• March 9, 2008 - Norfolk, Virginia;

    • Roxxi Leveaux beat Angelina Love -dark match-
    • LAX beat Rock & Rave and Sabin & Shelley;
    • Jay Lethal beat Petey Williams -X Title-;
    • Super Eric & Kaz beat Black Reign & Rellik;
    • Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim and ODB;
    • Shark Boy & Curry Man defeated Team 3-D;
    • Robert Roode beat Booker T -Strap Match-;
    • Rhino beat James Storm -Elevation X Match-;
    • Joe & Cage & Nash b Angle & Styles & Tomko;

  1. DARK MATCH: Roxxi Leveaux defeated Angelina Love.

  2. BACKSTAGE: Kurt Angle tried to get Jim Cornette to overturn the Cage match on iMPACT to gain the "man advantage"..

  3. #1 CONTENDERS 3-WAY: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) beat The Rock & Rave Infection and Motor City Machine Gune..

  4. X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: "The Black Machismo" Jay Lethal beat Petey Williams to retain the TNA X-Division title..
    • Scott Steiner interfered and Petey Williams nailed the Canadian Destroyer but So-Cal Val pulled the referee out..
    • Rhaka Khan went after So-Cal Val but "The GURU" Sonjay Dutt got between them while Jay Lethal scored the pinfall..

  5. TAG MATCH: Eric Young & Kaz defeated Rellik & Black Reign..
    • Eric Young first got scared and ran backstage but returned with Superman music playing the part of "Super Eric"..
    • Super Eric Double Death Valley Drivered Rellik & Black Reign and pinned Reign to win the match for his team..

  6. FEATURE: They showed video that proved Kurt Angle hit the floor first during the Steel Cage match on iMPACT..

  7. KNOCKOUTS TITLE 3-WAY: Awesome Kong w/Raesha Saed defeated Gail Kim and ODB to retain the TNA Knockouts title..

  8. BACKSTAGE RULING: If Team 3-D makes weight tonight, they never have to do it again, but if they don't, they're fired!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Jim Cornette refused to overturn the man advantage ruling and said he'd leave it up to the fans..

  10. FISH MARKET STREET FIGHT: Shark Boy & Curry Man defeated Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon)..

  11. STRAP MATCH: Robert Roode w/Miss Payton Banks defeated Booker T w/Tracy Brooks..
    • As stipulated, Payton Banks got to whip Tracy Brooks with a leather strap and Robert Roode snuck in a few whips too..
    • Sharmell ran down with a leather belt of her own whipping both Robert Roode & Miss Payton Banks trying to get revenge!

  12. ELEVATION-X (SCAFFOLD) MATCH: Rhino defeated "Cowboy" James Storm w/Jackie Moore...
    • James Storm fell backwards off the scaffold onto a table set up underneath to break his fall - sorta..

  13. SIX-MAN-TAG: Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash & Christian Cage defeated Kurt Angle & A.J. Styles & Tomko..
    • The Unlikely Alliance (Joe/Nash/Cage) earned a man advantage so Kurt Angle sat out the first five minutes..
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Samoa Joe won the match by making Tomko tap out to the Rear Naked Choke..

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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