• April 15, 2007 - St. Louis, Missouri;

  • LOCKDOWN LINE-UP (All Matches Inside Six Sides of Steel):
    • Voodoo Kin Mafia defeated Christy Hemme's Team;
    • Sabin beat Dutt and Lethal and Shelly and Shark;
    • Robert Roode w/Tracy Brooks beat Petey Williams;
    • Senshi beat Austin Starr -Referee Bob Backlund-;
    • Gail Kim beat Jackie Moore -Catfight in a Cage-;
    • James Storm beat Chris Harris -Blind Fold Match-;
    • Christopher Daniels beat Jerry Lynn -Grudge Match-;
    • Team 3-D defeated L-A-X -Electrified Cage Match-;
    • Team Angle beat Team Cage -Lethal Lockdown Match-;

  1. PRE-SHOW (THE BLACK & BLUE CARPET): Hosted by Jeremy Borash & Latisha Cline..
    • Christy Hemme said her mystery team was not there yet so Jim Cornette told her to find someone at the hotdog stand..
    • Christy Hemme went to beg Raven to allow Seretonin to be her mystery tag team against Voodoo Kin Mafia tonight..
    • PARKING LOT: Jeremy Borash welcomed Kurt Angle & Jeff Jarrett who arrived alone in a stretch hummer limousine..
    • ~~~Jeremy Borash asked Kurt Angle where the rest of his team was and Angle told Borash not to worry about it..
    • TAG TEAM MATCH: Voodoo Kin Mafia w/Lance Hoyt defeated Seretonin (Kaz & Havoc w/Martyr & Christy Hemme)..
    • INTERVIEW: Latisha Cline & Samoa Joe & Rhino & Sting (Said they were disappointed with Kurt Angle's decisions)..
    • IN THE RING: Raven came down and Christy Hemme ordered him to punish Seretonin but Raven turned on Hemme..
    • ~~~Martyr & Havoc held Christy Hemme down but Kaz stood in the way and allowed Hemme to escape backstage..
    • PARKING LOT: Jeremy Borash interviewed Gail Kim (Jackie Moore jumped out of a truck and attacked Gail Kim!)
    • BACKSTAGE: Jim Cornette told Kurt Angle that he was being forced to give the advantage back to Team Cage..

  2. INTERVIEW: Latisha Cline & The Black Machismo (Jay Lethal) doing his perfect Randy Savage impersonation..

  3. X-DIVISION TITLE XSCAPE MATCH: Chris Sabin beat Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt and Alex Shelley and Shark Boy..
    • There has to be three pin/submission eliminations and the final two will fight to see who can escape the cage..
    • Don West destroyed all his credibility that he had when he said Shark Boy would make a great X-Division Champion..
    • Shark Boy was eliminated after Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley did a double-team on him and Shelley scored the pinfall!
    • Sonjay Dutt was eliminated by Chris Sabin after a Cradle-shock (Sabin & Alex Shelley have been working together)..
    • Alex Shelley was eliminated by Jay Lethal (The Black Machismo) with a Flying Elbow Drop (just like Randy Savage)..
    • Chris Sabin defeated "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal by escaping the cage first to retain the X-Division Championship..

  4. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Team Cage (Christian Cage & Scott Steiner & A.J. Styles & Tomko & Abyss)..
    • All five members of Team Cage and Father James Mitchell were extremely confident and already celebrating..
    • Christian Cage called off his team-mates family except for Abyss, and Abyss snapped and wanted to fight Cage..
    • James Mitchell threatened Abyss and he settled down and Christian implied that Jeff Jarrett was on their side..
    • As they were about to leave, Scott Steiner and Tomko exchanged some heated words and were not on the same page..

  5. GRUDGE MATCH: Robert Roode (w/Tracy Brooks & Eric Young) defeating "Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams..
    • Robert Roode forced Eric Young to sit in a chair at ringside and ordered Tracy to make sure he doesn't move..
    • Tracy Brooks (who was about a half inch away from a wardrobe malfuction tried to pass a hockey stick in to Roode..
    • Eric Young jumped up from his ringside chair and grabbed the hockey stick and prevented it from entering steel cage..
    • Robert Roode demanded that Eric Young give him the hockey stick, but Young refused and gave it to Petey Williams!
    • Petey Williams whacked Robert Roode with the hockey stick until referee Earl Hebner grabbed it and threw it away..
    • Robert Roode countered the Canadian Destroyer and ended up pinning Petey Williams and then berated Eric Young..

  6. INTERVIEW: Latisha Cline & Kurt Angle & Rhino..
    • Kurt Angle tried to talk to Rhino about their order of entry but Rhino told him to go talk to Samoa Joe..

  7. CATFIGHT IN A CAGE MATCH: Gail Kim defeated "The Pride of Tennessee" Jackie Moore..
    • Stipulations are that you must escape the cage, pin your opponent or make your opponent submit to win the match..
    • They started brawling outside of the ring before the match but eventually made their way inside the steel cage..
    • Gail Kim slammed the cage door in Jackie's face but opted not to take the easy way out by leaving via the door..
    • Gail Kim then climbed to the top of the cage (well, almost the top) and jumped onto Jackie Moore for the victory!
    • Editor's Note: The funny thing was that there were holes in the cage that either girl could have crawled through..

  8. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Mr. Bob Backlund (They were whispering and I couldn't hear a word that was said)..

  9. X-DIVISION MATCH: Senshi defeated Austin Starr with Mr. Bob Backlund as the special guest referee..
    • Bob Backlund was calling it right down the middle but Austin Starr got in his face in extreme protest..
    • Bob Backlund fired back aggressively and directly resulted in Senshi scoring the pin over Austin Starr..

  10. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe (Joe said for all of Kurt Angle's integrity he has no intelligence)..

  11. BLINDFOLD GRUDGE MATCH: "Cowboy" James Storm defeated "Wildcat" Chris Harris..
    • They did several minutes of feeling around without contact until the audience chanted "We Want Wrestling!"..
    • They made contact several times but a small group of fans started chanting "Boring!" which wasn't really fair..
    • Both of their masks kept falling off and the referee would put it back on without bothering to tie it up..
    • James Storm took his mask off and super-kicked Chris Harris and then put the mask on and pinned him to win!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Latisha Cline & Kurt Angle & Sting (Kurt Angle convinced Sting to trust Jeff Jarrett tonight)..

  13. GRUDGE MATCH: "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels defeated "X-Division Pioneer" Jerry Lynn..

  14. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Team 3-D (Carrying their ECW, WWF & WCW belts wanting the NWA belts next!)..

  15. INTERVIEW: Latisha Cline & LAX (Konnan said Team 3-D was washed up and Elecrified Cage is their specialty)..

  16. ELECTRIFIED CAGE MATCH: Team 3-D defeated LAX w/Konnan to win the NWA World Tag Team titles!
    • To give the effect of an electrified cage, they dimmed the lights and put a hum tone over the sound system..
    • Konnan was wheeled down and his bodyguard knocked out the referee and gave the rubber gloves to Konnan..
    • Hector Guerrero punched out Konnan's bodyguard and slid a table into the steel cage at Team 3-D's request..
    • Hernandez gave Brother Devon the Border-toss into the cage and he was electricuted (the lights flickered)..
    • At this point the St. Louis fans started chanting "Fire Russo" which is a very unfair assessment to make..
    • Hernandez somehow climbed the cage without getting elecricuted and jumped off and crashed through a table!
    • Homicide was catapulted onto the side of the cage (spiderman style) and was elecricuted for several seconds..
    • Team 3-D finished off Homicide with a 3-D to capture the NWA World Tag Team championships for the first time!

  17. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt Angle took exception to Jeremy Borash saying he chose Jeff Jarrett out of desperation..

  18. LETHAL LOCKDOWN (WAR GAMES) MATCH: Team Angle defeated Team Cage..
    • Jeremy Borash introducted the special guest gate-keeper, St. Louis wrestling legend "Handsome" Harley Race..
    • The winner of the pinfall earns a shot at Christian Cage's NWA World Heavyweight title at Sacrifice in May..
    • Team Angle = Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe & Rhino & Sting & Jeff Jarrett..
    • Team Cage = Christian Cage & A.J. Styles & Scott Steiner & Abyss & Tomko..
    • Kurt Angle (wearing a Cardinals jersey) & A.J. Styles were the first to enter the steel cage for five minutes..
    • Abyss came out next to give Team Cage the 2-on-1 advantage for two minutes. Rhino was next to even the score..
    • Tomko came out next to give Team Cage the 3-on-2 advantage for two minutes. Samoa Joe was next to even it up..
    • Scott Steiner came out to give Team Cage a 4-on-3 advantage. Steiner nailed Rhino with a crazy Frankensteiner!
    • Sting came out to even it up at 4-on-4. NWA Champion Christian Cage made it 5-on-4. Jeff Jarrett made it 5-on-5..
    • At this point, the roof of the cage was lowered from the ceiling and the Lethal Lockdown official got started..
    • Jeff Jarrett immediately climbed the cage and grabbed the weapons and passed them out to all of his team-mates..
    • A.J. Styles climbed on top of the cage (he has to top his stunt last year) and Kurt Angle followed him up there..
    • Father James Mitchell tried to interfere from ringside but "Handsome" Harley Race walked over and knocked him out!
    • Rhino GOREd Tomko through the cage door sending him to the floor and everyone started spilling out the the door..
    • Abyss poured thousands and thousands of tacks out on the mat. Jarrett & Sting slammed Christian Cage on the tacks!
    • Kurt Angle knocked A.J. Styles off the top of the cage sending him flying down onto everybody else on the floor..
    • Abyss poured out a second bag of thumb tacks inside of a guitar but Sting intercepted it and took out Abyss..
    • Jeff Jarrett picked up the guitar and teased turning on Sting but he smashed the guitar over Abyss's head!
    • Jeff Jarrett purposely allowed Sting to take the pinfall to secure a shot at Christian's NWA World title..
    • Jeff Jarrett stuck his hand out and got handshakes from Sting, Rhino and Samoa Joe but not Kurt Angle.....

  19. And that's a wrap folks...

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