• April 24, 2005 - Orlando, Florida - Universal Studios;

  • LOCKDOWN LINE-UP (All Matches Inside Six Sides of Steel):
    • Killings & Konnan b The Naturals and Lovett & Young -dark-..
    • Gran Apolo & Sonny Siaki beat Chris Candido & Lance Hoyt;
    • Dustin Rhodes h Bobby Rude -2/3 Falls Blindfold Match-;
    • Shocker b Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt and Michael Shane;
    • Jeff Hardy defeated Raven -Tables Cage Match-;
    • America's Most Wanted b Team Canada -Tag Cage Match-;
    • Christopher Daniels b Elix Skipper -X Division title-;
    • DDP/Syxx/James beat Jarrett/Brown/Outlaw -Lethal Lockdown-;
    • AJ Styles b Abyss -#1 Contenders Match-;

  1. PRE-SHOW MATCH: Ron Killings & Konnan beat The Naturals and Lex Lovett & David Young..

  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: Kevin Nash will not wrestle on the show due to an infection in his leg..

  3. TAG CAGE MATCH: Gran Apolo & Sonny Siaki defeated Lance Hoyt & Chris Candido w/The Naturals..
    • Chris Candido apparently broke his leg LEGIT during the early stages of the match, leaving Hoyt on his own..
    • Chris Candido was quietly removed from the ring, as Mike Tenay was informed that he'd suffered a broken leg!
    • They played it up as an example of how dangerous the Cage is, and it was only the first match of the night!
    • The Naturals attacked Lance Hoyt after the match, blaming him for the loss and Chris Candido's injury..

  4. PRINCE OF DARKNESS DEATH MATCH: Dustin Rhodes w/Cassidy Riley beat Bobby Rude w/Scott D'Amore & Alistair Ralphs..
    • Bobby Rude scored an upset pinfall over Dustin Rhodes less than a minute into the match..
    • Several minutes later, Dustin Rhodes hit a bulldog off the top rope onto Bobby Rude to even the score..
    • The wrestlers had to put hoods over their heads for the third and deciding fall of the bout..
    • The referee got in the way, and Bobby Rude clotheslined him, thinking it was Dustin Rhodes..
    • Scott D'Amore interfered but Bobby Rude accidentally hit him with a chair not knowing who it was..
    • Cassidy Riley helped Dustin Rhodes locate Bobby Rude and whacked him with the chair and pinned him..

  5. ELIMINATION XSCAPE CAGE MATCH: Shocker defeated Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt and Michael Shane w/Trinity..
    • Sonjay Dutt was the first to be eliminated after being pinned by Shocker..
    • Trinity got involved and climbed the cage, bringing out Tracy Brooks, who was kicked off the cage to the floor..
    • Trinity went to the top of the cage and did a moonsault off of it onto Shocker, Chris Sabin and Michael Shane..
    • Michael Shane was eliminated next by Chris Sabin after he was hit with the Cradle Shock finisher..
    • Chris Sabin and Shocker then fought 1-on-1 with escape rules, first person to escape wins the match..
    • Chris Sabin and Shocker found themselves both hanging off the outside of the cage, and Shocker dropped first!

  6. TABLES CAGE MATCH: Jeff Hardy defeated Raven..
    • Jeff Hardy jumped off the top of the cage, but Raven moved, sending Hardy crashing through a single table..
    • The producer continually showed shots of female fans crying, cringing, and generally looking horrified (nice touch)..
    • Jeff Hardy jumped off the top of the cage and put a bloody Raven through tables stacked 2-by-2 in the ring!

  7. TAG TITLE CAGE STRAP MATCH: America's Most Wanted beat Team Canada (Petey Williams & Eric Young w/Scott D'Amore)..
    • Alistair Ralphs (A-1) attacked Chris Harris before the match and he couldn't make it in the cage..
    • Chris Harris eventually made it in to help James Storm, who was taking on Team Canada by himself..
    • Petey Williams had a handful of powder when James Storm kicked it back up into Petey's eyes!
    • The temporarily blinded Petey Williams delivered a Canadian destroyer to his partner Eric Young!
    • America's Most Wanted then hit the Death Sentance finisher on Eric Young for the win!

  8. X-DIVISION TITLE CAGE MATCH: Christopher Daniels defeated Elix Skipper to retain..
    • Elix Skipper hit a flying bodyblock off the top of the cage on Chris Daniels..
    • Other than that, the Cage hardly came into play, as it was a basic X-Division wrestling match..

  9. LETHAL LOCKDOWN MATCH: DDP & Sean Waltman & BG James beat Jeff Jarrett & The Outlaw & Monty Brown..
    • This is a Lethal Lockdown match with No Rules, basically under War Games rules..
    • Jeff Jarrett and Sean Waltman were the first two men to enter the cage and battled for five minutes..
    • The Outlaw (Billy Gunn) entered the Cage next giving Team Jarrett the 2-1 advantage for two minutes..
    • Diamond Dallas Page hit the ring next to even the odds bringing a kendo stick along with him for backup..
    • Monty Brown was in next, once again giving Team Jarrett a 3-2 advantage for the next two minutes..
    • BG James (Kevin Nash's mystery replacement) ran down and entered as the 6th and final participant..
    • BG James had a chance to whack The Outlaw, but hesitated until Sean Waltman attacked The Outlaw instead..
    • This match was basically 15-minutes of senseless brawling and useless weapon-shots to the head..
    • Sean Waltman botched his finishing move on Monty Brown but hit it the second time to pick up the win!

  10. #1 CONTENDERS CAGE MATCH: A.J. Styles defeated Abyss..
    • AJ Styles was busted open badly after a cage-door smash to the head by Abyss..
    • AJ Styles pinned Abyss after a power bomb off the top rope into thumb tacks..
    • Abyss suffered a separated shoulder during the match -- which was extremely good..

  11. And that's a wrap folks...

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