man distracted Lynn..
    • The mystery masked man climbed inside the ring and nailed Chris Sabin with the Angel's Wings..
    • The mystery masked man then took out Jerry Lynn and took off his mask reavealing Christopher Daniels!!!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Christy Hemme told Jim Cornette that she still wanted to get revenge on Voodoo Kin Mafia..

  11. ELEVATION-X MATCH: Rhino defeated A.J. Styles..
    • This was a modified version of the old-school Scaffolding match where you had to throw your opponent off..
    • Rhino worked over A.J. Styles until he was hanging from the structure and eventually dropped down to the ring..
    • The TNA medical team was on the spot to carefully tend to A.J. Styles and fit him with a special neck brace..
    • Highlights of A.J. Styles' dramatic fall were replayed as Styles was loaded onto a stretcher and taken away..

  12. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle (Said he came to TNA for pride and Scott Steiner came to TNA for greed)..

  13. GRUDGE MATCH: Kurt Angle defeated "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner..

  14. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe (Said tonight marked the beginning of his reign and NWA Champion)..

  15. LAST RITES MATCH: Sting defeated Abyss..
    • The object of the match was to strape your opponent to a "deathbed" which would be raised above the ring..
    • This fans began to chant "Fire Russo!" when the deathbed was initially lowered down into the six-sided ring..
    • After a lot of gimmicks were introduced into the match, Sting finally put Abyss into the casket and closed it..
    • After the match: The deathbed (actually it was a casket) was raised up to the very top of the iMPACT Zone.

  16. BACKSTAGE: Christian Cage was approached by the legendary Japanese wrestler known as The Great Muta..

  17. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Christian Cage defeated Samoa Joe to retain the NWA World Heavyweight title..
    • Joe had Cage locked in the choke submission, but Cage leaned back and pinned Joe with his feet on the ropes!

  18. And that's a wrap folks...

Alan J. Wojcik of LIVE Report

Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of if used, sorry for its lateness. Talk after TV tomorrow.

Welcome to live results/notes from the 2007 Destination X PPV from Universal Studios of Orlando, FL. According to the TNA website the pre-show is now called the "Black & Blue Carpet Event". It will be hosted monthly by Jeremy Borash and Leticia. Think of the Oscars pre-show and add wrestling into the mix. Signs in the crowd listed people who came over from Scotland to witness the event. Leticia held a DHL envelope that was to be delivered to Christian Cage. It was a letter from Tomko who told Cage he was wrestling in Japan. Cage was not happy and wanted to know where Scott Steiner was. Robert Roode, Ms. Brooks and Eric Young made their way to the ring with Ms. Brooks carrying the RRI portfolio. Roode wanted some answers from Young about the animosity he has been feeling. Roode wanted Young to get the fans to cheer for him; instead the fans chanted Robert Sucks! It looked like Young was going to go postal when Roode made fun of the fans. Young said his friend told him he should leave RRI in the dust. Roode said he had a message for the friend and he slapped Young across the face. To show the terror of the Elevation X match JB put on a harness and went up onto it. On the carpet we saw the arrival of the one and the Great Muta with photographer Jimmy Suzuki.

The cold opening focused on the types of fears people face in everyday life.

(1)In a non-title "Ghetto Brawl", NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange ("Notorious 187" Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan & Machete) defeated Team 3D (Brothers Ray and Devon w/Johnny Rodz)

According to Dave Penzer in the warm up to the PPV pre-show, victory came via going into a table or pinfall. The ring was surrounded with garbage cans and other metal objects which were used for violence purposes. 3D attacked LAX and kept it going for several minutes. LAX got control and used double teams to dominate. Hernandez hit Devon with a tope' to the floor as Ray brawled with Homicide. The fighting went into the fans where beverages were not safe. It took a while but the action came back ringside where everything else metal was used on 3D's head and back. In the ring Devon hit Homicide with a powerslam for two. Hernandez came in to help his partner beat down Devon but he got leveled with a trash can lid shot to the head. Ray hit Hernandez with a superplex but Homicide hit a flying head scissor and a trash can shot to the head. 3D paid him back with the Wassup top rope splash. After sharing a beer and smashing them on their heads (sound familiar) 3D got lumber from the ring. Before they got to use it some of the LAX gang of friends hit the ring. (Ricky Romeo and Benny Blanco included) They were fought off by Johnny Rodz and some of the 3D friends (Kory Chavis and Kenny King included) who brawled with them to the back. 3D hit the Road Warrior clothesline and the 3D but couldn't get the pin. Alex Shelley came out and decked Devon with his video camera, then hit a splash into the table. This allowed Homicide to get the pin.

As the carnage was cleared Jeremy Borash spoke to Rhino about the Elevation X match. Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the rest of the card.

(2) In a double bullrope match, "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm and "the Pride of Tennessee" Jacqueline Moore defeated Gail Kim and Petey Williams.

Moore and Storm jumped their opponents as the referees were taping them to the bullropes. Kim got some satisfaction as Williams tied up Storm and Kim laid in some chops. The fighting went to the floor and knocked the timekeeper over. Kim wedged Moore against the ring post with the bullrope and laid in more chops as Williams dragged Storm around ringside. Williams got back in the ring as Storm fought to hold his ground. Williams had some leverage and pulled Storm into the ringpost. But once Storm got back in the ring he hog-tied Williams and laid the boots to him. Moore finally got free from the ropes and attacked Kim. Storm hit his patented Eye of the Storm but somehow Williams kicked out. Williams whipped Storm in the back with the bullrope and hit a Canadian legsweep before roping Storm in. But instead of the Destroyer Williams hit a Guillotine DDT for two. Moore and Kim finally got back in the ring and fought again as Storm and Williams jockeyed for position. Williams had the Destroyer set up but Moore hit a low blow which freed Storm to hit the Superkick to win the match.

Leticia spoke to Scott Steiner about his match and was interrupted by Christian Cage who wanted a favor.

(3) In a match where the Crossface Chicken Wing (Bob Backland's finisher) is the only way to win, Senshi defeated the Austin Starr.

Starr wasted no time and jumped Senshi as he got in the ring. They traded chest chops and shoulder tackles but Senshi hit two dropkicks before going for the Chicken Wing. Starr got to the ropes to cause the break and got chopped in the chest for his effort. Senshi hit a powerdrive elbow and instinctively went for a pin. Starr went to the ring apron and Senshi brought him back in with a suplex. Starr got some revenge by raking his nails down Senshi's back and dropping an elbow on his jaw. Starr hit a Northern Lights Suplex and went for the Chicken Wing but instead hit some more chops. Starr kept trying to soften Senshi's neck with chops and rope moves. As Starr went up top Mr. Backland came out which caused Starr to lose focus. Senshi hit the 1,000 hand chop and a running forearm to the head followed by some kicks to the chest. Starr countered out of the Chicken Wing and poked Senshi's eyes but he got decked by a move by Senshi. Senshi countered the Chicken Wing and hit an in ring Warrior's Way but Starr stopped him by sending the referee into the ropes. Starr hit a tope' to the floor and a slingshot corkscrew splash. But instead of the Chicken Wing he went for a brainbuster which Senshi countered into the Chicken Wing. Starr escaped and avoided a shoulder tackle which sent Senshi into the ringpost. Starr got the Chicken Wing but Senshi got his feet under the rope to cause a break. Starr complained to the referee he thought it was over. Backland yelled at Starr and it allowed Senshi to lock in the Chicken Wing to win. After the bell Senshi and Backland were going to celebrate when Starr returned and locked Backland in the Chicken Wing.

Jeremy Borash spoke to AJ Styles who was confident going into the Elevation X.

(4) Voodoo Kin Mafia (BG and Kip James) defeated Christy Hemme's mystery team The Heartbreakers (Romeo Roselli and the Promise" Antonio Thomas).

Before the match began we had to listen to Kip insult Hemme on the mic. Thomas got a taste of left hand from BG who tagged in Kip but Roselli tagged in. Kip had fun hitting Roselli with chain wrestling but didn't have fun when Roselli attacked from behind after Hemme's distraction worked. BG and Thomas fought on the floor as Hemme went to hit Kip in the package. Hemme did no damage as Kip was wearing some protection for his package. VKM's friend Lance Hoyt came out and got Hemme out of the ring and left. The bad part was the Heartbreakers got control of the match by double teaming Kip for several minutes. That ended when a top rope double team move hit canvas instead of Kip and BG tagged in who cleaned the Heartbreaker's clocks and won via pinfall. After the match Hemme came back to the ring with a rider's crop in hand and was not too happy with the result of the match.

Christian Cage and Leticia found Abyss sitting in the cell he was locked in at last month's PPV. Cage tried to bribe Abyss in helping him out later tonight. It looked like it worked as Abyss got out of the cell and dapped fists with Cage.

(5) In a 2 of 3 falls match, World X Division champion "the Future" Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn.

Sabin looked a bit uneasy when he locked up with Lynn, possibly worried about being pinned twice. Lynn played mind games with Sabin but Lynn stopped that with some boots to the ribs. Sabin worked over Lynn with a side headlock and eventually sent Lynn to the floor. Sabin followed out and drove Lynn into the barricades. As this went on some fans got into a scuffle which was sipped by a Don Harris choke hold. Sabin went into the ring for a move but Lynn sent Sabin into the rails wheel barrel style. Sabin and Lynn came back to the ring where Lynn hit a tornado DDT to get the first fall. Sabin got right on the offense and sent Lynn into the fans and followed with a move. Sabin stopped a top rope move and left Lynn hanging on the ropes only to have his huricurana turned into a sunset flip for two. Sabin locked in a rear chinlock but Lynn escaped and hit a cross body block for two. Lynn went for a corner move but Sabin moved and pinned Lynn for fall number two, with both feet on the ropes for leverage. Lynn fought back with a series of moves and rolled up Sabin for two. Lynn got caught in a series of moves but somehow kicked out of the Cradle Shock. Lynn countered out of the Cradle Piledriver with Emeral Frosion but a masked man came out and distracted Lynn. Sabin hit the Cradle Shock to win via pinfall. The masked man turned out to be the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels who had a beard and a marking around his right eye. Daniels dropped both men with moves.

JB talked to Jim Cornette about the PPV and an announcement for Impact on the future of TNA. Christy Hemme came in and said she wasn't finished with VKM.

(6) In the Elevation X match, "War Machine" Rhino defeated the Phenomenal" AJ Styles (scaffold rules).

Think back to Starrcade 1986 or 1987 and you get the idea of how high scaffold is. It is ominous to see in person. Before they climbed up top the two men fought on the floor with punches and other moves to deliver punishment. Styles was the first to climb up and waited for Rhino to ascend and join him. Rhino was reluctant to climb but finally went up as the scaffold shook with the weight on it. Once up on the X Rhino dropped to his knees as Styles shook the X with his own weight. Styles hocked a loogie into Rhino's face and that seemed to get things started as Rhino hit some punches but almost fell as Styles moved out of the way. Rhino was able to grab hold and stay up as Styles kicked him. Styles climbed down to get in some punches but Rhino got in some punches of his own but Styles held on as he kicked Rhino in the head. Styles actually wedged himself underneath the X as Rhino looked around. Styles kept moving underneath as Rhino looked around for him even as the fans shouted out where Styles was. Rhino finally found Styles and got in a choke. Styles finally came out from under the X and got back on the attack. Rhino fought back and knocked Styles down onto the scaffold. Styles signaled for the Styles Clash but Rhino double legged Styles to the scaffold. After trading some punches Styles went for a white powder toss but it backfired and Rhino got the GORE as Styles walked around blinded. Styles tried to climb down but Rhino stepped on both hands and Styles hit the canvas! TNA officials took Styles out on a back brace to avoid any chance of further injury.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Kurt Angle about his match with Scott Steiner

(7) Kurt Angle defeated "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner.

Angle tried to wrestle Steiner but when Steiner escaped a side headlock he ran over Angle. Steiner posed in front of Angle which led to a headbutt and kicks. Angle got the first suplex with a belly to belly and then a clothesline which sent Steiner to the floor. Steiner avoided Angle's baseball slide and decked him with a clothesline. Steiner rammed Angle's head into the ring steps and hit a Steiner Line in the ring before the Bicep Elbow drop. Angle fought back with punches into a cut on Steiner's head. Steiner stopped a move with a kick to Angle's face and a rear chinlock. Angle fought to his feet and traded punches with Angle which led to a trio of German suplexes but Steiner countered the Olympic Slam with a belly to belly suplex for two. Angle ducked a Steiner punch and hit the Olympic Slam into the Ankle Lock but Steiner countered out. Angle went for a corner move and met post instead of Steiner's ribs. Steiner locked in the Recliner going for a submission but Angle countered into a pin for two. Steiner stopped his momentum on the ropes and backdropped Angle to the floor and then the guard rails. Angle got back in the ring and then nearly knocked out with an Olympic Slam by Steiner. The Recliner got locked in again but angle got out again and hit the Olympic Slam into the Ankle Lock once more. Somehow Steiner countered out of the hold and put Angle on the tope turnbuckle. Steiner went for a belly to belly suplex but Angle blocked it and came off into a sunset flip pin.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Samoa Joe about his title shot.

(8) In a Last Rites match, Sting defeated Abyss (winner must put the other in a coffin which sat on a bed of some kind).

During this match the fans chanted some stuff about Vince Russo. Abyss met Sting on the floor and the fighting began. Abyss hit Sting in the back and ribs with a folding chair and kept the forearms going into the back. Once the match got in the ring Sting took over, fighting out of a slam into the Scorpion Death Drop and then the Stinger Splash. But his next attempt at the Stinger Splash met one of the candelabras in the corner that Abyss threw into his face. Abyss called for the bed to be lowered as Sting bled all over the place. Abyss got Sting in the casket but couldn't get the lid shut as Sting fought back. Sting got out of the casket and Abyss found a tombstone ringside. Sting fought out of a slingshot and locked in the Scorpion Deathlock but couldn't win via submission. So Abyss put the tombstone in front of Abyss' face and smashed it with the baseball bat. Sting got Abyss in the casket but Abyss got out and chokeslammed Sting onto the top of the casket. With Sting out cold Abyss got the other tombstone and brought it into the ring along with two chairs. Abyss set Sting on the top turnbuckle. But sting grabbed a candelabra and smashed it on top of Abyss' head, this sent Abyss crashing into the tombstone. Sting was able to drag Abyss to the casket and closed it shut.

Before the match Leticia spoke to Christian Cage who seemed very nervous about his match. His conversation was stopped by the Great Muta and Jimmy Suzuki. Cage made some insults which caused Muta to spit the dreaded green mist on a locker instead at the champion's eyes.

(9) NWA World Heavyweight champion "the Instant Classic" Christian Cage defeated Samoa Joe.

Like his match with Jushin Liger at Bound For Glory 2005, Joe was led to the ring by some of his family which is a famous dance troupe in California. Big shock the fans were behind Joe the entire match who peppered Cage with kicks to the thighs. The kicks moved up to the chest and followed with chops. Cage went for a move but got backdropped and hit with a series of moves leading to a knee that sent Cage to the floor. Joe followed out and his whip to the post was countered and Cage made Joe hit post. Cage grabbed a chair but Rudy Charles made him drop it. Joe hit a spinebuster to the ground and tossed Cage into the fans where the fighting continued around the Impact Zone. Joe finally tossed Cage back to ringside but Cage hit a DDT onto the ring apron. Once in the ring Cage hit a flying elbow to the jaw and got two. Joe went for but missed his senton bomb and Cage capitalized with a pin for two and a chinlock. Joe got his foot on the bottom rope and it caused a break. Joe went for the Muscle buster but Cage countered into an inverted DDT for two. Cage slapped Joe in the face so Joe chopped in the face and got an enziguri. Both men fought on their knees trading punches to the face but Joe got in some axe handle shots and more punches to the jaw. Joe got to his feet and hit an Ole kick for two. Joe went to the second rope and hit a knee to the face for two. Joe went for the Muscle Buster again but Cage escaped only to be hit with a powerslam for two. Joe escaped the Unprettier into a power bomb and an STF then a Crossface as Cage tried for the ropes. Cage made the ropes and hit the Unprettier after countering the Kokina Clutch but got two. Cage locked on a chinlock and climbed on Joe's back but Joe fell back onto Cage. Cage went to the ring apron so Joe hit a tope' forearm sending them to the floor. Cage tried to leave via countout but Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt and Senshi met him. Cage got back in and hit a move for two. Joe went for a boot but kicked Charles when Cage pulled him in the way. Cage went to the floor and Joe went to follow but got a chair shot to his face. Cage got too close and got hit with the Muscle Buster for two. Cage went up top but Joe stopped him and locked in the Kokina Clutch again but when Joe pulled Cage off he forgot to bring Cage's legs which landed on the ropes and Cage won via pinfall. The fans chanted restart the match as Cage got in the ring and slapped Joe in the face. Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch which caused Cage to tap out, a little too late.

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