• April 13, 2008 - Lowell, Massachusetts;

  • LOCKDOWN LINE-UP (All Matches Inside Six Sides of Steel):
    • The Black Machismo wins the TNA X-Scape Match;
      Lethal beat Dutt & Shark & Curry & Devine & Creed;
    • Roxxi Leveaux won the Queen of the Cage Match;
    • B.G. James beat Kip James -Super Grudge Match-;
    • Super Eric & Kaz won the Cuffed in a Cage Match;
    • Gail Kim & ODB beat Awesome Kong & Raesha Saed;
    • Booker T & Sharmell b Robert Roode & Payton Banks;
    • Team Christian Cage b Team Tomko -Lethal Lockdown-;
    • Samoa Joe b Kurt Angle -TNA World Heavyweight title-;

  1. KICKOFF: The show started wild with Don West & Jeremy Borash asking fans about the Joe vs. Angle match..

  2. X-DIVISION X-SCAPE MATCH: "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal successfully defended the TNA X-Division title..
    • Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy vs. Curry Man vs. Johnny Devine vs. Consequences Creed..

    • The match starts as a pinfall/submission elimination match and the final two compete in an escape match..
    • Surprisingly Sonjay Dutt was the first man eliminated, but he stayed at ringside to support Jay Lethal!
    • Shark Boy was eliminated by Johnny Devine | Curry Man did a somersault dive off the top of the cage!
    • Consequences Creed was eliminated by Curry Man | | | Curry Man was then eliminated by Johnny Devine..

    • EXCAPE RULES: "The Black Machismo" Jay Lethal defeated Johnny Devine to retain the X-Division title!
      • Johnny Devine taped Jay Lethal to the ropes but Sonjay Dutt blocked him from exiting the door..
      • Sonjay Dutt then gave Jay Lethal a knife as Johnny Devine started to climb over the cage wall..
      • Jay Lethal cut himself loose and then dove out the door to beat Johnny Devine to the floor!
      • ~~~The Black Machismo celebrated with best friend Sonjay Dutt & girlfriend So-Cal Val..

  3. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & MMA Fighter Frank Trig (Sided with Kurt Angle against Samoa Joe tonight)..

  4. QUEEN OF THE CAGE MATCH: Roxxi Leveaux defeated Angelina Love in the FINALS..
  5. INTERVIEW: "Lauren" & Samoa Joe (Said there was only one possible outcome tonight in the main event)..

  6. 10 YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP GRUDGE MATCH: B.G. James defeated Kip James..
    • BG James offered his hand to Kip James and helped Kip back up to his feet after the match..
    • Kip James accepted the gesture and raised BG James' arm - but turned and clotheslined BG!

  7. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & TNA World Heavyweight Kurt Angle..
    • Kurt Angle talked about being in WWE and starting to watch the competition and seeing Samoa Joe..
    • Kurt Angle talked about his previous matches with Samoa Joe adding that he was taken to the limit..
    • Kurt Angle said it was not only about business tonight - it's personal, it's VERY personal!
    • Kurt Angle said he NEEDS to make Samoa Joe tap out and needs to end Samoa Joe's career..

  8. CUFFED IN THE CAGE MATCH: Super Eric wins the first ever Cuffed in the Cage on behalf of himself & Kaz!
    • Participants: Scott Steiner & Petey Williams | and | Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley | and | Super Eric & Kaz..
    • Participants: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) | and | Lance Hoyt & Jimmy Rave | and | RelliK & Black Reign..

    • There were 11 sets of hand-cuffs connected to the steel cage - last man left uncuffed wins the match!
    • Black Reign & RelliK beat up Eric Young backstage before the match so Kaz had to enter the cage by himself..
    • Scott Steiner initially dominated, but several guys ganged up on Big Poppa Pump and cuffed him to the cage!
    • Eric Young limped to the ring but turned and walked backstage when he saw Black Reign & RelliK in the cage..
    • Shelly & Sabin were cuffed. Little Petey was cuffed. Henandez & Homicide were cuffed. Kaz was then cuffed..
    • It came down to Rave & Loyt vs. Reign & Rellik when SUPER ERIC made his way into the six sides of steel!
    • Super Eric dove off the cage onto all four guys and then cuffed Rave, then Hoyt, then RelliK, then Reign!

  9. INTERVIEW: "Lauren" & Samoa Joe's family (his father and two brothers - the traditional Samoan dancers)..

  10. KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM STEEL CAGE MATCH: Gail Kim & ODB defeated Awesome Kong & Raesha Saed..
    • The match was going good for the heels until Awesome Kong accidentally back-fisted Raesha Saed!
    • ODB hit a second rope frog splash on Raesha Saed and pinned her while giving her but a spank!

  11. INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash & Karen Angle (Said she was there to show support to the father of her children)..
    • Karen Angle said she was concerned about what Kurt will do if he doesn't perform to his own expectations..

  12. SIX SIDES OF STEEL INTERGENDER MATCH: Booker T & Sharmell defeated Robert Roode & Miss Payton Banks..
    • Booker T didn't want to tag Sharmell in so he fought most of the match all by himself..
    • Sharmell tagged herself in and Robert Roode held her while Payton Banks prepared to slap her..
    • Payton Banks gloated to the crowd and then turned around and accidentally slapped Robert Roode!
    • Sharmell rolled up Payton Banks for the 1-2-3 and celebrated with her husband, Booker T!
    • Robert Roode was pissed and threatened to slap Miss Payton Banks but walked out instead..

  13. INTERVIEW "Lauren" & UFC Fighter Marcus Davis (Talking about training with Samoa Joe this month)..

  14. LETHAL LOCKDOWN (WAR GAMES) MATCH: Team Cage defeated Team Tomko..
    • Team Cage = Christian Cage & Kevin Nash & War Machine Rhino & Sting & Matt Morgan..
    • Team Tomko = Tomko & A.J. Styles & Brother Ray & Brother Devon & "Cowboy" James Storm..

    • Christian Cage entered the cage first for his team, and Tomko came down first for his team - but it was a trick!
    • Christian Cage waited for Tomko but A.J. Styles entered the cage from behind and jumped off the top of the cage!
    • After five minutes (Tomko's team won the coin toss), Team 3-D's Brother Ray entered the six sides of steel..
    • After two minutes; "The War Machine" Rhino entered the cage to even the odds and give Christian Cage a break..
    • After two minutes; "Cowboy" James Storm passed his bottle of beer to Jackie Moore and entered the steel cage..
    • After two minutes; "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash (I expected him to be last) showed up to even the odds at 3-on-3..
    • Christian Cage climbed to the top of the steel cage and jumped off doing a cross body on Ray & James Storm!
    • After two minutes; Team 3-D's Brother Devon entered the steel cage to give Team Tomko the 3-on-4 advantage..
    • After two minutes; Matt Morgan (a former member of TNA management) entered the steel cage for Team Cage..
    • After two minutes; "Captain" Tomko entered the steel cage on behalf of Team Tomko for a 4-on-5 advantage..
    • After two minutes; Sting (final entrant) entered on behalf of Team Cage and the ceiling of weapons lowered!
    • The ceiling included trash cans, bats, chairs, kendo sticks - on top of the cage there was a ladder and a table..
    • Cowboy James Storm climbed up on top of the roof, followed dangerously by "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage!
    • Christian Cage set up a table, and A.J. Styles climbed up on top of the structure to help Cowboy James Storm..
    • James Storm & A.J. Styles laid out Christian Cage on the table and set up a 10-foot ladder on top of the cage!
    • A.J. Styles started climbing up the ladder, but Christian Cage climbed up the other side as the fans gasped..
    • After a few tense moments, James Storm pushed the ladder over sending Christian & Styles through the TABLE!
    • Jackie Moore passed a beer into James Storm (after he climbed down) and he smashed it over Matt Morgan's head!
    • War Machine Rhino lined up and GOREd "Cowboy" James Storm and scored the pinfall to win the match for his team!

  15. TNA WORLD TITLE MMA-STYLE CAGE MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA Heavyweight title!!!!!!
    • Frank Trigg joined commentary and Karen Angle was shown sitting in the front row to support the father of her kids..
    • Before the match, Kurt Angle (barefoot) noticed his wife sitting in the front row and ordered security to kick her out!
    • After a long exchange of various submission holds, Samoa Joe planted Kurt Angle with a Muscle-buster to WIN!!!

  16. And that's a wrap folks...

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