• November 13, 2005 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

    • Shark Boy beat Nigel McGuinness (debut) -Pre Show-;
    • Diamonds In The Rough beat The Naturals & Lance Hoyt;
    • Raven defeated PJ Palaco (formerly Justin Credible);
    • 3-Live Krew beat Team Canada -Kip James referee-;
    • Monty Brown beat Jeff Hardy -#1 Contenders Match-;
    • Christian Cage debuted in TNA and cut a promo;
    • Eight-man Tag Team Elimination X Match-;
      Daniels/Joe/Shelley/Strong vs Sabin/Bentley/Dutt/Aries;
    • Abyss w/Father James Mitchell beat Sabu -No DQ-;
    • AJ Styles beat Petey Williams -X Division Title-;
    • Rhino & Team 3-D defeated Jeff Jarrett & AMW;

  1. PRE-SHOW: Hosted by Jeremy Borash & Shane Douglas..
    • Jeremy Borash & Shane Douglas ran down the card and hyped the debut of a "major aquisition"..
    • MATCH: Shark Boy defeated Nigel McGuinness (TNA debut)..
    • INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Team Canada (Scott D'Amore said he would be busy backstage tonight)..
    • 6-MAN TAG: Simon Diamond & Elix Skipper & David Young defeated The Naturals & Lance Hoyt..
    • Raven arrived at the building threatening to get back at Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko..

  2. KICKOFF: An "In memory of Eddie Guerrero" screen was shown at the beginning of the show..

  3. OPENING MATCH: Raven defeated PJ Palaco (formerly known as Justin Credible)..
    • Larry Zbyszko's offered Raven his release again. Raven just gave Zbyszko the middle finger!
    • Larry Zbyszko vowed to make Raven's life a living hell and introduced his opponent -- PJ Palaco..

  4. HOCKEY STICK STREET FIGHT: 3-Live Krew defeated Team Canada with Kip James as referee..
    • 3-Live Krew = Ron Killings & BG James & Konnan | Team Canada = Bobby Roode & Eric Young & A-1..
    • Konnan acknowledged the death of Eddie Guerrero, a very close personal friend of his for many years..
    • Several hockey sticks hung from various corners of the ring and could be used if retreived..
    • After the match, Konnan finally accepted Kip James and shook his hand..

  5. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Father James Mitchell & Abyss (Talked about Abyss' fear of barbed wire)..

  6. IN THE RING: Christian Cage! + Scott D'Amore & Bobby Roode..
    • Christian Cage made his debut in TNA, not that it was a secret by any stretch of the imagination..
    • Christian Cage said he came to TNA because he didn't want 20-minute promos or grown men playing doctor..
    • Christian Cage explained that he wasn't fired, or low-balled, by WWE, but simply chose to leave..
    • Christain Cage declared himself the best performer in wrestling and he was tired of egos and politics!
    • Christian Cage said his goal was to capture the NWA World Heavyweight title from Jeff Jarrett..
    • Scott D'Amore & Bobby Roode came out and gave Christian Cage a Team Canada t-Shirt (TN-eh-)..
    • Scott D'Amore gave Christian Cage until the end of the night to decide to join Team Canada....

  7. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Monty Brown defeated Jeff Hardy..

  8. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley & Christopher Daniels

  9. ELIMINATION X: Daniels & Joe & Strong & Shelley beat Aries & Dutt & Sabin & Bentley..
    • Team #1: Christopher Daniels & Samoa Joe & Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley..
    • Team #2: Austin Aries & Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin & Matt Bentley w/Tracy Brooks..
    • ~~Roderick Strong was eliminated by Austin Aries by pinfall after a 450 splash..
    • ~~Austin Aries was eliminated by Christopher Daniels..
    • ~~Sonjay Dutt was eliminated by Alex Shelley by Submission..
    • ~~Alex Shelley was eliminated by Matt Bentley by pinfall after a Superkick!
    • ~~Matt Bentley was eliminated by Samoa Joe after a Muscle Buster and a Kokina Clutch..
    • ~~Chris Sabin was eliminated by Christopher Daniels by pinfall after the Angels Wings..
    • Christopher Daniels & Samoa Joe were the remaining survivors and had a confrontation..
    • Samoa Joe gave Chris Daniels a chairshot and hit him with a pair of Muscle Busters on the chair!
    • Christopher Daniels was stretchered out as AJ Styles came down to ringside..

  10. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Jeff Jarrett & America's Most Wanted & Gail Kim..

  11. NO DQ MATCH: Abyss w/Father James Mitchell defeated Sabu..
    • Late in the match, Abyss chokeslammed Sabu into a pile of thumb tacks!
    • Abyss gave Sabu the Black Hole Slam onto a steel chair wrapped with barbed wire.......

  12. X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Petey Williams w/A-1 to retain..
    • Samoa Joe came out to watch the match, which was a distraction for AJ Styles..
    • AJ Styles rubbed it in Samoa Joe's face by hitting Petey Williams with a Super Styles Clash for the win!

  13. INTERVIEW: Shane Douglas & Team 3-D & Rhino..
    • Brother Ray, Brother Devon & Rhino all had "Eddie" printed on their white tape wrapped wrists..

  14. STREET FIGHT: Rhino & Brother Ray & Brother Devon beat Jeff Jarrett & Chris Harris & James Storm w/Gail Kim..
    • The match began with an intense brawl all over the Impact Zone and through the sea of rabid TNA fans..
    • Brother Ray introduced a Cheese Grater into the match and immediately cut the forehead of James Storm..
    • Rhino tried to GORE Jeff Jarrett through a table, but James Storm stepped in and kicked Rhino..
    • A few minutes later, America's Most Wanted hit Brother Devon with the Hart Attack but only got a two count..
    • America's Most Wanted attempted to hit a Death Sentence onto the table but was interrupted by Brother Ray..
    • Brother Ray & Brother Devon hit James Storm with the 3-D and pinned him to win the match for their team!
    • After the match, Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar over the head of Rhino as Team Canada ran to the ring..
    • Team Canada & Jeff Jarrett went after Brother Devon until Christian Cage ran down to get involved..
    • Everyone wondered who Christian Cage would side with, and responded by shaking the hand of Scott D'Amore!
    • However, Christian Cage quickly turned and hit Scott D'Amore with the Unprettier!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Christian Cage & Team 3-D then put Jeff Jarrett (NWA World Champion) through a table with a 3-D!
    • Christian Cage ripped off his Team Canada shirt to reveal a TNA shirt as fans chanted "Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!"..
    • Christian Cage said he was going to become the NWA World champion because "That How I Rolls!"

  15. And that's a wrap folks...

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