• January 14, 2007 - Orlando, Florida;

    • Lance Hoyt beat Chase Stevens -Dark Match-;
    • Rhino beat A.J. Styles -Last Man Standing-;
    • Chris Sabin beat Chris Daniels & Jerry Lynn;
    • Alex Shelley beat Austin Starr -PCS Finals-;
    • James Storm w/Gail Kim beat Petey Williams;
    • Voodoo Kin Mafia will declared victory over DX;
    • LAX beat Team 3-D by DQ -NWA World Tag Titles-;
    • Kurt Angle beat Samoa Joe -30:00 Iron Man Match-;
    • Christian Cage beat Abyss and Sting -NWA title-;

  1. PRE-SHOW: Hosted by Jeremy Borash & Christy Hemme..
    • DARK MATCH: The Riggs Brothers defeated Serotonin (Johnny Devine & Frankie Kazarian w/Matt Bentley)..
    • The pre-show started with Raven punishing Serentonin with stiff kendo-stick shots to the back..
    • INTERVIEW: Latisha & Bob Backlund! God he looks great and so awesome to see him on Television again!
    • ~~~Backlund has the same gimmick and was offended by the way Lakisha was dressed and used a lot of big words!
    • INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Rhino -- Talked about his intentions for his Last Man Standing match with A.J. Styles..
    • PRE-SHOW MATCH: Lance Hoyt defeated Chase Stevens (A.J. Pierzenski & Dale Torborg sitting in front row)..
    • ~~~After the match: Dale Torborg shoved Lance Hoyt and A.J. Pierzenski smashed Hoyt with a steel chair!
    • ~~~Shane Douglas came out and scolded Chase Stevens, but Stevens stood up to Douglas and yelled back!
    • INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Father James Mitchell & Abyss (Christian Cage showed up and said they had to talk)..
    • INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle (Talked about importance of his 30-Minute Iron Man match with Samoa Joe)..

  2. OPENING VIDEO: They started with an awesome video package incorporating 7 Deadly Sins and a Muhammed Ali speech..

  3. LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: Rhino defeated A.J. Styles...
    • A.J. Styles scored the first fall but Rhino made it up to his feet before referee Earl Hebner could count to 10..
    • Rhino got the second fall after a high angle Spinbuster but A.J. Styles managed to recover before the 10-count..
    • Rhino scored the next fall after a pair of Gores and set up a Table at ringside while the referee counted to 10..
    • A.J. Styles saw what Rhino was doing and purposely stayed down thus robbing Rhino of the opportunity to do more..
    • After the match: Rhino vowed that it was not over with A.J. Styles and gave Styles a Rhino driver on the stage!
    • Rhino propped a table against the tunnel and tried to GORe A.J. Styles through it by Styles moved out of the way!

  4. INTERVIEW: Latisha & Jerry Lynn (Took offence to everything Latisha said and said even at 43 he can still GO)..

  5. X-DIVISION TITLE 3-WAY: Chris Sabin defeated Christopher Daniels (c) and Jerry Lynn to win the title!
    • They were pushing the fact that it was The Past (Lynn) vs. The Present (Daniels) vs. The Future (Sabin)..
    • Jerry Lynn nailed Chris Daniels with the Cradle Pile-driver, but Chris Sabin rolled up Lynn for the 1-2-3!

  6. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kevin Nash (Introduced his head judge, Bob Backlund -- interesting interaction)..
    • Editor's Notes: They made a lot of inside jokes but failed to mention Nash beat Backlund for the WWF title..

  7. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Eric Young (Shook President Backlund's hand and said he voted for him in '95)..

  8. PCS CHALLENGE FINALS: Alex Shelley defeating Austin Starr ended in a 10-minute time limit draw...
    • Kevin Nash came out with the PCS tropher and joined Mike Tenay & Don West on commentary for the match..
    • The introduced the three judges; 1) Samolion Joe, 2) Big Fat Oily Guy, 3) The legendary Bob Backlund!
    • They did acknowledge on commentary that Kevin Nash defeated Bob Backlund for the WWE title in 8 seconds..
    • The match ended in a time limit draw and Samolion Joe voted for Starr while Oily Guy voted for Shelley..
    • Bob Backlund had the final and deciding vote and his scoring was extensive and he was very long winded..
    • Bob Backlund finally rendered his decision - a DRAW! Kevin Nash called for a five minute over-time period!
    • Alex Shelley and Austin Starr went at it fast and furious until Shelley scored the pin in about 60 seconds!
    • Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Senshi came down as Alex Shelley celebrated and Austin Starr got pissed off..
    • Austin Starr slapped Kevin Nash's hand away and said he didn't come to TNA to do this kind of crap..
    • Austin Starr said the only man in the ring he respected is Senshi and tried to form an alliance with him..
    • Senshi stood his ground so Austin Starr slapped him accross the face and had a brief brawl in the ring..
    • Austin Starr then pie-face Bob Backlun, so Backlund got up and put him in the Cross-face Chickenwing!!

  9. GRUDGE MATCH: "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm w/Gail Kim defeated "Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams..
    • Gail Kim was back in James Storm's corner but was obviously very conflicted about chosing him over Chris Harris..
    • James Storm pinned Peey Williams using the ropes for leverage and Gail Kim told the referee that Storm cheated..
    • James Storm hand-cuffed Petey Williams to the corner and tried to smash a bottle on him but Gail Kim stepped in..
    • James Storm put Gail Kim on her knees and was going to smash the bottle over her beat but she fought back hard..
    • Gail Kim picked up the beer bottle and was about to smash it over James Storm's head when Jacqueline showed up!
    • Jacqueline (looking absolutely fantastic) attacked Gail Kim from behind and gave her the Death Sentance with Storm!

  10. IN THE RING: Voodoo Kin Mafia (BG James & Kip James) + Christy Hemme..
    • BG James said War is Hell and sometimes it's hard to declare a victor, but they are declaring victory over the WWE!
    • BG James run down everything they have done and even sincerely wished Triple H well on recovering from his injury..
    • BG James said Vince McMahon would have gotten a million dollars and ratings for his show if he accepted the challenge..
    • BG James talked about the Rosie vs. Trump match where Vince McMahon sat ringside and heard the crowd chant TNA!
    • BG James said Vince McMahon insults the intelligence of the wrestling fan every week with his style of WWE RAW..
    • BG James said it was time for the wrestling fans to stand up and yell "We're not gonna take it!" (crowd sings along)..
    • BG James incited a loud TNA chant and said there is a new sherrif in town and his name is TNA!! (crowd cheers wildy)..
    • Christy Hemme came down and said she could get fired for this but she had something she need to say right now..
    • Christy Hemme said BG James and Kip James have been bragging about being the foundation of DX but what about Chyna?
    • Christy Hemme asked "What about Lita?" and asked why the women feel like they have to run away from this business..
    • Christy Hemme screamed that women wrestlers are not disposable and said that she wants to wrestle and wants respect..
    • Christy Hemme was worried that her speech might get her fired but it would be worth it (fans were very hard on her)..
    • BG James was sympathetic to Christy Hemme but Kip James called her a slut and told her to never interrupt him again!
    • Kip James said girls were good for two things and did the "suck it!" sign and BG James grabbed the microphone away..
    • Christy Hemme said women are good for their bodies and putting men back in line and slapped Kip James accross the face!

  11. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Team 3-D (Said that their match would be Old School vs New School and wanted the glory)..

  12. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Sting (Asked if Borash had seen Abyss, Borash said no and Sting went searching)..

  13. TAG TITLE MATCH: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) defeated Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) by DQ to retain their titles!
    • A drunk Brother Runt came out in a Santa Clause suit and splashed Homicide off the top rope causing a senseless DQ!

  14. 30-MINUTE IRON MAN #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe..
    • At the 17:00 mark Samoa Joe made Kurt Angle tap-out with the Rear Naked Choke to go up one fall to zero..
    • At the 14:00 mark Kurt Angle made Samoa Joe tap-out with the Ankle Lock to even the score at one fall a piece..
    • At the 11:00 mark Kurt Angle made Samoa Joe tap-out with the Ankle Lock once again to go up two falls to one...
    • At the 07:30 mark Samoa Joe pinned Kurt Angle after hitting a Muscle-buster to even the score at two falls each..
    • At the 05:20 mark Kurt Angle pinned Samoa Joe to take the advantage over Joe with three falls to two for Joe..
    • Samoa Joe got the Anklelock onto Kurt Angle with 30-seconds left but Angle gutted it out and time ran down..

  15. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Sting (Said that tonight the puppeteer would be separated from the puppet)..
    • Father James Mitchell & Abyss came in and said Sting's crusade for the salvation of Abyss would come to an end..

  16. NWA WORLD TITLE 3-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH: Christian Cage defeated Abyss and Sting to win the NWA World title!
    • Jim Cornette ordered Tomko to be locked in a shark cage at ringside to insure that he does not interfere..
    • NWA World Champion Abyss was the first man eliminated after Sting nailed him with the Scorpion Deathdrop!
    • Sting extended his hand to Abyss, who grabbed Sting by the throat but ended up releasing it and leaving quietly..
    • A few minutes later, Father James Mitchell returned to the ring and helped Tomko escape from the shark cage..
    • Father James Mitchell distracted the referee while Tomko attacked Sting -- who kicked out of the pin attempt..
    • Abyss then returned to ringside to help Sting and forced Tomko back into the shark cage at ringside..
    • Father James Mitchell attacked Sting as Abyss stood there confused and then smashed Sting with a chain!
    • Christian Cage revived the referee and covered Sting for the 1-2-3 to capture the NWA World Championship!

  17. And that's a wrap folks...

Alan J. Wojcik of LIVE Report

Welcome to the LIVE NOTES from TNA Final Resolution 1/14/2007 in Universal Studios of Orlando, FL. Last year saw the return of Sting. Who knows what will be his fate in the championship match later tonight. The usual pre-PPV stuff happened thanks to the vocal stylings of Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme. Best wishes to "Wildcat" Chris Harris who is home still recovering from his eye injury.

They had a match before the pre-show began, the Riggs Brothers (Johnny and Jason) defeated Serotonin members "Hotshot" Johnny Devine and Frankie "the Future" Kazarian (w/"maverick Matt Bentley). Afterwards Raven came out and caned Devine for losing the pinfall. The actual pre-show match was Lance Hoyt defeating Chase Stevens. Chicago White Sox members AJ Pierzynski and Dale Torborg were in the audience and had words with Hoyt during the match. After the win Hoyt brought Torborg over the guard rail before Pierzynski leveled Hoyt with a chair. Shane Douglas and Chase Stevens had a verbal then physical exchange after Douglas' verbal dislike of Stevens wearing the "franchised-Naturals" colors to the ring.

(1) In a "Last Man Standing match", "War Machine" Rhino defeated "Phenomenal" AJ Styles.

I think tonight is the first time the TNA fans have seen Styles in pants (unless it was a street fight) as opposed to the shorts. Rhino attacked at the bell and the fun began with a backdrop and Rhino didn't stop even as Styles ended up on the floor. Rhino hit a tope then threw Styles into the barricades before returning to the ring. Styles stopped Rhino's momentum with a dropkick. Styles tried to trade punches with Rhino and it nearly backfired but Styles hit a drop toe hold. The rules slowly left as Styles choked Rhino with his wrist tape. As Earl Hebner took the tape away Styles hit a low blow then a top rope splash for the pin. However being last man standing Rhino beat Hebner's count. Styles laid in the kicks to Rhino's chest Low-Ki style. Rhino went for a power bomb but shifted his weight and dropped Styles face first on the top buckle. Styles got some distance by sending Rhino to the floor, then flew over the top onto Rhino. Styles got Rhino back in the ring but got a two count. Styles kept on the attack with punches and elbows to Rhino's head, but a top rope move resulted in a spinebuster and pin. But the "Phenomenal One" beat the count and on the match went. Rhino kept the heavy hitting going with punches and forearm shots. Rhino put Styles on the top rope and Rhino joined him. But Rhino's move was blocked and Styles hit a power bomb for two. Rhino got to his feet and hit what looked like a TKO/Diamond Cutter for two. With Styles briefly stunned Rhino got a table. But before he could set it up, Styles slid out and dropped Rhino's crotch on the side. Styles came back in the ring with a slingshot forearm for two and went up top again. This time Rhino stopped him and hit a power bomb for two. Somehow Styles hit Rhino with the Pele but Rhino fired back with a GORE! For some reason Rhino backed to a corner for a second one. Styles got pinned and could have continued but sat down in the corner taking the ten count. Rhino said that wasn't good enough for him and wanted to finish Styles off.

Mike Tenay and Don West were telling the home audience about the PPV when styles and Rhino came back out. Rhino leveled Styles and set the table in front of the entryway. But Rhino's GORE only hit air and the table as Styles moved. The interview girl spoke to Jerry Lynn and seemed to insult Lynn calling him "X Division Pioneer." Lynn said despite being 43 he can dance with the best of them.

(2) "The Future" Chris Sabin became NWA World X Division champion when he beat "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and "the New F'king Show" Jerry Lynn.

This is Lynn's first match in Orlando in many months and the fans welcomed him back. At the bell Sabin refused to lock up with Lynn, only to attack him when Daniels locked up. After realizing he was in trouble Sabin bailed to the floor and attacked Lynn after Lynn decked Daniels. A three way rope criss-cross broke out and was ended by a double STO from Daniels. Daniels hit Sabin with a tilt-a-whirl slam and sent Sabin to the floor but Lynn hit an enziguri. Sabin attacked Daniels on the floor and went after Lynn in the ring with some cheap shots. Sabin kept Daniels on the floor as he kept the pressure on Lynn. Lynn countered a move and hit an inverted DDT for two as Daniels came in and hit a Falcon's Arrow for two. Daniels locked Lynn in a Cobra Twist like submission but it was broken up by a Sabin slingshot legdrop. Sabin dumped Lynn to the floor so he could fight Daniels on his own with a nerve hold and a wet willie. Sabin kept Lynn on the floor as he set Daniels for the Tree Of Woe dropkick but Lynn stopped the pin. Lynn hit a top rope double dropkick but couldn't get either man pinned even after several moves. All three men ended up struggling to beat "Slick" Mark Johnson's ten count. Lynn went for a top rope move on Sabin but got hit with an STO from Daniels which also brought Sabin down to the mat. Daniels hit the BME on Sabin but Lynn stopped the pin. Lynn set Sabin for the Cradle Piledriver but Sabin raked the eyes. Not that well because he got hit with a power bomb for two. Sabin broke up a Lynn on Daniels and the fans voiced their opinion about Sabin. Lynn thought he won after he hit Daniels with the Cradle Piledriver but Sabin rolled up Lynn for the pin thanks to a handful of tights.

The home audience saw Jeremy Borash talk to Bob Backlund and Kevin Nash when they were interrupted by Eric Young. I didn't hear the audio but saw what was going on.

(3)In the finals of the PCS, a ten minute match, Alex Shelley defeated the Austin Starr.

Last week Kevin Nash said if there is no winner inside the ten minutes, they would go to the judges. They were Mr. Bob Backlund, The Fat Naked Oily Guy (actually former TNA Nashville timekeeper) and Samolian Joe. The match began with Shelley and Starr trading mat wrestling moves. Starr wanted a test of strength but kicked Shelley in the gut. Starr survived a shoulder tackle but got leveled with a clothesline. Starr went for a back suplex but Shelley floated out and hit a spinning heel kick. Shelley's top rope move backfired and we were back to the beginning. Shelley hit a dropkick to Starr's knee but his next move Starr dropped out and Shelley hit the floor. Starr followed out with a slingshot tope'. Starr tossed Shelley into the ring and paid for it when Shelley kicked him several times in the head. The action went to the floor and back to the ring with Shelley hitting a springboard moonsault for two. Starr blocked a suplex so Shelley hit an enziguri and a forearm to the corner. Somehow Starr survived a drop toe hold to the buckles and other kicks. Starr hit a dropkick to Shelley's face but got two. Starr went up top but Shelley caught him and hit an in-ring backcracker. Shelley hit another springboard move but Starr kicked out of the pin. Starr countered out of Sliced Bread #2 and hit a facebuster. Starr locked in a camel clutch like move but the time lapsed in the match. The naked guy picked Shelley; Joe picked Starr, while Backlund gave a lecture to explain his choice. He ruled the match a draw. This got Nash involved and he ruled since the judges couldn't rule we went to a 5 minute OT which resulted in a Shelley pin. Senshi, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt came out to congratulate Shelley as Starr made facial gestures at the camera. Nash and Starr had words. Starr said he didn't come to TNA for limbo, pogo sticking or even resurrect Nash's career. He said had respect for only Senshi. But when Senshi refused to leave with Starr he got slapped. Starr went after the judges and he ended up in a Backlund Chicken Wing Crossface.

We saw a recap of the death of America's Most Wanted and how Petey Williams was in the mix.

(4) "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm (w/Gail Kim) defeated Petey Williams.

I might be wrong but I believe this is Storm's first PPV singles match since he wrestled Jeff Jarrett in Nashville in 2004. Storm spit beer on a member of the TNA pit before entering the ring. Williams looked small compared to Storm and used his speed to keep Storm on his toes. That stopped when the action briefly went to the floor. The fans borrowed the Athena created "Kill the Cowboy" chant to mock Storm as he beat down Williams. Storm hit a power bomb followed by the Eye of the Storm but his pin was late and Williams kicked out. Storm kicked Williams in the face before locking a chinlock. He left Williams on the ropes for Kim to smack but she refused. Storm went for a move but Williams hit a DDT. Williams hit a top rope bodyblock and a Canadian legsweep. Williams was ready for the Destroyer but it was cut off by Storm. Storm ended up draped on the middle rope so Williams hit a dropkick to the neck. Storm fought back but missed a superkick. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer but Storm stood up and pinned Williams with some help from the ropes. Storm used Harris' handcuffs to hold off Williams as he went for the beer bottle .but Kim stopped him with a nut shot. Just when it looked liked she was going to deck Storm with the bottle, Ms Jacqueline came out and attacked Kim. They hit her with the Death Sentence as Williams could do nothing but watch.

A replay of VKM's hunt for VKM and friends played as officials assisted Kim to the locker room. To no one's shock the VKM hit the ring carrying folding chairs. Kip and BG James said war is hell and it's hard to declare a victor. They said they were declaring victory over VKM and the WWE after they did everything from going to Stamford to Knoxville to the Alamo. However they did wish Paul Lévesque good feelings after injuring his quad. VKM said this was all about ratings, not like K-Fed beating John Cena on RAW or the look-a-likes wrestling. BG said he realized the war was over but it also made him realize the war Vince has against wrestling fans isn't over. He said McMahon insults the intelligence of the fans each week. Christy Hemme came out to the ring and talked to VKM. She said she could be fired for what she said. She said Shawn and Hunter were the foundation of D-X but they forgot Joanie Laurer AKA Chyna. Hemme said what about Lita who was run off from the WWE. Hemme asked are women disposable in wrestling? She said she wanted to wrestle in TNA. Fans chanted boring and we want wrestling. Just when it looked like she was done, VKM said they loved the business like she did. Kip James called Hemme a slut and said she should go back to the strip club she got fired from. Because of her interruption he said girls were good for two things but BG stopped him. Hemme said women were good for their bodies and putting

Men back in line when they step out. Before leaving she smacked Kip in the face.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Team 3D before their match with LAX. When the interview ended Sting came in asking for the location of either Abyss or James Mitchell.

(5) NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange ("Notorious 187" Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez) defeated Team 3D (Brothers Ray and Devon) via DQ.

Best wishes go out to Konnan who had successful hip replacement surgery. Hernandez and Devon started out in a show of each team's power. Devon got the first two count after a dropkick. Ray tagged in to face Hernandez as Homicide spit his gum at Ray. Ray picked it up and began to chew it. Homicide tagged in but he was no match to Ray in power. Ray got a two count after hitting a Rock Bottom. This allowed 3D to control the tempo until LAX got Devon in their side of the ring and went to work with double team moves. Devon was able to tag out to Ray who hit Homicide with chest chops and then tossed him to the floor where the fists were traded. Devon tagged back in but once again he got caught in the LAX half of the ring. Devon hit LAX with clotheslines which got him a two count on Hernandez. But Hernandez hit a back suplex and Homicide hit a second rope elbow for two. Devon tagged out to Ray who somehow cut his forehead open. Devon hit Homicide the Wassup nutshot and Ray got rid of Hernandez. Just when it looked 3D was going to win Brother Runt, still dressed like Santa, hit Homicide with a top rope elbow. Referee Andrew Thomas called for the bell and said LAX won via DQ.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Samoa Joe about the Iron Man Match.

(6) In a 30 minute Iron Man match (where the winner faces NWA Heavyweight champion at Against All Odds), Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe.

Both men knew what was at stake and were cautious in the opening minutes. Angle used the side headlock on Joe while Joe used a shoulder tackle to send Angle to the floor. Joe locked Angle in the side headlock with a takeover but Angle got to his feet. Angle went to the floor again after Joe ran him over with a shoulder block. Angle re-entered and decked Joe with a shoulder block and European forearm shots. Joe reversed a corner whip and hit a clothesline before backing Angle to a corner and hitting a running forearm and a kick that got a two count. Joe got Angle in a front facelock but Angle got Joe to a corner for a break. Angle kicked Joe in the leg and then hit a belly to belly suplex. He followed with a back suplex for two into a chinlock submission move. Joe got to his feet but Angle hit a knee to the mid section for two. Angle locked Joe in what looked like the Kokina Clutch but Joe attempted counter out allowed Angle to get a chinlock one more. Angle let Joe get to his feet but he kicked him back down to the mat. Angle's vertical suplex was blocked and countered by Joe who hit Angle with punches to the jaw. Angle ended up on the floor and Joe came out with the dreaded flying forearm. Joe rolled Angle in the ring but didn't get the pin. Angle thought he got away but Joe hit a powerslam for two. Angle avoided a corner splash and hit Joe with a German suplex for two at 17:53. Angle countered out of the Muscle Buster but Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch for a submission around 17:04. Hebner gave a 30 second rest break before beginning again. Angle raked Joe's eyes and delivered the punches before locking a crossface with out the leglock at 15:00. Joe got to his feet and countered out of the Olympic Slam with an armdrag followed by a knee but Angle got the Ankle Lock on and got the submission around 13:57. After the 30 second break Angle went after Joe's braced left knee. Angle hit another forearm before getting the rear choke on again at 12:00. Joe refused to submit and fought to his feet and escaped another Olympic Slam but Angle got the Ankle Lock submission at 11:03. Angle went back after Joe once the 30 seconds lapsed. Angle kept focused on the injured left leg of Joe even as he hit forearm shots. Joe came out of a corner whip with a clothesline and palm strikes but Angle countered out of the Muscle Buster and hit the Olympic Slam for two at 8:13. Joe got caught in the Ankle Lock but this time he countered out. This time Angle got hit with the Muscle Buster and was pinned at or around 7:38. Joe became the aggressor until Angle hit a chop block to the injured knee and locked in a half crab before the Ankle Lock once more. But Joe countered out only to be pinned by a school boy roll around 5:05. Joe smelled blood and knew he was down 3-2 so he took Angle to the floor but Angle fought back with forearm shots. The match came back to the ring where Angle became the aggressor with more forearm shots but Joe hit a standing STO. Angle escaped the Muscle Buster and wrapped Joe's knee around the ringpost. Despite the injury Joe fired in the punches softening Angle up with a kick to the head and the Muscle Buster but Angle got his foot on the bottom rope at 1:30. With one minute left Joe needed something fast, so he went for a Ankle Lock of his own at 30 seconds but somehow angle held out and won 3 -2.

While Angle celebrated Jeremy Borash spoke to Sting about the main event of the PPV. They were interrupted by Father James Mitchell and NWA World Heavyweight champion Abyss.

(7) In an elimination match, "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage (w/Tomko locked in a ringside cage)became NWA World Heavyweight champion when he beat Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) and Sting.

This quickly became a control the ring match as each man tried to keep someone on the floor isolated from the competitors. Abyss made a wish and drove Sting crotch first into the ring post. Cage went for a cross body block but Abyss caught him, dropping him on the guard rail. Sting avoided Abyss and Abyss hit ringpost. Cage grabbed Abyss and took the match back to the ring where he countered out of Shock Treatment but his Unprettier was countered into Shock Treatment. Cage got Abyss down with a dropkick to the leg went for the Frog Splash but Abyss got a chokeslam. Sting ended up on the floor where Tomko choked him out as Cage was hit with the Black Hole Slam. Somehow Sting got away from Tomko and hit Abyss with the Scorpion Death Drop to eliminate Abyss!! Mitchell demanded a chokeslam but Abyss let Sting go. As Abyss left Cage hit Sting with a missile dropkick for two. Cage kept on the attack with a chinlock but Sting fought to his feet, only to be sent back to the mat by Cage. Cage's arrogance caught up to him as Sting got a surge of energy. Sting hit a press slam and the Stinger Splash but his second one missed. Sting and Cage went up top but Cage was hit with a superplex to the mat. Sting couldn't follow up quick and he looked to Mitchell who came back to ringside. Sting got the Scorpion on as Mitchell got Tomko out of the cage. Mitchell got Rudy Charles attention as Tomko went on the attack. Abyss came out and attacked Tomko. Mitchell got Cage the belt but a swing missed into Sting hitting the Unprettier. Rudy Charles got decked and Mitchell hit Sting with his walking stick. Sting locked Mitchell in the Scorpion Death Lock but Abyss decked Sting. This let Cage hit a Frog Splash to win the NWA World Heavyweight championship he truly never lost.

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